Virtual Reality im Freien! Onward, Pavlov & Co. in World Scale getestet! [Samsung Odyssey][WMR]

August 21, 2019

Whats up guys, welcome back to the advanced virtual reality! As you perhaps know I got a new gaming laptop now I want to show you “World Scale” now. Ok, we got a backpack and inside this backpack we got a laptop. On our head we have a mixed reality headset that has so called inside-out-tracking. That means we can use the roomscale tracking without any sensors on the wall. The difference is that we go outdoors and then its called World Scale, because we dont have any natural borders anymore. We will test this now! Here I want to say thank your to my colleague Kiwi who showed me a good place to test this. So I packed my stuff and drove to this location together with my girlfriend. If you dont know “Zitronenarzt” you should definitely take a look at his channel, I linked it under this video. He also produces this kind of World Scale videos. We will use the Samsung Odyssey. So lets take a look at the first game: Onward! Onward in World Scale VR! Have fun guys and lets go! Ok guys we are now in Onward. I hope you can see me here on the lawn! As you can see I can walk around in this virtual garden. Nearly, nearly.. Lets try to walk this way. With the weapon in our hands of course. Hmm… Whats now? That is strange… Seems to get black, lets go this way. Lets see where I am in reality. Not good, to close to camera. We cant go this way, lets try the other way again. However the screen get black here and I dont know why. Arent we supposed to go here? Ok that doesnt work, lets try the other way again. It seems that the game doesnt support this… That is strange… Here I can walk along as you can see… but…. Here goes the screen black.. so… Seems that Onward doesnt support walking outside the maximum space the game is designed for… Lets try to walk with trackpad…. Lets go to the street there and check it out again… Shooting is possible of course. Ok we are on the street now. Lets walk along this street. Lets check my real position. Lets walk the street… ok… screen is black again… The game doesnt seem to support this. Here I can walk without problems. That looks nice. We can go futher, so I think the game locks a maximum area for gaming. As you can see, the tracking works, I can walk around here… However the game blocks walking outside this area. Its a pity, but it nice to know. I could ask the developers if they can implement something that it isnt blocked anymore. Ok. Lets end this game now. Ok guys that was Onward, you saw it… The game locks it, we cant play Onward with World Scale. Technically it would work, you saw I could walk around everywhere. The Samsung Odyssey recognized everything even the tracking of the controllers. However you cant play it outside of an area of 10×10 meters, the screen just gets black. Thats a problem with the game, so the developers should take care of it perhaps. I always thought there is only a minimum play area and not a maximum play area. Ok guys, next game… We will paint something now! We take a look at Google Tilt Brush World Scale VR. Ok guys this is Google Tilt Brush. Its a paint software where we can paint some small pictures. However lets try… walk outside of this range and paint a bigger picture. Ok, that seems to work. What will we paint now… Lets paint a big house. Wow guys, that works! It works! Oh man, thats so cool! That looks great! Lets see if the tracking works.. Its not 100 percent smooth… I hope you can see it in the video… How should I paint the roof now, I’m too small! I hope my laptop isnt broken now! Haha, that is unbelievable… Ok, here has to be a line. Here another line down… Ok and here And here… oh… whats now?! Ok the game just crashed guys! I cant tell you why. Didnt the game expect me to go that far away or was it the performance of my laptop? I dont know! Or perhaps the recording software, I really dont know. However World Scale worked in this game. You saw I could walk much more around outside this 5×5 meters area. The tracking worked as well. If you got a high performance laptop with a GTX1080 then its another thing perhaps… I think this game needs too much performance. I cant tell you, but the borders we’ve seen in Onward are not present in this game. Screen didnt get black. We could walk out of the marked area that you can see in Tilt Brush. I mean the room scale area. That worked, however the game crashed und I cant really tell you why. The next game will be Pavlov, a first person shooter Lets see how this works with World Scale VR, have fun! Welcome to Pavlov guys. Will this work? It seems…
Oh… no, it doesnt work either… Strange guys… Looks like its not supported in most games. Let start an offline match. Lets test Datacenter without bots. I dont want to die the whole time. We just want to check if it works. Lets take my favourite rifle. Lets check my surroundings… oh ok there we are. Lets continue.. Looks like it works until now. And here is the border again, the end of the room scale area. Tracking works. You can hear this sound… The game just locks the outside area and so we cant use World Scale for the moment. Now we are in this area. Lets check my surroundings. Can you see me over there? Up down up down. lets go straight forward. And thats it… thats it! It would work…. but its locked. Lets check how big the area is. Ok lets check… We will walk some steps. