VanMoof Bike Hunt Report – November
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VanMoof Bike Hunt Report – November

December 15, 2019

– This time we learn a lesson in never giving up hope and leave a
message for the bike thieves. We made a promise. If your VanMoof is stolen, we have two weeks to hunt it down and return it to you, or we’ll replace it. Here’s your monthly Bike Hunt Report. Hey, good afternoon! – Am I speaking with Suriname
international transport? Yes, that’s right. – I work for a bicycle
company named VanMoof. If a bike is stolen, anti-theft
security will be activated. That means, the bike is
sending us its location. We can see that there’s a
stolen bike in your shop. Which is ready to be
shipped to Suriname tonight. – Eus tracked down a bike to a post office and had to move quickly to stop
the bike from being shipped. That’s the bike! – He calls the manager and
the police are able to confirm the bike is stolen and they seize it before it’s too late. Thank you so much, hopefully
this won’t happen again haha. Left is the bell, right is the boost. This is it! – After completing a ton of
paperwork Eus went back to the brand store to reunite
the bike with its loving owner Antony. – I got it back! – Yeah! – I’m really attached
to it, since I got it attached to it. – Thank you! – Thanks Antony. – Over in New York Dan
is going after a stolen Electrified X. – We are in Brooklyn, right
in this side on the water and the bike as you can see
is last seen in this area right in Manhattan. – It’s -1 Celsius or 24 Fahrenheit. – No luck this time but
they won’t rest until it’s recovered. – Were gonna call it a day
but were not gonna give up. – Bike Hunters in San
Francisco hunted down a bike in the city. Hunting in those streets isn’t so easy but their luck and patience pays off. – Got another one back! Yeehaa! – I found a bike in my
backyard a few weeks ago and it hasn’t been moved ever since and I couldn’t find any frame number, there’s no frame number. And its not giving or
sending any signal out so we’re gonna see if it’s
stolen and hunt it down. – Eus had almost lost hope looking for a bike in Amsterdam when colleague Marjolein
spotted a VanMoof lurking in the shadows of her backyard. Right in the area where
Eus had been looking. – Here it is. – A white X. – Pressing, there’s no sound? – No, the battery is dead. – The battery is dead so
they went to charge it. – All right. – And sure enough the alarm sounds. It’s the stolen one. – Wooh! As easy as that! – Wooh. – Vanmoof has eyes everywhere. – Yes! – Very good! – Hey good job man. – High five. – Lets go. – Brice and Indigo have also been busy hunting in Amsterdam. – Check out the… – Nice. Easy as that bro! – hunting down bike after bike and leaving some messages for the thieves in biodegradable paint of course. – That’s how we do it. – That’s all for this
month see you next time for more bike hunting updates.

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  1. My lovely and about one year old Vanmoof bike was automatically reported as stolen while i have updated firmware and the activated location tracking does not work since August (!) 2019. I used the bike regularly, but only one location was saved in tracking history since then. Now the bike was stolen and I noticed the tracking does not work and they can´t do anything 🙁

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