Using a Bow for Striking and Parrying in Melee Combat?
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Using a Bow for Striking and Parrying in Melee Combat?

August 10, 2019

sometimes in movies and video games you see archers engage in melee combat where they strike and parry with a bow now aside from the obvious fact that it’s fantasy where anything can happen does this make any practical sense and realize the short answer no long answer no if you’re still there here’s the even longer answer so can you use a bow as an improvised melee weapon you can do all sorts of things to varying degrees of success obviously but could you get away with it on a historical battlefield or in a duel or even in a fantasy flight assuming that that fantasy scenario has any semblance of logic and physics and all of that so there are a few design features of a bow that really do not lend themselves well to use for striking and parrying in fact nothing about it really does now of course it depends a little bit on the shape of the individual bowls this one here is a Scythian horse bow which is particularly awkward to try to hold in any way for striking due to the pronounced recurve I’ve also got this longbow here is not an English style longbow it doesn’t have a very high draw weight but just for reference and then I’ve also got this PVC bow so this one here if you wanted to strike with it if you’re suddenly attacked after you’ve been using it as a bow and regularly for actually shooting arrows rather than other shenanigans then you don’t have time to take off the string now I’m going to talk about the unstrung condition as well later but chances are you’ll just have to use it as is if you don’t have a sidearm I mean obviously in history people wore sidearms you know be at a ace or even just a club a small mace a hatchet a variety of things really it a guru even if that’s the only thing you have but if you have to suddenly use this so how do you even hold this for strike in a way most people would probably expect this to work is by holding the bow in the center and then striking with the limbs like this now I almost forgot to even mention that in the video because it seems so counterintuitive to me so for one it’s because of the balance and I’ll talk about that later but it’s also since the limbs stick out equally on each side you cannot follow through properly so when doing this either you hit yourself in the chest like this or you have to really turn very far like that or you you hit yourself in the armpit or under the arm with the limbs and the string also gets in the way also with this little same problem in fact even worse because it’s longer so I’m even more likely to it myself I can’t even I can’t even do this at all really so this doesn’t work I’m getting back my cell phone you can forget about that pretty much I think this feels really awkward and the string gets in the way right where your wrist is if you were to flip this over this is a lot easier to use that way but of course at this point you’re basically striking with a string which is the least effective part of the entire thing this is flexible and it would be completely pointless you could try to strike with the tip of one of the limbs but for one this is the most likely to damage the bow any kind of striking of course is highly likely to damage the bow and this is the most obvious problem with that they’re just not built with striking in mind so you would very likely especially if you were to try to strike with the tip here it’s quite likely to snap off if this breaks then leave the string flies off and the entire thing is forever ruined so that would be a great way to mess up your bowl and if you try to parry or even worse statically block with it so just trying to stop an incoming sword cut with it yeah good luck that’s not going to work so well now I don’t think a sword would cut straight through the bow because for one it’s made of pretty tough wood generally and also it’s flexible so it has some give but the likely outcome would be if you try to stuff something with this it would just push right through push the bow aside and the blade goes through and you’re screwed aside from the fact that it would also cut into a to an extent and any kind of damage to the bow will just lead to it failing when you try to draw it if the wood fibers are damaged your bending stress will accumulate at any weak spot if there is a crack or cut anything like that this is likely where it’s going to snap so this would make a book completely useless for its actual intended purpose now if you assume that the bow is made of some kind of magical fantasy metal alloy that is both tough and hard enough to be used for striking but it’s also suitable for abuse as an actual bow then well you would still have some problems I mean even if the book could technically take it if you try to parry with this I mean the hand is right there so you would need some kind of hand guard there that he designed like that so that makes the entire thing really quite heavy little problem with that is even if you have a guard there and even if it was suitable for carrying if a sword impacts here it’ll most likely due to the curvature slide this direction what’s here the string so if the blade slide here cuts the string again you’ve ruined the bow punching with it well what’s the point especially with this one here where nothing sticks out like the only thing that sticks out is your fingers so you literally might as well punch with this one you have the limbs sticking out but again that’s not going to generate a lot of force especially consider a major problem with a bow it’s all flexible so if you strike something this way that’s the direction in which the bow wants to flex anyway so you’re impacting and it gives a lot as opposed to remaining rigid and transferring the energy into the target it’ll just want to bend I’ve seen some of the designs of bows that have blades or spikes sticking out from the center right where you grip it and that would be an OK way I suppose to make it somewhat suitable for melee attacks because then you could thrust like that and you’ve got the late or whatever the problem with that is again that makes it very awkward to carry around because now it’s essentially turning into almost a crossbow and overall shape except that the bow is much longer than the prod on a crossbow generally so it would be a little bit awkward but at least it would be