Varun Dhawan plays cricket ft. Sachin Tendulkar | Varun Dhawan

September 29, 2019

Would you like to play? I would love to play sir. Come on. Lets play. would you like to bat or bowl? I think everyone will enjoy watching you bat. No no this wicket is a bit dangerous. It’s uneven. I better not get out. He’s putting me under pressure. Are you going to work today or you’re just going to play? What’s happening? How are you? Lovely lovely. All good? His son smacks me all over the ground. How are you? This is really stressful. Feeling like a dream. Add to silly points. 11 runs? How do we make the runs? One tip one hand is out. That’s a six. We’ll give you the scoring. No no. Now you have six balls. Okay but you’ll give me the scoring. I’ll be fair. It’s a tight game.

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