VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 3
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VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 3

August 18, 2019

I just realized that! Welcome back to another “Visual Effects Artists react:” video. You guys have probably seen those videos where like, professionals react to videos pertaining to their career. And we wanted to do the same thing because visual effects are super cool, and sometimes they’re really bad. Clint: ”The Matrix” is one of my favorite movies of all time. I can quote this entire movie. So the matrix is honestly is what inspired me to start getting into visual effects because they had a pretty small effects team all things considered, and it was just really genius application of technology that made it good. Alright- this shot- right here Aww! Such a revolutionary shot! I love that shot makes my heart flutter- and the matrix is one of the first films to kind of… pull off one of these shots where the camera is just this virtual object that can move anywhere it wants at any speed hey, you guys want to hear something that might blow your mind?- and you too? This background is a hundred percent CG So you’re saying the only thing that’s real in that entire shot is the Keanu? The Keanu Reeves is the only real thing In that entire shot. So the way they did this shot instead of taking one camera and moving it through a circle Just put a camera At each a position where there be a frame and just hit a button and they all take a picture at once Or at least slightly offset from each other in this case. Look at that. Look at the spacing of those cameras they knew the speed at which they wanted to have the camera flying around certain moments and they built that into the spacing of the Cameras, I just realized that I always I always assumed that they were evenly spaced There’s more frames here in the spin than there are cameras What they actually need to do is basically do a little mini morphs to get the frames in between the cameras. So you basically have a low frame rate version and then you go through to do frame interpolation, It’s called which is this just morphing from frame to frame to fill in those in-betweens. You can actually see those artifacts in his cape? His jacket. NIKO: Oh, yeah. WREN: If you really look at like the folds and whatnot They do kind of like morph between each other on certain frames now. Here’s the thing. So they build a big green screen room There’s all these little holes, you know where the cameras are pointed through they filmed Keanu Reeves on a green screen What happens when you’re doing a 360 rig and you’re on one side of the rig looking at the other side of the rig? You see all the cameras! WREN: See all the cameras. So they had to recreate the background in CG Now, this is a problem in 1999 because you don’t have the capabilities to make photorealistic CG and yet here we are with a photorealistic background So why is it photo real, Niko? So the trick that they came up with was: Hey Let’s just go to our actual set, we’ll literally just take pictures of it as is with all the lighting Already baked in the shadows already there and we’ll just use that as a texture and that’s it most people don’t notice this but when Trinity does her kick the background is 100% CG and When Agent Smith and Neo jump at each other and they’re holding the guns in the subway The background is also 100% CG in those shots. If you want to remake this shot yourself All you’d have to do is get a bunch of cameras there wouldn’t be expensive ones some green-screen poster board and an actor who flops And there you go. It takes some work, but it’s by all means something that’s doable one person could recreate this effect shot these days Wonky looking he looks like he has like cotton stuff underneath his lips. He’s like, hey, I’m Superman. So, okay What actually happened here is they filmed the Justice League Henry Henry Cavill or Henry Cavill? Henry! Filmed superman and then he goes on to film Mission Impossible where he has this really cool-looking mustache, right? but during the filming of that movie they had to do reshoots for Superman they wouldn’t let him shave his mustache. He’s contractually obligated to have a mustache Can you imagine signing a contract? It says you have to have a mustache? At the end of the day this is just like movie studios Just like flexing at each other being like, oh no, we have a contract saying he can’t shave his mustache So what are you gonna do? And they’re like I guess we’ll CG it? They had to straight-up Recreate his entire mouth match it as best they could and then just composite the the render over his mustache But then you have to blend it further in so you end up having to use more fake face than the real face to make it all work together and then you end up with basically a mostly fake mouth. The hardest thing to Recreate about the face is the lips. It looks like bad. It’s not that bad sir. This scene is actually pretty solid Oh this one. I’ve seen this one *Clint screams. Niko laughs.