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  1. Let's be honest… any comparison between this drunken squabble (though he put himself in a bad position) and what guys like Ray Rice and Joe Mixon did are flat-out insane.

    This incident wouldn't stand out in any way whatsoever if one of the people involved wasn't an NFL superstar.

  2. "Now, I ain't sayin' she a gold digger
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  3. First off I hate the media some times. Here again, the old women is the victim trick. is it me or did the woman walk up on him mmmm maybe my eyes are sleepy. Oh didn't she hit him after she walk up on the man. Mmmm the old woman is victim trick.mmmmmm

  4. THE NFL AND ALL OTHER PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS NEED TO STOP PROTECTING PLAYERS AND RELEASE THEM OR NOT DRAFT THEM IF THERE IS A HINT OF VIOLATION OF THE LAW ANYTIME IN THEIR ADULT LIFE. Teams fail to prosecute violent players, this is where the lines blur because they get away with assault in games, this conduct makes them think they can get away with violence off the field or court. If you are lucky enough to get drafted and make millions of dollars and get in any trouble, you need to me fired and sent to jail immediately to answer for your conduct.

  5. I hope he gets reinstated. She shouldn't have called him a racial slur. He's still wrong for hitting a female but if we're being honest it's people that would've done worse to her for calling them the n-word.

  6. Smh, bitches will do anything to get a little bit of money, fuckin gold diggin bitch shouldn’t even have been there. Deserved to get her ass beat.

  7. These Women Dont Care About You. There Just there to have Fun and Spend Your Money. Never Put your hands on a Women. Your a Professional Athlete You have Alot to Lose!!!!!! Lucky you Got Another Job in the NFL. You Live and You Learn!!!!

  8. I'm confused. Woman are crying for so called "equality" and then when they shove up on someone and get waxed the way a man would, they scream bloody murder. Someone needs to by these dumb broads a dictionary so they can look up the definition of "equality".

  9. This girl was white. Why isn't the media reporting this a HATE crime? Can you imagine if this was a white guy doing the same to a black girl????

  10. Imma need for y'all to RESEARCH wtf EQUAL RIGHTS ACTUALLY means. I'm so tired of reading ignorant ass comments about equal rights where there is absolutely no relevancy, just bc people don't understand what it really means….

  11. Cleveland fans 2018: ok so good hope he goes to jail
    Cleveland fans 2019: he did not do anything that is not him it is a dog

  12. I wouldn’t mind if a guy hits a girl if she punched him but if it was me I would never punch a female. My dad said when i was young that men are 3x stronger than women.

  13. Women always wanting to get treated as equals, until the time comes where they actually do. Then it’s a problem. Fuck outta here, she provoked him, lied about her age, and used racial slurs towards him. Go back to selling your pussy on your premium Snapchat, Bitch.

  14. The fact that hunt got in trouble for this and not those women who STARTED IT and initiated the contact, after being asked to leave, is a huge part of what’s wrong with society. Why aren’t women held accountable for there actions like men are? Get pulled over for speeding? Cry your way out of it. Get caught in a lie? Cry your way out of it. Ex bf broke up with you cause you were a thot? Accuse him of rape. Fuck I’d love to be a women in today’s society. Yet “they have it so tough”. Fuck outta here with that bullshit. To many self narcissistic bitches

  15. They leave out the fact that she called him a Nigger smh then when they grab him she still running towards him praying he hit her trying to get paid

  16. The video is old and most likely this comment wont be seen but…..What the hell is wrong with the commenters on this? He is a Millionaire Pro Football player, just walk back into your hotel room SMH. He, like many of the little boys commenting on this saying she called him dirty names she deserves it, GROW the F UP!!! He's a loser and lucky the NFL is full of felons. Boo hoo the little girl was mean to me LMAO.

  17. If she said something racist she should've been kicked in the mouth. A few teeth missing & unconscious

  18. That’s just low intelligence… simple as that. There are much better ways to handle the situation or better yet not put yourself in that situation?

  19. He mother and father must be so proud her. At a long hair, tree swinging primates hotel at 3:00 am to bang his primate friends. Personally, I would have filed papers the next morning to disown her and taken her belongings to the ghetto part of town so she could live with the animals

  20. That was it??? That kick was fucking nothing. The shove is whatever too, if she’s yelling racial slurs, she’s lucky a shove and a light kick was all she got

  21. She aggravated him. No one talking about that. Sure he need to hold his anger more but she aggravated. Racial slurs? Yall talking about equality

  22. Ok my name is a girl. I don’t want one of these guys, but still want to be in their hotel. Oh, I’m getting kicked out? Better assault and harass this famous person. Wow he defends himself? Better charge him and ruin his life

  23. It's ok to push and kick white women. Especially if she said something that sensitive n-word couldn't handle, right?

  24. chiefs took a big fat fucking L bunch of morons imagine kicking a guy off your teamfor this like its not that big of a deal imo the bitch called him the n word and pushed his ass too

  25. Man im so glad I married a real woman that knows how to behave, imagine marrying one of these alcoholic whores, yikes i feel bad for the guy that is going to be picking this trash up

  26. This is pathetic and stupid it was a weak kick and shove and they are calling it assault really when she full on punched it in the face

  27. I cannot believe that Hunt was cut from the Chiefs!, the thot was pressing buttons and called him the N word she obviously didnt know how to draw the line. She deserved to get rocked but didnt. And of course she wasnt charged because she is a Women! And likely told the media fake ass shit which got Hunt kicked off the Chiefs and charged with assault!.

  28. Sports Guru,and everyone else that is on Kareem Hunt's band wagon…Do not contact me about this stupid shit…in the beginning I shot my mouth off wrongly against Hunt in this incident. But I guarantee you people this is not his first rodeo I would say the young man has roid rage…I'm not going to get involved in anything like this again. The only way to get the whole truth in incidents like this is if they charges filed and someone is arrested and incarcerated on said or alleged charges…so don't contact me because after this post I'm done with this time wasting shit…everyone have a great evening.

  29. Hmmm seems legit she sucker punches him and shoves her and barely kicks her and an uproar….outrage culture at its finest

  30. She started punching him hope she broke something. Idk why woman are thinking that they can hurt a male and expect that they will get away with it

  31. i’m glad they suspended him, he should’ve kicked harder, they aren’t punishing him for kicking her, but for the most pushiest kick anyone has ever seen

  32. That woman started it making a loser of her self and idiot she was she shouldn’t have been around him drunk ? cussing at him I would call that harassment! She is partly responsible

  33. I swear when a woman punches you and draws blood it’s all good but when your shove her away because she hit you we is the one to get in trouble

  34. Are you guys fkn blind? He barely tapped her. You guys know that Kareem has some of the strongest legs in the NFL btw? He trucks guys like its nothing.

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