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September 5, 2019

– One category still in play, Evelyn. – Video games, $200. – [Alex] This company’s
Infinity allowed you to play characters from The Incredibles and Cars, to name a few. Evelyn? – What is Pixar?
– Nope. Jordan.
– What is Disney? – Disney is right, yes. Less than a minute.
– Video, four. – [Alex] Morrowind and Skyrim are iterations of this
venerable set of games. Jordan. – What is Dragon Age?
– No. (electronic beeping)
What is The Elder Scrolls. Jordan, back to you.
– Ah, a thousand. – [Alex] Make your future fighting Gall, leader of the Red Legion in the second iteration
of this Bungie game. Jordan.
– What is Halo? – No. Evelyn or Nancy? (electronic beeping)
What is Destiny. Jordan, back to you.
– 800. – In the classic video game Joust, contestants were placed upon these birds. (electronic beeping)
They were put on ostriches. Now the $600 clue, we’re doing well with
video games, aren’t we? A big gaming story of 2018 is Fortnite. This genre of game, where
the winner is last shooter or last team standing. (electronic beeping)
And that is Battle Royale. We’re gonna take our second break, come back to start Double Jeopardy right after this. (audience clapping)
(jazz music)

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  1. Haha this made me so happy. Got all of them almost instantly. These were all incredibly easy to, other than maybe the Joust question.

  2. I could laugh at these guys for not knowing basic video game trivia, but it's obvious they know more than me at probably anything else

  3. Given the circumstances, these were actually pretty good questions. Of course many of us who are younger or into the gaming industry, would have gotten them all correct ?

  4. This Nintendo mascot, introduced in 1981, would go on to star in his own 'Super' series and help bring about the end of the video game crash and turn the industry around.

  5. Lol adults just don't know anything about videogames. I was literally hurting when I could answer every single one

  6. Wow, this would've been the easiest $2,000 of my life, I wouldn't have gotten Destiny though because I heard it was absolute shit (and it still is).

  7. I grew up with video games. This category was a piece of cake! Shout-out to Jeopardy for that, awesome work.
    I got 5 out of 5 on that one.

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