* The corners of his mouth don’t like fold in on each other correctly. Yeah, that looks weird It’s too smooth its way too smooth and it stretches weird Do you think they took his mustache and like? Combed it up and then combed down and just like got us like they just crunched it together as much as possible yeah, so this is another example of where someone did a deep fake over the top of this and it looks better he fix our Pretty interesting technology. The next video coming out on this channel is austex parenting with deep fakes if you’d like to check that out consider subscribing That’s great I’m seeing some blurry I can see why they had issues in the corners of the mouth because the mustache overlaps the corners of the Mouth and that’s a bit tricky because you’re dealing with two folds of muscle and skin coming together It just looks like the guy on the left. Just got out of a dental exam. You’re right. You’re right You got no cane flowing through his system. He’s our little bit Is this real life Cooper room? Oh Man oh man Okay One of my favorite movies Pacific Rim had probably the coolest Aesthetic of any movie I’ve ever seen wait Guillermo del Toro’s use of color I can literally talk about Pacific Rim for days Every shot was filmed in a way as if it was actually achieved in real life All the camera moves are as if they’re on a dolly or a helicopter or someone’s holding it looking up at the robots There are no like CG cameras flying all over the place and that makes these giant super unrealistic things seem more real So that shot we just saw there going through the office building and then hitting Newton’s Cradle, that’s a pretty cool shot They filmed that for real on a miniature set. Wait, that’s not VFX. You’re right It’s not they created an office building like third scale maybe That’s why it looked so good cuz it’s real The only thing they added in that was digital was the fist and like all the connecting stuff around the fist in the background now It is worth noting that the cradle wouldn’t actually react that way this movie doesn’t care about physics that much But okay the reason why I wanted to bring up this movie is to compare it to the abysmal second movie oh we’re going there You’re not missing out dude, it was just such a disappointment tiny monsters, I don’t Like this has like one of those ethereal cameras where it moves without any sort of relation to real space Which works for some movies it obviously works for the matrix but this is an example where you don’t want to do that because it just kind of Reinforces the idea that the fake things you’re seeing are actually fake. Yeah, and I’m just watching an animated film Look at this camera move here It’s a digital camera move and it’s just like flying between each of the jaegers as they are like powering up their weapons Yeah, and it’s like the robots look cool, I guess in the second movie also noticed that the jaegers are Faster than the Eggers from the first movie and that also serves as a disadvantage for making them look realistic What made the jaegers from the first movie looks so good is the fact that they were so slow they’re just like mmm, and the second movie like The bigger you get the slower you move because you have all these obstacles in your way like air and what? you have to move really slowly and that really Accentuates the fact that they’re huge if you want your miniatures to look big you have to shoot them in slow motion imagine you’re standing on top of the Empire State Building and you drop a rock ten second stay at the ground now imagine you have a ten foot model of the Empire State Building and you drop a rock off of that if it you want it to look the Same size. You would need to slow down time for that rock to take ten seconds to hit the ground And so that’s the kind of math to do in filming miniatures They change the frame rate to make you record slower to make the physics Move at the same speed as they would if it was a lot bigger Do you guys want to see the best miniature explosions you’ve ever seen? Salvation yeah You wouldn’t think Terminator Salvation would have the best miniature explosion but these are by far the best miniatures I’ve ever seen whoa so they they time the shockwaves with other explosives so that things all fall apart at the exact time that should Because obviously your manager is not gonna have enough force to blow things way with a shock wave watch this There’s an explosion for when it hits the ground. Boom. See that that timing is nuts You don’t think it’s just like a master behind his like board and just like baaah In True Lies I was like How did they blow up this massive bridge and how did this car just plummet into the ocean and it was with the miniatures? That’s real right there it’s incredible I can see the bridge it’s coming come on Yes, yes, yes And it hits that air and the truck frickin lands it on the other side of the bridge. Yeah Man, good it’s a boy. That’s right. I forgot about the pelican dude James Cameron with the goofs, man I think we’ve had enough of shots that we really enjoy it’s time to look at something that no one enjoys. Woah, woah Oh god The baby that’s on the baby’s face Why is it’s it’s too mature for his age So far like all the shots looking down at the baby aren’t that bad but past when we first see the baby Oh my gosh, that was that was hard corn. Candy Valley Also, there’s like way too much fake right there on the baby Yeah, look at it’s like days clearly lit like we’re different direction and they’re like, they’re adding fake shadowing and lamer lighting Is it worth going to children of men baby wait you’re saying that baby’s not