Uvi Chair[Unboxing review-English subtitles]
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Uvi Chair[Unboxing review-English subtitles]

August 29, 2019

Hello everyone who watches this video here you see a package from UVI chair. In the package is an office chair which we received from UVI chair I suggest that we open the package and see what’s inside and then assemble it So this is the package. Aha these are armrests. Of course the most important part was for wheels. Backrest. It’s really comfortable. The lower part of the backrest. Cilindedr for adjusting the chair up and down. We also have screws and tools. And 2,4,5wheels. And that’s all what was in the box. Now let’s assemble it. Now chiar is assembled. I personally like him very well because he is comfortable. Leather is comfortable, i like it too, because it is leather if you spill food. You can just wipe it off. If it was fabric, you could not wipe it off from chair. If I was evaluate this chair, I’d give it to him, for its price. I would give it 9 out of 10. Nicely designed, comfortable. If we seat on it supports our back. Office chair is of is one of the most important things in your office. If you have a chair in your office, and if its not comfortable. I recommend you an UVI chair. In description you have a link to their website. They have chair like this on or a chair with more accessories. For affordable prices. So click on the link and take a look at their website. They are excellent company dealing with chairs which are really comfortable. Save 30% with code WBM. Thanks

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