Video Game Competition: Mario’s Revenge (S01E4)
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Video Game Competition: Mario’s Revenge (S01E4)

September 9, 2019

*Gumbino Intro* Person on TV: And now time for another 24-hour marathon of Dragon Ball Revolution (Oh God No) Mario: Ugh, I can’t take this anymore. I got to get outta here somehow. Hey, guards! I really need to use the restroom. Guard 1: Yeah, right. What kind of fools do you take us for? You’re eliminated. There’s absolutely no restroom breaks for you to have. Mario: All right, fine by me. I’ll just pee in my overalls. Guard 2: Ughhhhhh come on, or he’ll just be bothering us all day Guard 1: We’ll take you to the restroom then it’s right back to the Dora the Explorer marathons for you Guard 2: You better not try anything fishy *rekt* Toad: Videogame characters from all over the world compete for a chance to win the grand prize the winner He gets a special surprise chosen by you guys the viewers. And the losers? Well, let’s just say things don’t work out very well for the losers Welcome everyone… To The Videogame Competition Gumbino: This episode was sponsored by Langrisser Mobile Langrisser is a tactical role-playing video game that has classic turn-based strategic battles with tactical deaths Once you download the game You’ll be able to choose your destiny by upgrading one of the many multiple class upgrade paths Then you can embark on a magical quest for the legendary sword in an all-new Original story where you can slay epic bosses with your friends in real-time battles with stunning anime art style soundtrack and a fully voiced storyline You probably already heard of a similar game called Fire Emblem heroes, but if you haven’t then what are you doing with your life? But if you have heard about Fire Emblem heroes Then you know how fun these type of games can be but probably didn’t like how crap the game’s interface and map look Lagrisser Mobile’s maps are much larger than Fire Emblem heroes 6×9 vertical screen the maximum ratio for language, sir Mobile maps would reach up to 24 by 29 which also means the interface is a lot less cramped Langrisser Mobile also builds on the elements which includes hero leveling and character progression Which means each playthrough will have unique events increasing replayability with so many heroes to recruit Magra sir Also has the famous hero transfer and upgrade system where players can customize their team with different classes to create unique and versatile scene Combinations I don’t even know if I should trust you with that much power goodness Download Langrisser Mobile today by clicking the link in the description and enjoy the brand-new episode of the videogame competition Toad: Welcome back everyone! Last challenge we asked the viewers to decide who should get eliminated out of Kirby, Link, Sonic or Wario Drumroll, please! The next contestant voted to be eliminated is… Wario, with a 75% vote to get eliminated by viewers at home! Wario: Eliminated, huh? You really think I came this far just to get eliminated. You guys want me gone? Come and get me! Mr. Announcer! Toad/Mr.Announcer: What, what’s wrong? Guard 2: It’s Mario, he’s gone! What? Guard 1: He tricked us and escaped the elimination room! Toad: He can’t have gone far. If we hurry maybe we can catch him before he gets too far. Guard 1: That’s not all! We found this outside the door on our way here! Mario (via recording): Good morning, Toad. If you’re watching this, chances are you already know I escaped, and you’re probably trying to find where I am. Don’t worry, I’ll let you know. Toad (dumbfounded): Wow, how dumb can he be? Mario: But before I tell you, I like to show you a little someone you might know (Rip Luigi) Kirby: That’s Luigi! How’d managed to get him? Mario: You’re probably asking yourself: How *did* I manage to get Luigi? Simple. After I escaped the elimination room, I followed you guys to Freddy’s Pizzaria I got in without any of you noticing. (Door Slam) Mario: And right when the opportunity presented itself… *jumpscare followed by gunshot* Luigi: Mario?! Mario: You’re coming with me, Luigi… I was able to get a hold of him. Link: Did literally no one notice he was gone until now?! Toad: Did you notice? Link: Of course I did! I just thought he was sick and couldn’t make it today or something. Mario: I’m gonna make this short I’ll give you guys Luigi, If you bring me the dimwit with the Pokemon. Toad: Red? Mario: You guys have 24 hours to bring him to me. I’ll be waiting for you