Video Games Portrayed by Spongebob (And Other Cartoons)
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Video Games Portrayed by Spongebob (And Other Cartoons)

September 18, 2019

[hard rock music] Fire! He’s closing in! I think we have a few minutes before he gets here. [boniculars rotation sound] Huh? Ahh! He’s right on top of us! [man screaming] [laughing] Wanna see me run to that mountain and back? You wanna see me do it again? Mermaid Man says: “Buy more cards!” How do you like me now? [screaming as they fall and fall and fall] He could be that old man. Or that baby. Or that pebble. Or that stick. Or that recite for the phony balony moustache emporium. [SpongeBob singing] But that would be cheating [Wild laughter coming from the cowboy hat.] [Grunts] We’re gonna be pirates! We’re gonna be pirates! Hey, hey, hey, belay that skipping, pirates don’t skip. 🙁 NYEAAAAAAAAAAAAAA GAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!! IT’S A ZOMBIE!!!!!!!!!!! WeeWoo WeeWoo WeeWoo WeeWoo WeeWoo [Evil laughter] MWAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! Robot….. ROBOT! GIANT ROBOT!!!! GRUNT! NEEEYAFLIIIIIIEN!!! See what I mean Patrick? D: W-where’s the leak Ma’am? 3 Hours Later Can ya move it along? I’m all out of time cards. [Groovy/Funk music] ALRIGHT……. PUT THE MONEY…. IN THE BAAAAAAG!!!! PUT IT IN!!! Um…… you’re facing the wrong way sir. ALRIGHT….. GIVE ME THE MONEY!!!!! Dude! We’re falling right out of the sky! Arth thow feeling it now, Mister Krabs? Look! Some employees from the resturant came to help us! 😀 The dragon will torch everything, everything in the valley, hospital schools, retirement homes, and even the old bowling alleeeeeeeey. Hang on I’ll transfer your call. That’s a clean-burning hell, I tell you what? [Evil laughter] Aw, this looks neat! I wonder– DAAAAAAAAAAAA This one’s gonna fly! [Bat suit sound] I can feel it. You know what he does next? What? You really want to know? What?! Are you sure you want to know? WHAT WHAT WHAT DOES HE DO?!?! HE GETS YA! I say.. We tip somethin’ over! Hey, you can’t talk to my son that way! Who do you think you are? I’m plankton, you old hag, and your son smells like boogers! You can’t talk to my wife that way What do you think this is? I think it’s time for you to lose some weight fatty. That’s what it is! Hey You can’t talk to my grandson like that, someone ought to put you in a mental hospital! Someone should put you in a box floating down the river, grandma! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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  1. I like how spongebob acknowledges patricks a little slow but just switches the binoculars for him ???

  2. Usually european player in WoT:This my favourite game!
    Usually Belorussuian player in WoT:You want to see our game?
    5 minutes later…
    so many potatoes and tea lakes…

  3. That one random king of the hill clip? also, spongebob is like africa before it was colonized by europeans. Just rich in natural meme material

  4. Do these portrayed by Spongebob games
    Tony Hawk
    Far Cry
    Devil May Cry
    Tomb raider
    God of War
    Final fantasy
    Heavy Rain
    Rock Band
    No more heroes
    Life is strange

  5. "Look! Some employees from the restaurant came to help us!"

    Recieved Crouched Lance damage!
    Recieved 338 damage.
    Spongebob was knocked unconcious.

  6. This would've been a perfect post for yesterday. Friday Sept 13th, #NationalVideoGamesDay Not to be confused with #Nationalvideogameday which is July 8th.

  7. Doom should've when Squidward says he don't have soul or heart or something like that (in squidward eats his first krabby patty episode)

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