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Video lucu Banjar , gara-gara game online

October 8, 2019

because of online games What are you doing, bro? don’t chase the woman all the time please help me, I’m dying again (singing) Hey! why are you singing so badly, that’s taking care of your child playing the game where does he play? it’s your child long time to play the game rebuke the child yes wait a minute let’s bro burhan not go after women help me hah .. is this game playing or calling again? that is talking about women again This burhan must teach me this isn’t good wait for you bur..bur..bur…!!hello….hello…hello hey….what….? why are you calling my son swanang you don`t understand i chased this woman again youi don`t need to talk much if you want to pursue women,don`t invite upik just take me where …quickly pick me up hey… swanang we are playing games again what do you think…? give the cellphone the same as upik already you don`t understand too oh yeah bur…? i guess what was done earlier pik…,you play the game huh? yeah …what do i think i`m doing i was MABAR,what does with my uncle burhan hah MABAR,what does it mean? this father is geeky the MABAR…. huuusssst… don `t make father embarrassed, just whispered MABAR means playing together oh…if so,teach me too, it`s like this (busy playing game) too,yeah the game is short,yeah, i take my cellphone first send the game application quickly busy playing game less fun playing just two, i call burhan first call from swanang hello bur heyy.. what is swanang quick here we play together it`s been poisoned by upik,this swanang guy we have met quickly okay…ready immediately OJW hah… what does it mean OJW OJW… that means Okay Just Wait father… wooy… where is burhan? why hasn`t it arrived yet? just calm down, soon coming uncle burhan burhan`s uncle has arrived let`s get ready we play the game assalamualaikum walaikum salam let`s just mabar (play together) sit here you sit down please (FUN PLAYING GAME) this is really a long time ago, it was told by a kidof a long time ago ohh…it`s been a long time ago, apparently playing a long too swanang…! husssst ihhhh… hey… aahhh… heeyyy swanang…your wife…your wifi come on your cellphone where do you want my cellphone to be taken basic household destroyer..! damn ….! basic family destroyer ddon`t sis…don`t sis don`t ..sis don`t mom…don`t mom… astaghfirullah don`t sis…don`t sis… i don`t want to know once again that you play the game destroyed your cellphone remind… once again to play the game destroyed your cellphone we don`t dare to play games anymore

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  1. Game 8 Bit Buriq game kok enggak ada pintu Game Plagiat game auto aim aku pemain free fire dari dulu 2017 Desember

  2. Umaaaa lucu banar sampai tetetes air mata Ulun trus ulah konten kaya ini lah,handak bahira dulu Ulun nah samlekom abahnya upik

    Makasih upik lah sdh me lope Ulun handak Mabar jua nah lawan si Upik tulis nama lawan id nya disini

  3. Apa nama free fire Pian , di invite lah nama free fire Ulun namanya TGRC•Tiger kaina ulun terima , tapi….nama Pian apa?? biar Ulun terima

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