somewhat suitable now if you have time to unstring it like you know that whatever you’re out of arrows or you know that you’re not going to be able to use the bow regularly and there’s a confrontation ahead and you know you have time to take off the string this makes it a lot more suitable but still not great I’ve seen people say that you could use a nun strong bow as a quarterstaff and in fact on some role-playing systems there are rules for that but again there is some problems with that okay so on the upside you could now use the edge of the boat now it flexes in the direction of the flat of course it doesn’t flex this way so if you strike with the edge here that’s much more solid so that makes more sense however the way bows are generally made is they taper towards the limbs because you want the limbs to flex more and not the center so this kind of mass distribution is the exact opposite of what you generally want in a weapon so you have essentially three options for how to distribute the mass in a weapon either you can have the mass concentrated around the handle so in case of the sword and the hilt here so that way you have plenty of control over the blade and makes it pretty easy to use and in this case you need something other than just blunt impact force I mean yes you can do some damage with a just blunt impact of a sword but you need the edge to to do the work because you’re at a disadvantage here it doesn’t have as much mass here as it does there so it’s harder to transfer kinetic energy to the target second you can help most of the mass concentrated at the striking tip all the weapon as in case of this very simple crude club or a maze and axe things like that and even a really roughly carved stick like this is a better weapon than a nun Strongbow for this reason the way the lever acts and the mass is concentrated at the end you can generate quite a bit of force with this and strike effectively and third you can have even mass distribution okay so this quarter staff here it’s the same all throughout but in this case depending on how you hold it you can generate more or less force if you hold it here strike like that you don’t have that much power I mean you can still generate a decent amount of power but if you hold it further down now you’ve increased the lever quite a bit and this strikes really hard so this is what what makes a quarter staff so effective but the problem with a bow compared to a quarter step is most of its mass is actually in the center because it tapers towards limbs and this would be the strike that the part of you strike with so you have less here more here that’s the exact opposite of what you want that doesn’t really help you in any way shape or form the only thing you can really do is choke down as far as possible to increase the length of the lever arm as much as you can and then you know just strike as hard as you can but it’s not going to output anywhere near as much kinetic energy as a strike with a quarter staff the PVC bow is actually somewhat more suitable in this regard because it’s just made of a PVC pipe that’s flattened but gradually flattened towards the tips so it’s the same mass throughout except that in the center it’s got a piece of wood to make sure that this stays rigid and doesn’t flex and whether you grip so this one here actually feels a lot better for striking because you don’t have that much of a difference it’s still there’s a little more mass towards the center but you still have it’s closer to a staff so this would actually be okay for striking however there is the medieval crossbow this one is a lot heavier you can see right here is over 2 kilos and it’s got a solid steel prod steel stirrup and this yeah if you were to strike with it again it’s not obviously not designed for it it’s a little awkward to hold but you could very much strike with that and it would probably survive it I mean the the steel prod is really hard to damage the main risk would be in damaging the string which can be replaced more easily but you could even parry with this I think if somebody swung a sword at you or an axe or something you could try to catch it on the scarab ideally or possibly right here in the corner between the stirrup and the prod if you wanted to do a deflection aperi you could do that to let it follow the curvature but the problem is if it impacts here there is you can see right there hopefully where the steel is bend over to keep the string in place if it just hits that that’s okay but rides up and cuts the string then you’ve got a problem but yeah that would be ways of using it and considering that the stirrup is not essential for use if you have a goat’s foot leaver that the spanning device you can just rest the crossbow against your hip and span it that way so you don’t actually need to put your foot through there so you could use the stirrup to not only Terry but also strike with or thrust with like if you were to Jim this in somebody’s face that would be reasonably effective so this would actually be an okay weapon now kind of unwieldy especially compared to something like a sword bit clunky and everything is certainly not ideal but you know if I have to choose to either try to use a bow in the close quarters fight or this crossbow here yeah I’m going to go with this and in fact I may not even need to use this if I have a good foot this is actually a pretty decent weapon in and of itself because you could you could even flick it out like this strike with that and if it strike with with the edge here like that you could even potentially thrust with it even catch a sword in there now it is improvised of course so it’s got some limitations but you know it’s its overall fairly decent actually and just as a side note of course sometimes you also see arrows or bolts being used for stabbing the problem with arrows is they are fairly long and thin and flexible so you would have to grip them in the center of relatively close to the point to make sure that it’s a little more rigid than it normally is otherwise you might snap it off and also lose some of the force due to the Flex I case of a crossbow bolt yeah this would be pretty easy to just pick up and use as an improvised dagger especially if you have a large hunting point like this and so the bolt is thicker and shorter so it’s less likely to break all right that’s it I hope you found this interesting and / or entertaining and / there’s a keyword to cut the video [Music]