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven eight, nine, ten. Ok thats it, so we got an area of 10×10 meters. So the games that I checked can use more than this area. Its a pitty that it doesnt work. However its very cool to walk around here. Tracking works fine. I can walk around this thing here. Its really cool. The problem is not the VR headset, but the games! Area will be locked now I think.. Its not so bad, its fun. However we cant play Pavlov and Onward in this way. If you dont have a big play area at home, you could go to your garden. Then you need to clear a 10×10 meters area and it will work. That works fine. Its pretty ok. Of course we have to check our surroundings. Here it ends again. Doesnt work this way with Pavlov and Onward. We will check other games as well. Lets get back to the studio. Ok guys, you’ve seen it, the same problem as Onward. Technically it would work, tracking is perfect. Controller working as well. However the game locks the screen outside of a 10×10 meters area. Then the game locks it, so its not a problem with World Scale but with the game. It just locks the screen. In Pavlov you can even hear a warning signal if you leave the area. Thats a pitty. Its only a matter of programming I think. Developers could fix that. It really depends on the game. Next game will be Space Pirates Trainer, its a wave shooter. We will try to walk around this platform, lets see if World Scale works here, have fun! Welcome to Space Pirate Trainer guys! Lets try this! Ready to rock… Lets try arcade. Now the question is: How far can we walk! Can we walk to the space ship? Haha check this out, we can walk to the space ship! Haha awesome! Oh man where am I? Check this out! Awesome! Seems that it works here! I think there are no borders. I can walk around the whole place here. However I cant shoot here? Oh here it works. Oh guns are locked here! We cant shoot here, but lets walk around. Check it out! Can you still see me in the camera? I dont know. Guns are locked but I can walk around. So in this game not the screen is locked but the guns, when we leave the 10x10m area. I hope you can still see me. I dont know how far the camera angle is, perhaps I ran out of the camera area. Lets try to walk around the space ship. Oh its locked here! Here is a virtual wall. Awesome! Here I am again. Just awesome! Lets check what happens when we walk down there. Guns are locked as well here. Game runs pretty smooth on the battery There is much more freedom when you play the game like this! What is that? I dont know it. Oh man, I’m playing a wave shooter in room scale. We are dead… Lets enter this, Voodoo is on the highscore list with world scale. Ok guys as you can see, even in this game you cant do everything in world scale. Lets get back into the studio and talk about it. Space Pirates Trainer. Here it looks a little bit better, you saw it. I could walk to the space ship, the game didnt lock the screen. However in this game the guns are locked! If we walk outside the 10×10 meters area, guns are locked! I think no one of the developers did thing about the case, that s freak like me will try something like this! However there are some guys like me trying this and its a pitty that its locked by the developers. However I cant change that. However I had a lot of fun just walking around. Very cool. Ok we’ve seen a lot now, but finally I want to show you a special, where my girlfriend uses world scale as well with Space Pirate Trainer. She didnt care about the guns.. Instead she tried to walk around the whole time. Have fun with that guys! You have to shoot those drones! You may not walk that far, you cant shoot then! You have to come back, I said you cant shoot there! Can we jump down there? I didnt try this. Just walk over that thing, World Scale premium. I think she is the first girl on this planet testing this! Awesome! Arent you dead already? I dont know but I dont care. You are going to run towards the real wall! It looks so nice here! There is a street! There is a street? In Space Pirates Trainer? Did you change to another game? What when I walk straight there? Its so deep! Where are you going? I think she looks down the platform, I cant see it myself now. I dont know what you’re looking at! That looks so awesome with this backpack, I didnt realise that before! Can I look down there? I dont know! Oh guys, its getting dark here, I think the tracking wont work much longer! It justs stops here. Isnt it so deep? I think the developer didnt think that someone will do this with their game! Nice that I can watch this here. Freaky! What is that door, can we open it?
What door? A door in Space Pirates Trainer? Yes, here is a door and a card slot! A trashcan! If you cant move that perhaps the game has a virtual wall? It doesnt work, I’m moving but the picture isnt moving anymore. Ok, as I already said, its too dark know and we lost tracking! Its sunset now and its getting darker, so I think we have to stop our experiment now. Its important that its daylight without direct sunlight. Perhaps it should be daylight, but cloudy. Lets get back to the studio! Ok guys, that was my first World Scale experiment with my new gaming laptop and the Samsung Odyssey. I hope you liked it! If so, I’d really appreciate a thumbs up and a sub! So what can we say? Pavlov and Onward didnt really work. However the games are the problem, they lock and area outside 10×10 meter. It worked outside this area in Google Tilt Brush, but there my Laptop crashed. Normally that doesnt happen in this game, perhaps its because my laptop is too slow or the game doesnt like this experiment. It worked best with Space Pirates Trainer. You’ve seen it in the video with my girlfriend, she could walk arount the whole platform! That worked nice. You’ve seen that it got darker outside, so that was the problem here when we lost tracking. I brightened the video of us walking on the lawn, so that you could see it better, in real it was much darker! When the sun goes down, it doesnt work anymore! So you need daylight and not direct sunlight. Perhaps a little bit cloudy. Finally you need some got spots for the camera! You’ve seen in the video there are trees, a street, a house and some sports equipment. Here the WMR headset can orientate. I was on a farmers field before and here it didnt work! Mustnt me too big! If you choose a sports field, it will be best! OK guys what games do you want me to show in world scale as well? Dont tell me games like Doom VFR or Fallout 4 VR! My laptop wont do that with the batteries. I need some games that dont need too much performance to test. I have some ideas so there will me more videos. However of course not every week, because its a lot of work to record these videos. I hope you liked it! Subscribe to me and I promise I will test the coolest VR stuff! I’m testing nearly all VR games, every VR hardware, weekly news and giveaways. Vive, Rift, WMR, PSVR. Thats it guys! My first video of World Scale VR, I hope you liked it! See you next time in advanced virtual reality, cheers guys!

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