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September 26, 2019

(Swishy Swishy Fist Fist) (Music) Super Mario Brothers Mario, Mario! Bowser has kidnapped the princess! Not a Again Not a problem, which way did they go? Left! I’m sorry, my love Castlevania Last week on Teenage Vampire Daughter you cannot go out it is past your
bed time! I’ll do what I want Daddy! ARGHHHH!!! Pac Man Waka Waka Waka Waka (Gasp) Mmmm yeah! (Gasp) Honey! I can explain! No need… You sexy thing! (Gasp) Waka Waka Waka Waka The Legend of the Zeldas (Box Opening music) Castlevania This week on Teenage Vampire Daughter! You cannot join a religion! Don’t tell me what to do Daddy! ARGHHHH!! Grand Theft Automobile Wow honey, what a lovely hotel! Yeah, it’s 5 stars 5 stars?! (Police sirens and gunshots) The Legend of Zeldas. So many Zeldas running around. (Item get sound) Castlevania Next week on Teenage Vampire Daddy! I brought a boy home for dinner! Fantastic! ARHGHHHHGHGHH!!! Pokemon Bobby, do you wanna go to the prom with me? Pfft, no way Sarah! Sarah! SARAH NO!! SARAH NOOO!! NO SARAH NO!!
NOOOOOOOOO!!! I choose you Bobby. I choose you all. (Case shut) Hey you! Speaking of Video Games we just friggin’
made one! Check it out!! (Don’t forget to subscribe, like, comment and share)

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  1. Hey the app trailer is so cool but I'm Spanish and it's not available for that region sooo if you make it available I would love it

  2. Tomska, I tried to download the Katatak app on my ios but currently it states that available in UK stores, or either available not in UK stores. Idk, but can someone help me fix this problem?

  3. I’m late for the app!
    presses link
    App: this app is currently not available in your country or region
    Me: cries uncontrollably

  4. I love how the daughter of Dracula is a metalhead
    She’s wearing a slayer shirt that’s awesome

  5. im pretty sure pokeballs are made so you can't catch people then again you can catch mewtwo and mewtwo has some human dna holy shit pokemon is dark

  6. The Castlevania one isn’t even 1% accurate to the games. This is why I think Tom is just a person who only plays overrated games.

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