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  1. If t'wer a fantasy setting though, getting smacked by Dark Souls' dragonslayer greatbow might hurt, also, It's got a massive spike. As for the crossbow though, getting hit in the side of the head with either the end of the limbs or the corner of the stirrup would lead to some quite nasty results

  2. oh i was just wondering if you could use arrows as an improvised stabbing weapon while watching the video, but then you said it right the end XD

  3. If you take the Herculas movie the marksman girl do has blades on her bow so she could attack enemies that comes behind or close to her with the bow but you can just take an arrow and point to the opponent.

  4. I think the melee aspect of it would only be used to get some distance or to buy enough time to reload. It would, imho, be more for a stun much like a slap. It's not meant to do damage, but to create a moment or two. Which, in my understanding, is all that a trained expert bowman would need for reloading.

  5. The way I’ve always thought of it (and I’m going by Green Arrow and not another fantastic archer) but by watching GA it seems that when he does punch with the bow in his hand it’s normally a quick punch and his intention is to hit with his fist cause obviously his bow bends back so up front is his fist and not have a cool design like yours were it curves in and then out and back. I always imagined his was made out of a metal (if you go for a realistic GA and not 1950’s GA) because when he does go to hit with his bow he quickly drops his hand to the bottom and used it more as a wind up attack and use it like a bat. If GA has to get in hand to hand he typically tries to dodge and use his spare hand as the punching hand because obviously his other is occupied holding the bow and he can’t hit with the bow.

  6. the weapon tropes are weird. like in the 13th warrior they give antonio banderas a sword and he can't lift it. they just dont know what these things are composed like.

  7. You CAN do anything. You COULD shit in yer hand. Won't help anything. And it's gross. But you COULD do it… or u could use yer sword to cut the string. Then hang yourself…

  8. Metal bow w/pulleys. Cut string. Cut pulleys into star shapes w/sword. Throw THEM, ninja style. Then beat em w/bow. THEN choke w/sting. Den hear da lamentation of da women…

  9. 8 minutes in…swing the bow to strike with the edge of the wood….not the flat part of the wood. Let someone swing the edge of the bow at your arm and see how it feels. Shiiiiiiit

  10. In force equations, mass is multiplied by acceleration, so you could argue that while a weapon that narrows at the striking tip wouldn't have a lot of mass, acceleration could replace it, examples include weapons like whips, not saying it would work, just some devil's advocate

  11. I agree it is comical. Yet I do like the show arrow.
    I just think the actor they shows is more of a hand to hand fighter than a distant fighter.
    So his instinct is to close distance instead of maintaining it. 😀 hince we really don't need or have a
    black canary in the show. And the Big guy avoids hand to hand and instead is given a gun to fight at a distance.
    So everything is flipped. Oh well. Still good show allowing everyone to go with instincts instead.

    Next time do better casting to fit the right actor in the right condition.
    That said the director was a Jason Bourne fan given Arrow as a subject matter. So, he turned Arrow into the
    best Jason Bourne adaption he could. Voila arrow tv show.

  12. I think a more interesting question is how you block and parry with an axe. A wooden handle could probably not stand the abuse for long…

  13. Skallagrim
    with all these different Bow's you own I must ask

    Do you own a Crossbow as well and out of the 3 Bows which are most lethal. I'd presume the Crossbow.

  14. If some one got close enough I’m sure the person wielding the bow wouldn’t give a damn if it would hurt the bow and you can definitely knock some one out with a bow by swinging it with the end I accidentally knocked my friend out just by fucking around and with barley any force it’s just the situation of course no one will wiling try to go close range with a bow and you could just point blank shoot a dude but if anybody gets close my guess would be your gonna hit a dude with a bow to get out a sword or to run or somthing idk
    Btw my friend is okay he just got a weak ass chin

  15. I have experience with pvc quarter staff practice. They always break in the first few minutes. Might work if you filled them with more pvc.

  16. Now besides everything in this video you can still whack somebody with the bow you may break the bow you may not do it what's your damage but you can whack someone pretty hard it's still an object

  17. Scal, id argue. Modern bow like what hawkeye or arrow use would able to be used to a greater degree then a wooden bow like what your using, due to the use of modern material such as spring steel

  18. Short answer? Yes. An English longbow tip, with enough force to certain parts of the body could cause deadly force. The tip of that bow, with enough force, could pierce the skin under the chin fairly easily. Some english bows may have even been tiped with horn or some other material that could even be sharpened prior to a fight ti add to that ability. Combine that with the strength of archers at the time (draw weights were well over 100lbs and they were known to potentially fire over 350 meters) and you have a very affectice piercing weapon. It wouldnt go through armor or anything, but in a pinch? It could kill. As for battle? Hell now… Thats what poleaxes, maces, picks and so forth are for.

