Vasalopps-TV 26 februari 2015
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Vasalopps-TV 26 februari 2015

December 6, 2019

Vasalopps–TV is presented by: Volkswagen. Stadium. Preem. Idre fjäll. My name is Teodor Peterson and
I wish all skiers good luck today. Try to find your own
pace in the beginning– –and enjoy the first slope,
then you can push– –the last 20–30 kilometres.
Good luck! Hello and welcome.
We will hear more from Teodor later. A new winter week is here
and we all enjoy that. And now over to
Vasaloppets finish line. –At last, Anders.
–Yes, it’s time for this week. We have been preparing a lot– –and the snow is here as you see
and we have officials– –that are ready to receive
the first participants. There will soon be
a lot of people by the finish line. Sponsors and partners are here– –and also the organisers
that have been longing for this. –Is everything well in hand?
–I get that question a lot. I can give you a positive answer
thanks to a great organisation. It’s crowded in the exhibition tent– –which is a natural place to meet
during this week. We are in the heart
of the exhibition at Vasaloppet. We have more exhibitors this year. Quite a few of them are new. –This is where the action is.
–A meeting place beside the tracks– –for participants and visitors. About 40 % of our visitors
are not skiers. Besides exhibitors,
we hand out the numbers. We have sporting goods,
a restaurant and a ski wax shop. There’s a new thing this year
concerning the numbers. The new thing is our project
live packing. We have all material, and partially
produce some of it here– –when the participants arrive,
instead of prepacked envelopes. –Why do you do this?
–We see some advantages. It’s good for the economy
and the environment. We can reduce the quantity
of printed matters. We are aiming at the starting skiers
instead of registered skiers. –How is it working?
–This is the first day. And we have opened in Sälen
so we are full of expectations. I’m satisfied so far. –What do the skiers say?
–I have mostly talked to officials. They say that this is good.
The participants like it too. They see the whole process. It’s clear to them.
“I have got my chip and my bag.” It’s obvious for them what we do. We will soon talk about waxing,
but first some traffic information. There will be a lot of traffic from
Mora to Älvdalen during Kortvasan. We hope that drivers going north or
south will use alternative routes– –and avoid Mora. Participants need to be in good time
to reach the start. During the race, respect all signs
and traffic wardens– –so the traffic will flow easily.
Good luck and take care. It’s time for a ski waxing lesson
from Swix before Kortvasan. It can be tricky. Both meteorologists
and track officials say– –that the tracks can be loose.
I have tested and they were hard. They will mill the tracks
and some snow will fall. So be prepared for difficult
conditions and loose tracks. The guys that tested grip today– –say that we should use klister wax
due to the difficult conditions. If you start a bit earlier
you can use universal silver. If you start around twelve and later
I would recommend– –to use a regular klister
for wetter conditions. We start with a spray. That will
make the klister more resistant. Then a thin layer of regular klister.
For skis with a bigger arching– –you can put on a bit thicker,
but thinner on regular skis. For the glide we recommend
a warmer paraffin wax, LF8. An alternative for competitive
skiers is HF8BW. It’s tricky to wax.
What do you say about the tracks? It will be tricky tomorrow.
It’s loose and there will be snow. Some wet snow,
so the conditions will be tough. What are you doing
when preparing the tracks? We have been adding snow
to some parts– –and we will wait until tonight
before we do anything more. Thanks Jan and hello Johan.
What do you say about Kortvasan? It feels good and I hope we will get
some degrees below zero– –that will give us as nice tracks
as possible out there. I wish that alls kiers take it easy
and come in good time to the start. Out in the tracks I hope
you can ski in your own tempo– –and have a good experience– –and reach the finish
after a nice day on the skis. Sounds good. The environment
is a central thing this year– –and over to
the check point in Eldris. Now we are in Eldris, Monika.
What’s new this year? This year we have removed
the garbage zones. This year the skiers are not allowed– –to throw any garbage
between the check points. Here at Vasaloppet
and everywhere else in Sweden– –the legal right of access
to private land is valid– –and that’s why we can’t
throw any garbage. Why do you do this? We want this to be a safe place
for all participants. We want to offer a safe
and a clean arena. –Any advice to the skiers?
–Enjoy your race. The garbage from the things
in their waist bags– –should be put back in the bag
and brought to the finish. We will follow the environmental
aspects during the week. –Is everything okay?
–Yes, I’m fine. We have had some snow.
That’s good. Do you have any advice
for the skiers in Kortvasan? Well, don’t start to fast. There’s
a tough slope in the beginning. Keep your own pace and maybe
you can find some other skiers– –that you can cooperate with
on the flat parts. If you start too fast
the last 10 kilometres will be tough. –Is it easy to do that?
–Yes, I think so. I usually try to keep up
with the strongest skiers– –and after a while you understand
that it was a bad decision. It’s better to ski in your own speed
in the beginning. Later on you can follow others
skiing in the same speed. You have some experiences from
this week, but it’s clashing with WC. What do you feel when you are
around Sälen and Mora? The season is drawing near the end– –and the most important races
are done– –and there are a lot of happy
recreational skiers here. It’s a great atmosphere
and everyone is exited. It’s something to enjoy.
It’s a great party. –When will you ski here next time?
–Maybe next year. If I get some time between
the other races. I hope so. –Good luck.
–Thanks. That’s all for now. Welcome
and good luck in the tracks.

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