Vancouver Olympics Biathlon WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES
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Vancouver Olympics Biathlon WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES

November 30, 2019

Wilster Olympic Park Medvedev: Quite. The Germans are
coming. Putin: No. It’s the Norwegians. Medvedev: When will these damn Vacouver
games end? How many lives has it destroyed?
How many were injured? Putin: Remember Chudov? Medvedev: He was a first class biathlonist. And he
played the harmonica so well. Putin: Exactly. Would’ve been better if could
shoot as well as he played the harmonica. Putin: Here that? They missed. It’s our
team Medvedev: Hard isn’t it, bro? Putin: It’s OK. It’s OK. Keep moving. Just
make it to the finishing line. Athlete: How about you? Medvedev: We … Putin: We’ll cover your back. Putin: For sure. We’ll cover Medvedev: And tell our team not to trust
Tigachev, he’s a traitor. Medvedev: That’s Bjorndalen Putin: Hold on. Wait until he comes
closer. [The End]

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  1. Yep, Germans would shoot back. That's why I respect German people.
    Just don't forget, Bismark warned never to make war with Russia.
    Perhaps we didn't win as many wars as Romans did – but we did crush quite a number of great empires, including 2 Great Reichs.
    Remember that, don't start a war against us – and we will be your best friends 🙂

  2. Чудовищно.Бьёрндален-великий спортсмен,а эти шуты соответсвуют только фальшиво-приторной передаче.Маски вроде знакомые,но от диалогов неудержимые рвотные спазмы.Это типа поднимание России с колен.Вот эти телепомои-"делание" России великой?Нехорошо.Стыдно.Стыдно и нехорошо.

  3. i am here in Syria and i would like to thank Putin and the great Russian people for supporting us and standing by our side against this conspiracy

  4. придурки стараются обосрать а народ всё больше уважает кто понимает всем врагам назло

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