Using the Carbon Express Archery Golf Kit
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Using the Carbon Express Archery Golf Kit

August 19, 2019

3Rivers Archery your longbow
and recurve experts. Hi, I’m Johnathan Karch with 3Rivers Archery.
Today we’re demonstrating the Carbon Express’ new kits for archery golf. This is an old
game that’s coming back. Carbon Express has a great little kit here made with
some very durable modern materials to it. There’s a universal bow. Great for the
whole family. Shoot left or right handed, enclosed rest, and it has some finger
savers on there pre-installed. Real easy to string like I said the whole family
can shoot it cuz it’s lightweight. The arrow it’s a hard rubber ball so not to
be shooting at people or animals because it will hurt and then the kit has the
the target with it which it folds down to about yay big. Very lightweight and
that can set it up anywhere also has a flag and has some mounting stakes he can
stick it in the ground and then there’s also some score cards and like I said a
flag that comes with it you can buy the kit with or without the bow you can buy
the arrow by itself and you can buy the bow by itself. Like I said the bow it’s
very inexpensive so it’s great thing to have especially if you’ve got young
people shooting are great for just regular shouldn’t only I don’t like what
the kit is that does not go through there. So it does make it a safety thing
once it’s set but you have to put the arrows or the arrow through does ruffle
the feathers but feathers are very easy to smooth the right back out and like I
said enclosed for those young shooters don’t it really gives some safety there.
So let’s shoot it see how we do and then I’m going to show you with a regular bow
that I have a 29 pounder with a fast flight string just to show you that you
can do this not just with their bow but with your bows too as long as they’re a
light weight. That’s an eagle the biggest thing to note when using
your own gear has to be lightweight. 30 pounds or less I believe, but the
arrow works just like you shoot your regular arrows watch your nock fitting and that, but anchor and shooting is all the same. Not an eagle, but at least par. I’m Johnathan Karch with 3Rivers Archery hope you liked this video. If you
did, please give it a thumbs up. If you have any questions or feedback please
comment below, and if you really enjoyed it share it with your friends with the
share button. I’m Johnathan Karch with 3Rivers Archery, have a good day.

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