Video Game High School (VGHS) – S1: Ep. 5
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Video Game High School (VGHS) – S1: Ep. 5

October 21, 2019

Videogame High School 1×05
(LANGUAGE) Subtitles by: (name) Day of The JV/Varsity Scrimmage
Two Hours Remain Rhythm Method Huh, you draw in the notes section too? Oh, I’m just writing a little not
to give to Jenny after the scrim. Not a love note, or anything like that.
I mean, she totally has a boyfriend who hates me. Nah, it’s more of a “It’s all cool, you know, let’s… let’s be friends” sort of note. Oh. I like to draw extra
lines to make it graph paper. Yo Brian, man. Kick ass out there. Thanks man. I will give it my best shot. Good, cause we have two weeks
allowance on you beating The Law. Alright. Settle down.
Settle down people. Settle down. I am proud to be your TA
for rhythm gaming this year A sport… of true champions. Something you two losers in the back
could stand to learn something about. # And now, without further ado, # # I present to you, the sultan of shred # # the prince of pentatonic, # # the raddest dad, #
# with the baddest ad… itude. # Freddie Wong! My dad! Sup losers. Or should I say heroes? Nope. All losers. Thats all right.
That’s why you took this class. To learn from the best, me, Freddie Wong. Hero. Alright. Whew! First rule of heroism. Give the people what they want. See, when you’re a hero, people want to be you. They want to do you. They want to be you while they do you. Oh my god. Be careful. Cause if you don’t give the people
what they want, they’ll divorce you, they’ll take your sweet dirt bike, and they’ll leave you with
a no good loser for a son. Yeeha! Grip the steering wheel of destiny! Drift. What are you…? Nooooooooo! So, who wants some pizza? Ted, are you sure you are ok, man?
That was, like, really rough. 100% Big D. I just gotta refuel. Ok. Umm… Well, I have to get to
scrimmage, buddy. But… Ki can you take care of
him for a little while? I’m on it. Good luck Brian. – Alright.
– Ya man, don’t… Don’t worry about me.
Good dad out there. I mean, good love dad. Good luck Brian. See ya. End of Seventh Period
One Hour Remains Go get ’em Brian. Break the Law! Thanks man. Cool slogan. The Law Vs Brian D
Justice will be served I’ll get to everybody, I’ll get to
everybody. Hold your horses. Calm down. Hey! Give me twenty big ones on Brian D. Alright, a risk taker, huh? I like that. Hey. Speak of the devil. There you go. Who’s next? Who’s next? What ya got? What ya got? I’ll take yeah.
I’ll make your bet for ya. That’s fine with me. What ya want?
Ten on Law. There ya go. Boom. Hey man. Look, I was thinking,
maybe you can just do some fancy foot work or caps lock and run away
when you’re out there. Cause I am betting you can make it at
least three minutes against The Law. Say hi to The Law for me, Brian. No pressure. The Junior Varsity Pre-Game
Meeting – Thirty Minutes Remain – Ok. Jpop, Rico, Moriarity, Left Flank is all you. Jumping Jax! I want to see those
grenade skills in action. And as for the little
freshman that could, stay tight and out of sight. Any questions? Yeah. Isn’t this scrimmage just an excuse
for your boyfriend to pad his kill reel. Ya. You’re right. Varsity is out there to show off. We. We’re out there to kick ass. Stay calm, stick the plan… and we’re gonna wipe the
smirk right off their faces. And as for my boyfriend… that maggot isn’t gonna talk to me for
a week after we’re through with him! – Sound good?
– Yeah! Alright. See you on the
battlefield. Dismissed. Hey… rad speech. I mean… consider me pumped. Do you need something? Nope. I just thought you
might want to check this out. Bam! New DXM, fresh import. And uh, you might want to check
out the notes section. B-t-dubs. This is… pretty cool actually. But I have to stay focused right now. You should too, Brian. Yah. No, totally. Well. If you ever want to get unfocused… Hey. I’ve seen the posters. This is team CTF, not a deathmatch. You follow my orders, you’ll be fine. You got it captain. Brian’s Private Pre-Game Pump Up
Five MInutes Remain Stay frosty B.D. Jenny wants you to avoid The Law. Consider it done. They won’t even know
I’m there. Ninja style. He made a whole soda can
disappear in my mouth. Victory burgers after the game? More like defeateritos. Defeateritoes with cheese. Speaking of dead meat, what was Jenny
thinking putting BrianD on her team? She was probably thinking I’m awesome. Guys, Jenny wasn’t thinking, she was following orders. Wait. You told her to
put him on the team? Course Cold Turkey. Cause while I love a well
earned victory burg, what I really love, more than anything, is to kill… Brian D. That big baby Brian is
bound to burn, bro. Nice one Alliterator. He’s going down in flames. In front of everyone. And when the smoke clears… there will be no doubt that he was anything but a worthless, no talent fluke. With cheese. So uh, lets go. – Yep!
– Alright then! Oh, Brian… – What’s he doing?
– Costing me five hundred bucks! Get with the program Brian. Brian, I am going to the intel.
Get to that structure and cover me. You know, I think I will just stick
back here and nade spam, sir. Damnit Brian, what is your malfunction? Is The Law going to be
waiting for me up there? Follow my orders, or get off my team. Avenge me. Damnit, Brian. Yeah! Give the people what they want. Yeah! Come on Brian! Woo! # This song’s about The Law!# # Long Arm’s looking for you… # # Long Arm of The Law! # – Oh, you’re in trouble now! – # Long Arm of The Law! # – Here it comes! – # Long Arm of The Law! # # Long Arm of The Law! # – Yesss! – – Clean yourself up! – – Varsity Wins. – Performance Analytics
Expulsion Threshold

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  1. When Brian and Jenny are talking over the copy of DXM, I can't help but notice there's some SUPER awkward cutouts of audio as soon as one of them stops talking. Like, it's a REALLY unnatural silence. I'm only just now noticing this, but still. It's weird.

  2. heres an unsolicited fact about me: my sister made me watch the vghs series when i was tiny, and let me tell you, the LAW gave me nightmares and for months after i finished my NERVES were on EDGE

  3. Okay this may be a long shot but that “Two Hours Remain” thing at the beginning? Totally a Dead Rising reference

  4. if you had come to me and said “watch this show about high school gamers” i wouldve said “That sounds like a boring show” but i freakin love this show

  5. Can i talk about how much i love the law in season 1?
    Hes everywhere knows everything and unbeatable at FoF he is the face of the school, and brian cant do shit about that. Don't get me wrong crazy law is funny, but i like scary law a bit more

  6. Damn. Ki put some base in her voice when it comes to money. Although, quick question: what student has $500 to bet on video games

  7. Coming back seven years later and realizing exactly HOW extra these characters were. The best part?

    I absolutely love it.

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