Video Karate Lessons : Karate Cat Stance
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Video Karate Lessons : Karate Cat Stance

November 30, 2019

How are you doing? My name is Qaeem and on
behalf of Expert Village, I’m going to be demonstrating Shorin-Ryu Karate. In Shorin-Ryu
Karate, we have many different stances. The stance that I am going to be demonstrating
right now is the cat stance. It is called the cat stance because when you move it is
a silent stance; you have to be moving silently. However, right now we are just dealing with
the beginning cat stance. The cat stance, once again, you start out in the ready position.
Now you could step forward with either leg. You can step forward with your right leg or
your left leg. Now when you step forward, your forward leg is going to be the leg that
you are going to be attacking with. The back leg is where you are going to carry most of
your weight. So once again, we’re in a ready position and we step forward with the left
leg in the cat stance. You’ll notice that when I got to my stance I automatically sunk.
When you sink, the weight is going to be on your back leg, that is how you center your
gravity and your weight is more distributed like that; you can attack with the front leg.
Now once again, you’re in a ready position, you are stepping out with the front leg, step
out, you are in the ball of your foot. Your foot should be facing… the heel of your
foot should be off the ground. You should only be on the ball of your front foot. Now
all you have to do is lower your weight to the back leg, you just sink. Now this stance
is the stance that you have to get used to. It is a very difficult stance because most
of your weight is on the back leg, which means your whole body weighs on your back leg. Your
front leg you can distribute it. Either you can; kick or you can get many different movements
out of. It is easy to kick; you can lift it up without moving. So once again, stepping
out with your front left leg. You’re stepping out, just going to lower your body and just
sink. That is the cat stance. My name is Qaeem on behalf of Expert Village, thank you for

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  1. whao…people are so rude. He's doing the stances to the best of his abilities, doesn't mean he can't teach. Sure he can..

  2. The cat stance may be used for exactly what is explained here. The problem in the video is that the body shifts back over the rear leg and the heel raises on the front foot. The reason is that a sweep is more difficult and you have a relaxed front foot to do any kick you please (normally a front snap kick).

  3. "It is called the Cat Stance because when you move, it's a silent stance, you're going to be moving silently"

    As opposed to all the other Stances where you Scream your way through them.

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