  19. Vandal Hearts callback! What a great game that was, played the one for playstation, such interesting lore and class system and balance. And it wasn’t afraid of showing ridiculous blood spurts that would leave the characters desiccated husks in reality. LoL

  20. As an archer I always feel a bit sad whenever I see a movie character using the bow as a melee weapon. The bow is a weapon of precision and even if the bow still works after the strike or parry any kind of damage can affect performance. I guess if you're surprised by an enemy and lack a sidearm using the bow as a melee weapon might be better than dropping it and using your fists and I would rather sacrifice my bow than die.
    Metal bows are a bit different, I've seen a couple on the shooting range so they exist and can be quite effective and do seem more robust than wooden ones, don't know how long they've been used historically though. They still flex and have that cumbersome string but with the added heft and durability they should at the very least be better in melee than wooden bows.
    There is however one final issue that any strung bow has, and that is the string, if the string comes loose or snaps it will cause some serious damage, and its more likely do injure the user than the opponent. Bows used on battlefields often had very high draw weight so there's a lot of energy in that string. All archers have gotten smacked on the forearm, and knowing how much force that string has would never risk snapping it.

  21. i mean i guess the true idea behind striking with the bow is in the case of an all or nothing scenario where u dont have time to think and just react. Even whatcing green arrow use it effectively as a weapon i never expected a bow to be more than a ranged weapon, but im pretty sure that for a quick smack it works perfectly

  22. My wife has done HEMA, specialising in the Longbow (50lb draw weight), alongside a hand & 1/2 longsword & Dagger (German Medieval style iirc).
    She has said (and demonstrated) that archers then, would typically have a shortsword and dagger as a means of cc defence if ever their opponents got close. You wouldnt risk fucking up your bow, that was incredibly expensive to get and maintain (in order to have decent shooting potential), for a couple of swings in cc when your opponents would be in armour and swinging a sword/mace/hammer at your face.
    So im with you dude. A resounding No on all sides :p

  23. Here's an idea: if you wanted to make a bow for striking, maybe you could attach something like a basket hilt guard in the middle of the bow, and hold it on there. Then just punch with the basket.

  24. Yeah, I can see in a frontal attack the redundancy of a bow (unless you're a master archer that can shoot confidently in close quarters combat and or at a rapid speed multiple arrows). In cases like TOMB RAIDER Lara demonstrates a stealth execution using the grip and middle of her bow, holding either end to put pressure on a man's neck to snap his spine/neck. In the Rise of the Tomb Raider, Lara effectively uses her bow again as a melee weapon for stealth combat/execution to avoid detection- by striking against a would be attacker to force his back to her so she could kill him. Yes, this is a video game, but I'm sure in simliar circumstances the possibility is there. Green Arrow is a master archer (and yes, fictional) and combat tactician with practice taking out enemies efficiently while equipped with a bow of debatable strength (considering in the TV show he's cycled through quite a few, one able to fold into itself and retract with a command). A longbow would be an example of a melee weapon to be used if you had no other options present. One could efficiently use the bowstring to choke an attacker (given the string isn't cut or snapped), and could even break the bow in half to perform a form of eskrima. It's all about circumstances, practice I would have said plays a part, but not everyone is a master archer or typically practices archery. The bow he first demonstrates in this video could be used to choke more efficiently depending on the material strength and it's craftsmanship.

  25. I think some people may have got the wrong idea from TMNT: might've understood "Bow-staff" for Donnie's weapon xD
    But to get back at that bladed, spiked fantasy bow moderately seriously, @Skallagrim: coming from an eastern martial arts background I see a use you didn't mention; cutting.
    If you were able to train and utilize close quarter techniques that only focus on cutting (and maybe thrusting IF the tips hat spikes or sth) there may be a chance to actually be successful in melee fights. Always provided that cqc is only an energency solution and shooting remains the agenda of the archer.
    No one said you couldn't bring fantasy weapons into reality by for example developing something really reasonable and realistically useful through years of R&D.
    Awkward to carry around? Maybe.
    But army units using special weapons like that (most likely being specialists themselves) wouldn't have to travel around with it. They could be equipped with this super heavy gear right before battle just like knights, I reckon.
    When the shooting device IS your melee weapon you don't even have to switch weapons with changing objectives – hence you were able to hold on to it for the whole time of the ongoing purpose (i.e. battle).
    Give it a small shield over those handle-spikes, too and you have a Warcraft Night Elf MoFo deflecting attacks in close and far range.
    Fantasy? Yes. Realistic/practical? We don't know cause nobody's ever tested.
    Lets ask the Hacksmith or other nerdy engineers to make one and go into sparring with it ^_^

