Verhofstadt: Brexit is ‘not an adieu, only an au revoir’
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Verhofstadt: Brexit is ‘not an adieu, only an au revoir’

February 6, 2020

It is indeed a sad issue,
sad to see a nation leaving, a great nation, that [to] all of us
have given so much. I mean culturally, I mean economically,
I mean politically, even its own blood in two world wars. It’s in fact, sad to see a country leaving
that twice liberated us, twice given is blood to liberate Europe. [applause] But that doesn’t mean that we don’t
have a responsibility to make sure that the union to which they will return
will be an other union effective and more democratic. So and that’s my last sentence as
an upper third, Mr president. [applause] Thank you for the support. So this vote is not an adieux,
this vote, Mr president, is, in my opinion, only an au revoir. Thank you very much. [applause]

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  1. The main purpose of those who truly lead the 'EU' is to destroy the culture of the countries, the tradition, the identity, the origins, the governments and the borders and all to be governed by a single government. so congratulations UK for regaining their sovereignty and country for their citizens!

  2. According to the voting results, I think the British people are saying "See you later suckers". Time will tell how it pans out. The first few years will definitely be painful.

  3. No one blame but yourself. Should of kept it an exclusive club rather than a back street brothel that only cared about cheap labor and money.

  4. If you played the whole thing he claimed giving UK too much leeway was the problem he wants less freedom for member states. They still don't get it. They are a bunch of overpaid do nothings in an expensive talking shop which is a front for the real law making eurocrats to hide behind.

  5. Rejoin? When the UK thrives outside the Union they'll be more than a few countries willing to dump the euro and follow the UKs example…

  6. He is most likely right especially with so much of the younger generation supporting remain. and feeling betrayed by the older generation who it won't affect as much, when the younger generations takes charge there most likely will be a push to rejoin

  7. I think it's more likely countries will leave the EU and join the Commonwealth instead when they see our glorious return to prosperity.

  8. At some point, and unless the eventual trade deal negotiated still means Britain funds the EU with billions, the EU will have to face up to how it will operate with a serious shortfall in funding. The reality is that Britain nett contributes more than any other nation within the EU given that Germany trades far more with mainland Europe than Britain and has more to gain from the free market.
    We are not talking about an Ireland, Portugal, Spain, or Greece leaving the EU but Britain. The EU has potentially lost not only its cash cow but much of the moral compass and legitimacy provided by Britain's membership.

  9. So happy to leave the vile Union that is anti democratic and anti working class. Britain is the only country(s) to stand up to these controlling bullies. To Remaners who can't accept the result – well bwahahaha nobody cares what you cretins think, you can rot in the flames of hell a long with that vile Union. Also Europeans spongers who live and sometimes work in Britain – shut your mouths you ungrateful turds or simply leave – we can now start to train our own people so your vile views on the British counts for nothing. Tally ho, we're having a party up North lol.

  10. What major economy would accept such a price for free trade when the world and his Goat have access to the Single market for a very reasonable 3 – 4% tariff.?…… Ain't never gonna happen Pedo boy!

  11. When 🦄 can't be found and trade deals secured are weaker than ever before, making living standards lower despite all the new tax havens helping the rich. The UK will beg to have any deal to rejoin the EU rather than having the best deal inside the EU it has up till Friday.

    The UK will drop out of the elite and the break up of the union awaits as this was the will of the few and not the many..

    The 435 million members of the EU will be ok. 66 million will take a hit and can only blame themselves everytime they get knocked down and can't get up again.. enjoy bending over to the big boys

  12. Au revoir? When will this arrogant plonker understand, the majority of British voters are laughing their socks off at him.

  13. The day that England lost itself Europe and ushered the now all but certain end of the UK. This tragic act of self sabotage will be remembered in history books as a dire warning about the dangers of extremism.

  14. This Belgian simpleton just doesn't get it, we're gone and I doubt the EU will be around long enough for a rejoin campaign.

    We crushed the remoaners and the Graun into the dirt. 👍😃

  15. @Guy Verhofstadt, dit is het begin van het einde en dat doet de deur dicht in Brussel en in Straatsburg, Nigel Farage gaf het nog maar eens aan in zijn laatste EU speech, 2005 het jaar dat zowel Frankrijk als Nederland NEE zeiden tegen de EU grondwet middels een referendum, maar waarbij zowel de bevolking van Frankrijk als die van Nederland door list en bedrog gegijzeld bleven binnen die walgelijke heilstaat EU!
    De EU was niks, is niks en gaat ook nooit wat worden, Nexit Nu!

  16. Bit late for all that sentiment now. Maybe had they been this sentimental back in 2016 we would still be members. Au due to you and you and you

  17. People of the UK, I congratulate you on your full freedom. You did it! So Mexico has its Cinco De Mayo and the United Kingdom has its 31st of January to celebrate. Make it a holiday with beers 🍻 and fill the pubs and be waving your Union Jacks for you have given hope to other nations in Europe to break away and reclaim their cultural identity. You even gave hope to us Apaches.

  18. No no Guy; this is most definately ADEU. Get it through your thick EU head. ADEU, forever and ever. Britain has left the building. Here endeth the lesson 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  19. Verhofstadt is, simply speaking, a self-serving money grubbing politician, who works
    for himself and no one else. Very unpalatable.

  20. Guy reminds me of Palpatine when he says "I love democracy". What a goddamn snake, I would not be surprised if he started shooting force lightning from his fingertips.

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