usually there that’s been lately computer-generated yes They’ve got a really good. It’s really good. One thing to keep in mind is the lighting helps a lot all the details are kind of hidden in the shadows and it makes it look more realistic because it matches the scene the animation is Fantastic, the animation is really good. That looks like a frickin newborn baby. Someone had a hand animate that every finger every Fold god no that was you see I had no idea. That was a CG, baby Oh Hi, this is the criss-cross crisis like the one redeeming scene to the whole movie wardrobe she didn’t make it. Oh This is pretty crazy because I get the perspective on her head right when it falls off. Oh, that was good Super well done. That was good stylized. So is that a computer-generated head when I think they I think they had a head model They just projected the texture of her head onto it So projecting the texture from your footage onto a CG model and then you can just have that CG model Brooke I think what what happened here is they just asked the actress to slowly turn her head and then dip it down I think so. Yeah because look her ear comes into frame, right? It’s clearly like rode the bun, you know And then they dip her head forward and it’s just a clean cut. They animate the head down I think he might be right Clint So like that’d be the easiest and cheapest way because they’re doing it they’re doing this effect when the camera stops so they orbit around her head, they stop the camera and now it’s easy to do all your stuff on just a Tripod shot basically. So what’s this crisscross shot? You keep describing just wait for it All right, is it he’s yeah, he’s gonna do it. I got this. What is he gonna do is either like wrestle with it? oh crap, criss-cross fries deactivated too late Some strange animation on that that looks really cool look at the seer line. Yeah, the close up on his face looks really good. Oh Look at the way the I do like that. Oh, yeah, that’s really nice. The laser-light working out. Yeah Yeah, watch as I melt though. Oh The whites are running in his eyes like it’s an egg And it immediately falls apart once we start seeing like all the little pieces the first part of that shot before it rack focuses to her in the background looks Great. Yeah, and now it’s the physics. It’s like that little chunk falls off and then it kind of just kind of floats there Yeah, well, you’re right. It looks like it should just tumble off instead it goes dude Yeah, I just think the execution of the piece is falling apart doesn’t look that great agreed So, you know who did that shot way better Freddie and Brandon that looked really cool So he’s chopping Freddie into hundreds of slices and pieces here. Dude, all those blood particles shooting out on every single slice Oh, that’s cool. That’s pretty sweet example of projection mapping where the projection mapped Freddie onto a model It’s lined up and then anything that didn’t get the projection map of Freddie’s exterior is just a meat interior You can see Freddie’s hand though Go from individual fingers to just a mitten and you can see the texture mapping really well on it. Oh, yeah Right pops and ooh up into an inflatable glove, but it’s a good transition. I hate it they faded He does like a crossfade. This was a great shot great shot There’s a whole thing like effects when you’re watching them in motion in context versus effects broken down frame by frame played over and over and over and over again and most of the little things like that where his hand went ballooned into a little Inflatable projection map you don’t have to get it pixel perfect because we don’t have time and no one’s gonna know Duncan knows You know what we should do. We should react to some of our videos in a future video You’re gonna get our best and worst VFX For that and now check this out we have Curated a special playlist of a bunch of our favorite videos from last year that we think you might enjoy having watched this whole VFX React series. So check out these new videos linked down in the description or you can click this link right here It’ll take you to several of these videos. They’re great. And we think you might enjoy them

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  4. 7:25 I think it might have something to do with the square-cube law. The force of a muscle scales with the square of linear dimensions (cross sectional area) but mass increases with the cube of linear dimensions.

    So imagine a person swings their arm. Their muscles provide force 'f' to move a mass 'm' and it takes some amount of time 't' to move a distance 'd'. So d = 0.5(f/m)t^2 or t = √ (2dm/f)
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    T = √ (2DM/F) = √ (8dm/f) = 2√ (2dm/f) = 2t (The 2x upscaled person takes twice as long to cover the same range of motion)

    Also the way things move depends a lot on gravity since the downward stroke of any movement will just let gravity take over. In this case t = √ (2d/g) and doubling the dimensions leaves 'g' unchanged so

    T = √ (4d/g) = (√ 2)√ (2d/g) = approx 1.4t (The 2x upscaled person takes about 1.4 times as long to fall the same relative distance)

    Of course, reality is messier but these facts might be the reason for our intuition that bigger things should be more ponderous.

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