all… (tape ends) Toad: That’s the end of the tape… Guard 1: So what are we gonna do? Toad: To be honest, I don’t know why he would think we’d go all the way to him, just to trade Red for Luigi… But I mean… They’re brothers anyways, I’m sure he won’t do anything to him, but this could be a chance to kill two birds with one stone! All right, everyone! Get ready! Today’s challenge will be a solo mission So you won’t be teamed up this time. Each of you will try to retrieve Mario at all costs. Whoever successfully manages to subdue him, and rescue Luigi will win the challenge! And the rest of you will be voted to be eliminated by the viewers! Megaman: But how would we know where he is? Toad: It’s Mario, where else would he be? DK: Princess Peach’s castle. Toad: Exactly! I’ll have a portal there ready outside. Let’s go everyone! Bowser: You and I both know as soon as this ordeal is over they’ll get right back at trying to send you to that elimination room. Wario: They can try, but they won’t be able to succeed. Bowser: I have a better alternative. Remember that deal I told you about? With them gone, this would be the perfect chance to steal the grand prize! Wario: As tempting as it is, I’ll pass. Bowser: Fine if you help me I’ll share half of it with you. *Wario laughs* Wario: Now you’re talking! *Bowser laughs as well* *p e r f e c t…* *Super Mario 64 final boss theme* *everyone coming through the portal* Megaman: So this is Princess Peach’s castle, huh? Fancy. Kirby: What happened to the rest of the contestants? Sonic: No clue, but good luck losing the challenge with all you just loitering around. I’m going in there ASAP *everyone else follows* *sudden greenscreen* Sonic: Luigi? Luigi: Sonic… You came to save me. Sonic: Don’t worry Luigi… You know I always got your back. *Music gets more ominous as Mario appears behind Sonic* *BONK* *DED* Mario: Nice try… Kirby: SONIC!!! Mario: Y O U..! Give me the kid with the red hat and I’ll let you guys free! Link: Just give him what he wants guys! (Wow really Link?) DK: Mario, this is nonsense, I know you’re not a bad guy. Mario: You guys won’t make it easy for us huh… Luigi! Get rid of them! Luigi: Yes, Mario… Kirby: What?! You’re working *with* him Luigi?!?! *boss battle type music starts* Luigi: Sorry guys, as much as I don’t want to see Mario win… He’s still my brother. Link: I can’t believe this… DK: Mario’s escaping! Kirby: Oh no he’s not! *Red badassly pulls out a pokeball* *Charizard Roars* Link: Did Red just use his Pokemon?! Luigi: Whatever! There’s no way they’ll be able to stop Mario. DK: We gotta find a way to get past Luigi and join up with Kirby and the others. Link: Just leave it to me! Boss Fights are my specialties. Megaman: Hehe, it’s my specialty as well sort of. Luigi: Bring it on! Kirby: MARIO! This isn’t like you Mario! You’re supposed to be the hero not the villain! Mario (enraged): SHUT UP! DO YOU KNOW HOW IT FEELS TO GET *ELIMINATED* FROM A COMPETITION FOR REASONS OUT OF YOUR CONTROL?!?!?! Kirby: I understand your frustration Mario, but- Mario (still enraged): You’ll *never* understand! I’m *Mario* I’m supposed to be *number one* in EVERYTHING I do! Mario (calmed down but still vengeful): But I thank you for bringing me the exact person I wanted… I can finally get my revenge on this kid… *Giant Mario Roars* *Charizard Roars too* *Epic grudge match begins* *Fireball Charge* *Other Fireball Charge* *BOOSH* *BOOSH* *the silence is real* *BIG EXPLOSION* *ded Mario* *Pokeball catch noise* Kirby: Red! You did it! You captured Mario! Megaman: Hey guys! DK: Were you able to stop Mario? Kirby: Yeah, Red caught him. Looks like you guys were able to apprehend Luigi as well DK: It was all thanks to Link and Megaman Kirby: Really? Wow, I’m impressed You can actually do more than just complain (roast) Link: Obviously, I’m the chosen hero of Hyrule! DK: I’d say this as a mission complete. Kirby: This is indeed, a mission complete. Good job, everyone Toad: It looks like Red was able to stop Mario. And Link & Megaman were able to stop Luigi. Which means they are free from being eliminated next round So I want you guys the viewers to vote or comment down below who you’d like to eliminate out of Luigi, Kirby, Sonic, and Donkey Kong. Or, if you’d like no-one to be eliminated this round Thank you guys for watching. I’ll see you January 1st On the Video Game Competition [Epic Outro Music] *Regular Outro time* Subtitles by Vegeta-Sama and others if they want to change things

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