Video Game High School (VGHS) – S1: Ep. 4
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Video Game High School (VGHS) – S1: Ep. 4

October 16, 2019

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Freddie Wong Oh! Brian! You’d better have skills in that box if you’re gonna score with Jenny Matrix! No, Ted this is just a little professional party present for the JV captain. “Happy party, Jenny. Let’s go Coco-nuts…” Wait you’re gonna bribe your way into JV with a cake? Coconut cake. Let’s just say I’m a 12th level pastrymancer and once she tastes this bad boy, I’m in. Maybe this date will become a double date! Oh! Brian! I was meaning to tell you something… What was it, what was it, what was it… Brian D! You made it! Hey, Jenny… um… Oh! My gosh! I totally nailed it I have to show you! Come to my room! Well… what should I do with this bad boy? I dunno. Give it to the party. Let them eat cake! Come on – hurry! So… there are a lot of people here… First date, huh? Wanna… watch me play video games? Oh… I thought people did romantic things on first dates. Exactamundo. Whoa. So, uh… Lotta cool stuff in this room. Huh? Yeah, sorry it’s a mess. You can just sit wherever. Okay… This is gonna blow your mind… Bam! I totally beat your time! Suck it! Wow. Great job – that’s like the… Only high score I’ve ever held in anything. Well, that and Dance Ex Machina… Wait wait wait… You play DXM? Which I don’t play anymore because that’s a Lame baby game for babies. I play manly games now like, uh, War and… Oh my God you’re a 12th level dancemancer? Did I say “baby game” because I meant, uh… “babe game” for, uh, people. No it is a baby game. Which is why if you tell anyone there’s a DXM machine collecting dust in my garage… I will literally murder you. Wait, you mean you don’t play anymore? But you were clearly the shiz! Yeah… not according to my mom. She kinda coaches the Denver Commandos. Full disclosure – I totally knew that. Let’s just say this is an FPS family and she expects me to make the pros. You’re totally gonna! I mean… When I saw you at the Invitationals last year You made JV captain You’re amazing, Jenny. But that’s no excuse not to get your dance on! This is a party, you know? Let’s go fire that baby up! Party! Right! Speaking of which, we should get back! I could totally slam another drink right now! Let’s go! Let’s go! I’ve got rock star in my blood, Ki. I don’t know if you know this but… My father is three-time Guitar Hero world champion… Freddie Wong. I’m assuming you’re very good since you’ve chosen the hardest difficulty level. Gotta play hard to rock hard Ki. Here we go! Jeez! Who calibrated this thing? Whoa! New section! Let’s see if I can handle this… Haven’t had to improv in a while… Sorry about that! Lousy guitar! Let’s play my game! Whoa – you make games? Yeah! That’s right! Well… Actually the one I’m working on is for children… But on the plus side there’s no way to lose! I’m in! What up dudes! Now this is where the real party is going down. That cool freshman over there is Games Dean And this is the FPS team – We have: Cold Turkey, Piepuppy, Alliterator… And I’m sure you already know – The Law. Hey Brian! Great to finally meet you! He ain’t much of a talker, is he? Relax dude! I should be nervous to meet you! I mean, I’m not, of course. Law, seriously – stop screwing with the freshman. Okay JV captain buzzkill! Hey Bri-guy – you wanna tuck into some cake? Wait, wait. There’s… cake? Over here, Jenny. Whoa, Games Dean brought us a kickin’ coconut cake! Check it – I baked it for you. Dude are you kidding me? Are you coco-kidding me I am coocoo for coconut cake! Oh man!
– Oh man is this guy on the scrimmage tomorrow or what? Dig in, everybody!
– It’s so good! This is… so good. You’re the coolest! My cake… Don’t waste it now.
– It’s so good though! Whoa! I’m sorry about that! Oh my God! Here… let me dab that off for you. Seriously? Hey, man, speaking of apologies… About your keyboard the other day… I’m super-dee-duper broken up about it. Whaddya say we bury that little hatchet VGHS style with a little friendly competish? Go ahead! Pick any game in the house – you and me! You know what Law, I’m just here to party. So I’m not going to fall for one of your stupid little ploys. Sorry, yeah it is a party. How rude of me. Maybe you’d like a little party trick then!? A dash of magic!? A little splash of razzmatazz? Was that the whole trick? Because you just…
