October 5, 2019

[Music] So using this animus you’ll be able to view the lives of your ancestors killer Wow Oh That’s my great-great grandmother and my great-great grandfather What are they doing? Oh? That’s funny? It kind of looks like they’re oh? Oh my god. No. No go back in generation go back a generation HOW IS HE SO FLEXIBLE?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Subtitles By: Bacon Movie Corporations Yaha! Wahoo! Haha! Tryo to catch me nao BITCH! GRRRR! OH GOD! OH GOD! THIS IS DISGUSTING!!! What did you expect to happen you jumped directly into a drainage pipe I don’t know. I thought that maybe there would be a coin down here or something. All there is, is a bunch of people’s crap. Here’s a coin! No, nope that’s just another piece of poop. MEGA MAN BLASTER GAME PLAY CON 2018 Whoa mega man, that’s the bomb diggity bro pound it *LASER SMASH* Awesome The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Tch, argh Nice Pot, how much? Those? $50 Dollars. Okay… Now how much you askin’? Nice necklace! Yeah, the pots are still $50 Dollars.
Courtney: Okay… Dudududududu Whoa! you’re an assassin?! High five dude er! *Breathing Heavily* Nice Man… It’s so cool having a dog that can’t die. You just get shot, or stabbed, or blown up and you just keep on kicking! You just keep fighting forever Right, buddy? Haha cool. Now go bite that rocket launcher dude in the dick Hey, what are these? Loot boxes! so you spend two real American dollars on items from within the game now you might get a S**t spray can Orrr…. A Super mega blaster, That’ll make you win any game! So it’s gambling? No, it’s not gambling. You just spend money, in hopes of getting something more than you put in. So, gambling? Shut up kid! get out of here, go get your parents credit cards. get out of here! Go! GO! GO!! Whoa! Samus!! WEUWEU Hot girl alert! Up High! hehe! Oh wait, sorry, I forgot I rendered both my arms useless Um… Sign my sling? Samus: okay. And then… my wiener OH YEAH! PARTY! Yeah! Oh, could someone help me get through here, Please? Dude, hey, can you help me? Sorry man Aw… Aw, Guys! Guys, please let me get through please… No one likes the T Yeah, yeah Thank you guys so much for watching the video if you liked it leave a thumbs up and a comment! if you want to watch the last time we did “Video Game Items in real life” , click the Box on the left. Yeah, yeah Or, click the Box on the right to watch Shayne get roasted by Khadi Don in “you posted that!”, It’s actually nuts! yeah, yeah! // The End // (Subtitle edited by Matthew Bagas btw :p)

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