Video Game Easter Eggs Hidden Out of Bounds 3!
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Video Game Easter Eggs Hidden Out of Bounds 3!

September 29, 2019

– [Announcer] Hello, I’m James, and today we’re going to be seeking out some cleverly hidden
secrets in video games that all outside the
limits of game worlds, or perhaps loiter in the background, but to simply put it, rest out of bounds. And most of which can only ever be seen by using in game features,
cheats, utilizing weapons, or manipulating the camera in some way to see them, as this is
the Easter Egg Hunter. In the city of Lungfishopolis, a part of Double Fine Productions
2005 platform title Psychonauts, you’ll eventually arrive at Skyscraper Island. (electronic music) Where to the north, you
can find this building. One, you should be able to climb to around floors seven to eight, whereby then moving the camera towards the mountain, the camera
will clip through it, and reveal this secret image. (electronic music) Which was hidden by environment
designer Fred Selker, who decided to pop in a
picture of his girlfriend. (electronic music) (energetic music) And it was in Rockstar
Norths GTA Vice City that they too decided
to tuck away an image in a similar manner, that also required the use of a camera
passing through a barrier, in order to reveal it’s Easter egg. Is in the Ammu-Nation
Store, positioned down town in the business sector of
Vice City, and by climbing up on top of the mannequin
heads upon the shop counter, facing the street,
equipping the rocket launcher and activating the first person mode, and turning around to face to that wall, will unveil a poster
featuring former Soviet Union politician Mikhail Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan. (lively music) But, even more bizarrely, it was in BioWare’s third person shooter in MDK2 that someone
on the development team opted to use a sky box
in level 4, checkpoint C, as a means of hiding secret images, along with various derogatory captions amongst the stars. However, from players
standard point of view, it is impossible to see
them, unless of course you opt for the sniper, zoom right in, and continually scan your weapon across the night sky. (electronic music) However, some developers and
designers had other ideas, such as hiding secret messages instead, and in inaccessible places like here, in chapter five of Valve
Software’s Half-Life Opposing Force is immediately
after level initiates simply no clip through the floor with the added addition of the night vision mode to help us locate an unreachable room that lurks just below
the surface of the map, and that contains this message that reads what are you doing in my entity room? (electronic music) And, as Gordon Freeman
travels deeper into the Caves of the Guardian in chapter two Half-Life Two, episode
two, and roams the narrow dark, slimy and creepy passageways, you will at one point
reach a ledge that leads to a path that is
impossible to climb up to, and is completely blocked
off at the other end. Yet applying no clip and heading up to it, you can eventually find this. (electronic music) A message that is particularly reminiscent of those classic one liners you can find in the Duke Nukem series, especially from Duke Nukem 3D. (electronic music) But, when it comes to Halo Reach, there is one secret hidden out of bounds that has never been
fully explained as to why it was even there. Because by plotting the mission known as Lone Wolf for a few seconds, exiting out, and replaying the footage in theater mode, and rewinding it all the
way to the beginning, oddly, you’ll find yourself way out of the map, and a long
way from the typical starting position, then by pressing B and Y, you can now take hold of
the camera and are free to explore the map even
further, where you can find this Master Chief statue. (electronic music) Which some say, is just an Easter egg, while others speculate, saying it was perhaps a place holder for John-117 meant for a more major
appearance in the game as opposed to the tiny glimpse of him you see at the end of the
level, the Pillar of Autumn. While others say it was perhaps just used as a comparative tool. And for our final Easter egg that includes a second look at MDK 2, it appears that the developer
images weren’t the only things loitering way out of bounds, as in level seven at
checkpoint E, and just before a major Bossfight,
there is a secret castle to be found, and the
only means of reaching it is by following an invisible
path that is located to the right of the starting position, and can only be revealed by peppering it with bullets, almost like
something straight out of Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade. (Electronic music) After navigating carefully
along it for some time, a small square can be seen,
and that can be utilized to lift you way out of the map, leading you to a second
path, and on to that hidden castle, and another secret image. (electronic music) (gentle music)

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  1. Wht about GTA 3 the car park with the message behind the wall YOU KNOW YOU WERN'T SUPPOSED TO BE ABLE TO GET BACK HERE

  2. That one with Reagan and Gorbachev makes no sense. I’m pretty sure that they were good friends and Gorbachev went to Reagan’s funeral

  3. You are such an underrated channel, because what you do takes a lot of time. I think you deserve to be over a million subs

  4. Not sure if this counts as an easter egg, but in Ratchet and Clank 3 there were Turboslider races planned, one of which being on the game second level, Florana. If you use a moonjump code on Florana, you can actually find remnants of one of the Turboslider tracks.

  5. It didn't have any "Easter eggs" per say unless you count flying to Cybertron, but in Transformers War for Cybertron (I played it on the Xbox not sure if the other consoles did this) there's a mode called Escalation (I think that was the name of the mode, it's basically the horde/wave gameplay where you just try to stay alive as long as possible)

    Anyways if you pick one of the Jet characters (But not the one with a very large piece on it's back booster) on a certain map (I forget the name but it's basically this sealed in area where you can see Space/Cybertron outside) and you take the jet character to a specific part of the map and fly into a corner, you're able to fly out of the map and into Space.

    Here's a video of it

  6. In halo reach that little mode is for cut scene animations and it’s rendered down in scale to offer a smooth frame rate

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  8. 7:38 First of all, sorry for polish language.
    Second, I don't know what to say about this image. Except for one thing that only polish people will understand.

  9. Here is an hidden message

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    Find 666,a bird and k 3×

  10. I think the halo reach easter egg was a test model that was out of bounds so that way they could plan what one of the future characters of the halo series or in just halo reach and yeah

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  12. I'm sad. I think i've watched every video on game easter eggs. No video i watch has anything new anymore just the same easter eggs i already know about. Someone, go find some no ones PLEASE.

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