– Whoa! Everybody! Check out the size of this kid’s pokéballs! Brian D just challenged me to a match! Seriously, Brian? Actually, Law… Because that is how I like to party! You guys! Check it out! Brian D is gonna fight The Law! Abracadabra. Whoa! And since mathematically it’s the only shape to always correct itself… I, um, thought the gömböc would make a nice miniboss! I don’t know though. Maybe it’s stupid. What? No! It’s awesome! You could call it the, uh… göm-boss! You call that a game? More like a lame! Drifters! Drift! Hey! Leave her alone! Ki’s weird math game is way cooler than drift racing! Cooler than Overdrift? Maybe in Lameland! Cool callback, bro! Give me that! Hey give that back or else! Is that a challenge, Theodore? Drift King. What do you want? One race, Ted! One race and the lady’s weird math game is yours! One race, Ted! One race and the lady’s weird So you’re extorting people now? Not very chivalrous, my liege! Desperate times, Ted. I haven’t felt true competition since last we dueled! Have ye not the need for speed? Um, Ted – I forgot to hit save on the game folder so if that tablet shuts off… I won’t let that happen! Okay! You’re on, DK… Let’s drift! Drift! Drift! Don’t matter what game you pick – you’re gonna lose! Yeah, got that. Thanks. Great job, Brian. LIke I said – any game in the house, Brian. Dance Ex Machina. It’s in the garage. Brian. Doodee! Everyone came to see us duel! But okay. Okay. If you wanna disco… Then let’s… Tango. You really turned that around. Law never loses, Brian. To the garage everybody! I can’t lose this game, Ted! Wow, ha! I mean, uh… I totally won, but… Can this guy dance or what? Way to cut a rug, studmuffin. This is gonna be more fun than I thought! Alright! Winning! Yeah… still won… That’s great! That’s what I did. I took that. Here. Oh thanks…
– Syke! I guess we’ll hold onto this for you – don’t worry about it! Nay, the lady will have her game back! Or, shall I say… gömböc. Well played, old friend! Our paths shall cross again! DK! Ted! Look! It autosaved! Ted…? Boyfriend experiences extreme confusion after exposure to drift racing… “Boyfriend…?” Score! Man can you believe Jenny Matrix has a lame baby game chilling in her garage? What a loser… Oh! I’m sorry! Laugh it up. I’m still gonna murder you. Hey, if you wanna kill the life of the party… Ow! Careful – I’m gonna need my mouse arm for scrimmage tomorrow. Really? And what makes you think I’m gonna put you on my team? Well… That was all the fake confidence I could muster. That really hurt. I was supposed to choose someone like six hours ago anyway. Spot’s yours if you want it. Really? Yeah, I’m… Totally! I’m… You know, whatever. I’m in. Won’t let you down. I was thinking maybe after the scrim tomorrow. You and I wanna go grab a burger or… Oh hey there pricklepuss! Mind if I borrow my girlfriend for a second? Oh my God. Is this… is this a permanent…? Oh, why? Do you “like my ‘stache?” Oh my God.
– I had it made just for this. Oh my God. Ok, I have to go but I’ll catch you later, Brian. Yeah, catch you later Brian. We gotta go see how making out feels with this. Oh! Brian! I remembered that thing! Jenny and Law are… Oh, daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn.

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  1. English subtitles are up. While our translators work on translating them, you can use Google's subtitle translator to temporarily change it to your language!

  2. Top 5 fav tv shows ever. I’ve seen this series 29 times. 30 rn. I watch it on Netflix, but since its off there now (screw Netflix) now I’m here.

  3. You know what I hate about games dean? He lies about making a cake for Jenny and rubs it in the person who actually made its face.

  4. Oh Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanm

  5. only after watching it for the 3rd time after….7 frickin years ??? did i realize even though ted lost, he still beat all of the DK's previous record, i was a kid when i first watched this….i know, i'd punch myself for not noticing that

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