Video Game High School (VGHS) – S1: Ep. 8
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Video Game High School (VGHS) – S1: Ep. 8

September 16, 2019

Previously on VGHS… Jenny make Varsity? Haha! Not on my watch! Aghhh!!! You signed me up for Drift Racing! Ted I’m sorry! I…Ted I… I’m splitsville baby. We’re through. You’re expelled! Pack up your dreams and go! Sorry Ki. Ted stays where he belongs… in my shadow. Why’d you do it Brian?! Why’d you throw it all away?! Because you’re too good for him Jenny. And because I’m in love with you! Thanks Mr. D! Another busy night Mr. D? It’s always a busy night at Brian’s Knock yourself out. Is…is… that…is that Brian D? See if he’ll play a game with us! Sorry, Brian never games with the customers. Hey! Hey! Hey! Come on scram scrub! Ugh! Go back to VGHS Jumpin’ Jax. Whatever. Quitter. Yeah I’ll go. Always looking out for the little guy. Ted?! Hahaha Ahhh. How long has it been? 20…24 hours? You haven’t aged a day! Ahhh! Come on, let’s go get a slice! Alright! Ok! Haha And then Calhoun told me I can’t switch to Rhythm Gaming… because once you’ve signed up you’re locked in the system (scoffs) That guy is a butt! Same old story… Calhoun always wins. But…it’s a story with a twist ending! You signed up! You’re still in the system! You could totally tryout tomorrow! Well… I don’t think it works that way if you’re expelled Ted. And even if it did… Tomorrow’s no good for me. We’ve got this huge birthday party coming in! (scoffs/spits) Dude come on! As much as I’ve loved what you’ve done with the place… It ain’t no VGHS Well that’s kind of the idea Ted. People actually play games for fun here. You telling me we didn’t have fun together? We had some swell times. To better days. (somber music plays) So… How are you Ted? I was really sad to hear about you and Ki. (slams glass) Never say that name to me again. What name? (stumbling piano keys) My name? Ki. Ki! Haha what a surprise! Haha. Oh yes hello. Here. Will you stop being mad at me now? Brian tell Ki that fixing my guitar doesn’t make up for breaking my hopes and dreams. Ted. Tell Brian that you’re being a big stupid dumb jerk! Brian Ki says I’m a big stupid…damn it. Uhh.. So Ki it’s been a while. It’s been one day Brian! Ok… Hey you! Loser! Can’t handle the rock?! (scoffs) Then you best walk…away! Remember winners don’t do drugs… but you’re a loser so why don’t you stop playing and go take some drugs loser! Wahah! You suck! Gömböc! (sighs) Why is Ted so stupid?! Ted isn’t… Ted’s different. I apologized to him and he’s still mad at me. I should be mad at him. I am mad at him! I’m stuck in Rhythm & Gaming just because I tried to fix his problems. Well Ki you can’t always fix other people problems for them. I mean sometimes… Problems are just… Unsolvable. Like the Hodge conjecture? Um. Think of it like this. Ted’s like… Ted’s like your Gomboss. Gömböc! That you’ve been working on. I mean sure sometimes he gets knocked around but… You gotta trust him to pick himself back up. And when he does. I know he’ll be happy to see you. Brian! Thank you. So you’re running an arcade now. H– Hey Jenny! That’s um. That’s pretty rad. Best thing ever! Right? I know! Um but I’m kind of busy at the moment though. So… Look Brian I’m not really the best at apologies but… I just wanna… Jenny. We’re cool. Seriously I mean I…I was being a jerk too. Um. But why don’t you go play some games. Like over there. On the house. Ok. Still you getting kicked out it… School sucks without you Brian so I’m sorry. Don’t be. Really I mean it worked out for the better. You know? I mean look at this place! hahahaha…. Ha. Oh uh Ted was actually in here earlier telling me I could still try-out and stuff. Wait wait w-. You can still try-out tomorrow?! Yeah but it’s not like they’d let me back in. So what?! People are saying I can’t make Varsity just cause I broke up with Law. But you know what? If I kick enough ass out there. There’s nothing he can do to stop it! I’m sorry I thought that playing at VGHS was like your dream or whatever. You’re telling me you have one last shot at your dream and you’re just gonna walk away? Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you?! Really?! You broke up with The Law? Oh my god. That’s what you got out of this. W- no I’m just saying… You really think I got a shot? At tryouts. Yeah. I think you have a shot at try-outs. That’s…that’s what I mean’t! Totally. Good! So you’ll be there tomorrow? I don’t know Jenny… I mean even if they let me back on. It’s not like VGHS is gonna change. But uh… Good luck out there tomorrow. You know… we never played DXM. (scoffs) I thought it was a baby game? Oh I think you’re just cause that because you know you’re gonna lose! Oh really? Yeah whaddaya say 100 spot says that we dance? Well… This isn’t Field of Fire. You know I mean skee ball- You hear that? They’re all booing for you! I don’t even wanna look! You should be embarrassed! I’ll never love you! (Love ♥ Shine starts) (Love ♥ Shine playing) Ki! You were right I- I’m being a big stupid mean dumb jerk! I know you were just trying to protect me and I’m sorry you’re stuck doing Rhythm Gaming with my dad. Oh! Ok! I- I- I deserved that! Please forgive me… I really miss you Ki. Can we please be friends again? (romantic music plays) (Love ♥ Shine ends) Hahaha! Oh! You know what one last shot at my dreams. I can go home for that! Good! Cause the Brian D with nothing to lose. That is who I want on my team. Ahaha! Well alright captain! Almost nothing. Almost? Hey Brian! Jenny! Ki and I made up. And by made up. I mean made out! Hm! You know what I mean? Our lips touched! Great! I’m super happy for you! Haha! So what are you guys up to? Ooo ooo! Four way high five! NEXT TIME ON VGHS!

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  1. I love how this episode is basically the web series equivalent of Casablanca. Obviously the white tux and general sequence of events is a direct reference to Casablanca

  2. 1.he looks like Elon Musk
    2.he easily started a business like Elon
    3.dresses like Elon
    4. Gets kicked out of somewhere like Elon

    He is legit a young Elon Musk

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