Video Games You Should Never Play Around Your Parents
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Video Games You Should Never Play Around Your Parents

September 13, 2019

Some video games are great fun for the whole
family. Other video games are too weird, too dirty,
or just too terrible to play in front of your parents. Make sure nobody you love is watching over
your shoulder as you play any of these games. South Park: The Stick of Truth If you know anything about South Park, you
might be able to guess that any video game based on the cartoon would definitely not
be safe to play around parents. But The Stick of Truth might be even ruder
than the actual show it was based on! You play as the New Kid, and at one point
you have to sneak into your parents’ bedroom. When your parents are… a bit busy. The game censors absolutely nothing, forcing
you to sit through every one of New Kid’s parents’ moans and screams of ecstasy. On top of that, you can also summon Jesus
to shoot your opponents with a machine gun. If all that isn’t enough to sway your own
interest in these games, at least save playing it for when Mom and Dad aren’t home. And then move right on to the sequel The Fractured
But Whole… which is arguably worse. My Name Is Mayo It might be the single most pointless game
of all time, if you can even call it a game. Your goal in My Name is Mayo is to open a
jar of mayonnaise, which you do by clicking on the jar over and over and over. And that’s it! For some reason, the jar also wears various
outfits during your quest to open it. Sometimes it’s knitting, or rocking a guitar,
while other times it’s wearing a bra and panties. Look! Now it’s French! If you’re patient enough to click the jar
10,000 times, you will successfully open it and beat the game. Congratulations, I guess! However, if your parents catch you playing
this, they might start to worry about you. Duke Nukem Forever With its “fart jokes plus hot girls” formula,
the Duke Nukem franchise was never going to be family friendly. But Duke Nukem Forever cranked that formula
up to 11, leaving even some of the most hardcore fans uncomfortable. “Oooh, melts in my mouth AND in my pants.” “You can dip in my fruit salad ANYTIME, hotpants.” The game follows Mr. Nukem in his quest to
save every hot girl on planet Earth from being kidnapped by aliens, all while spouting uncomfortably
rude phrases and pickup lines. “You must make a good gyro sandwich, because
you’re giving me a footlong.” As for the actual gameplay, Duke Nukem Forever
opens with Nukem, followed by the reveal of him playing his own game… with the help
of two girls. You definitely won’t want to play this around
your folks. Catherine The box art alone for Catherine is enough
to make parents wonder what you’re up to. You play as a man engaged to a nice girl named
Katherine with a K, while you’re also being seduced by a wild woman named Catherine with
a C. Catherine with a C turns out to be a nightmare succubus set on sending unfaithful
men to the underworld. You’ll need to climb your way out of hell,
after which you’ll be able to choose between the two Catherines, but you could also choose
to become a space traveler instead, or overthrow the ruler of the Underworld and rule it with
the demon Catherine at your side. Catherine is not nearly as bad as the box
art makes it seem. In fact, it’s more of a horror game than anything. But good luck trying to explain to your parents
that they shouldn’t judge a game by its cover. Potato Thriller Potatoes are delicious, but there’s nothing
particularly thrilling about them… until now! Potato Thriller is a horror game about a serial
killer called the Potato Man, who is literally a potato. “Look at me, I am the Potato Man! I am going to deep-fry all of the foods that
you love, like chicken nuggets and French fries.” His victims include anthropomorphic hot dogs,
dancing lemons, and the devil. It’s basically Resident Evil on shrooms. In the game, you have to track down the Potato
Man and escape his wrath. The setup is actually terrifying, with dark
rooms, spooky noises and jump-scares galore, not to mention how unsettling the Potato Man
is as a villain. It’s like if Sid from Toy Story got his hands
on Andy’s Mr. Potato Head. It’s a safe bet that your parents are not
going get into to this game. And if they do…run. Soda Drinker Pro If you enjoy soda so much that you’d play
an entire game about drinking the stuff, then perhaps Soda Drinker Pro is for you. Just do everyone a favor and keep that to
yourself. In Soda Drinker Pro, you drink soda. That’s it. The game’s only hook is WHERE you can get
your glug on. You can drink soda in the ocean, in a field,
in a mouth, in the desert, on the Oregon trail, in Antarctica, and over 100 other surreal
and psychedelic locations. Whenever you finish a soda, you move to the
next location. Drink every soda in every location and you’ve
won the game. Your parents, who probably tell you at least
once a day to drink less soda, will be thrilled. Stayin’ Alive Unfortunately, Stayin’ Alive is not a delightful
romp through the disco clubs of New York City. Instead, it’s a game where you can either
play as old people, who want to end their own lives, or their nurses, who want them
to live. If you play as the dusty old folks, you wheel
around collecting items you can fashion into lethal tools, scoring points for every fatality. Play as the nurses, and you race to craft
cures for your patients’ self-inflicted ailments, scoring points for every patient you safely
wheel into the sedation unit. It’s the most fatal game of tag ever. If you think your aging folks can handle old
people happily self-immolating, go right ahead and play this in front of them. Thanks for watching! Click the SVG icon to subscribe to our YouTube
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  1. One time, my bad-ass cousin DELIBERATELY picked up a prostitute on GTA 5 and during the oral sex, the volume was loud and you could hear the girl asking if she could swallow and my mom was like, "WHAT THE HELL KINDA GAME IS YA'LL PLAYING IN THERE?!"

  2. Lol if I caught my son playing any of these I wouldn't question his mental stability I'd probably just call him a pussy ?

  3. Listen should be called games no one should play excluding south park, duke nukem, and catherine. The rest are pure garbage

  4. there are way, waaaaaayyyy worse games than literally any of these that you most definitely should not play around your parents!

  5. This is durrburgur




    He has 500 scars

    Each like takes away a scar

    If he runs out of scars you might find one

  6. My parents are so chill, you say games I wouldn't play around them, I go right up and show it to them.
    Except if you say something like hentai, I would never do that.

  7. The reason I played that Katherine game
    coz I thought there will be some shit but I was wrong it's full of creepy shit

  8. 0:12
    Baldi : 1 second of pee is 12cm how much centermetres of pee is there when I pee for 4 seconds!?!?!?!?

  9. "games you wouldn't play around your parents". What a joke. these games aren't anything compared to most games that are out there. My parents and Grandparents would laugh at this video over how dumb it is

  10. OH NO dont let MOM know you are playing MAYO?
    Then Potato man??
    What the fuck is WRONG with you adding these simple idiotic "game" that nobody in their right mind would waste their time on…pathetic.

  11. The potato man and the drinking probably won't get you grounded
    Also i think the dead or alive xtreme games should be on this list

  12. Games i play near my parents Splatoon 2 Call of duty Ifinite Warfare Call of duty Advanced Warfare Fortnite Apex Minecraft Roblox Call of duty Ghost

  13. The Guy Game
    Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude
    Dead or Alive Xtreme
    Rumble Roses
    2019 and I still have them all?

  14. The first game you showed. My favorite ps3 game!!! Lbp! So perfect and cute ! Buuuuuut…. um… yeah. You can pretty much turn it into Google . You can do anything ???? soooo. O_O

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