  26. But what about a bow with blades in the recurve tips like what was used in the new movie Hercules staring Dwayne Johnson , the bow in question used by the amazon warrior traveling with Hercules. It wouldn’t be great for aggressive attacks obviously, but was sufficient in taking down the odd bad guy coming up behind her. ?‍♂️

  27. Hit anything solid with a bow & you've ruined the bow. Try to string & shoot it afterwards & it will practically "explode"!- Injuring the archer. I once overdrew a wooden arrow on a pretty light bow so when I released the point hit the belly of the bow & shattered/"exploded" violently as the string compressed it. That gave me a horrendous bruise & I was very lucky not to have got any shivers in my arm, but a whole bow breaking is far more dangerous.
    If your Longbow has pointy horn nocks in line with the stave you may be able to stab an unprotected attacker, but hitting with any bow stave is instantly ruining the bow. The usual manouvre when attacked is to RUN AWAY FAST, or quickly nock an arrow & shoot the attacker. Stabbing with an arrow would be far better(war arrows are usually stouter), but archers, as Skall says, normally have sword/dagger/axe/mall/club for personal protection.

  28. Considering that Samurai trained to fight with bows in close combat and that they are real warriors with about 700-800 years of experience in fighting wars, makes it pretty clear that you are wrong. watch?v=ZxCCh9FMk6k case closed ? here as also another good documentary

  29. Using a bow in melee is expensive! A bow costs a good portion of an archer's post-tax income, and a simple quarterstaff is almost free. (actually, it's a buck-and-a-quarter quarterstaff, but who's telling him?)

  30. Hey skall what about using the bow to absorb the impact before drawing your side arm in case of surprise attack. It just need sturdy enough to withstand 1 hit (even if it break and become unuseable) as after that you'll be backing off and draw your side arm. Though it is wasteful but do you think this is possible?

  31. There were some turkish examples that were pretty tough, reinforced with extra tinder, sinew and leather which made them less likely to break if it had been hit and you went to fire it

    They were also fitted with a kind of wooden knuckle duster where your hand holds the stave that was strong enough to parry and strike with
    Must be where the fantasy bunch got the idea that you could fight with it from

  32. Japan actually had a knife called the Uchine which archers could use as bayonets and stab the fucker in the guts by using the bow as a spear.

  33. Old Video, I know… But the Daedric bow from Skyrim is a decent looking bow, that'd be comfortably usable as a club…or quarterstaff, as you stated…And the string is well recessed into the bow, so hitting with the back of the limb, wouldn't have the string absorbing the force of the hit issue, that typical bows have…Also, worth noting. Is the curved blades on the front leading up to the straight one's…It'd require some force for them to cut, so it would be more safely managable for the user as well…Also, thanks for the quite informative video! As they all are.

  34. I have a counter-argument for the use of the Green Arrow clip:
    He uses compound bows and are, I imagine given the universe, made out of an incredibly durable metal or metal-composite. They don't require flexing or stringing/unstringing, so they don't move.
    So you can use a bow for striking and parrying only with a compound bow and with decent arm/hand armor. Any else, watch the video for why–

  35. A "survival trick" I was taught in the military (conscription compulsory training tour) was to throw my cap in the face of an attacker to cause a confusion to do earn a bit of time to do something else. An archer should simply throw the bow at the attacker so the get that perhaps half a second to draw that real melee weapon every archer should have.

  36. The idea that came to mind for me of using a bow in melee is that of recognizing an attack is coming too soon to be able to ready your sidearm.
    For the sake of argument you’re a lone archer shooting at the enemy as normal but you see out of the corner of your eye that you’re being rushed.
    The question in that case is, “is there any feasible way to parry with a bow and hold an opponent back long enough to draw a sidearm.”
    At that point the usability of the bow in future is of minimal consequence.

  37. If you have a bow and your enemy has a sword and you have the distance between you. Doesn't the guy with the bow automatically win?

  38. Unstring your bow put it down! Befriend your opponent become best friends and wait untill he dies of old age.?

  39. There's a kind of bow called 弭槍(はずやり)(hazuyari)that could thrust with it's tip. Look it up you may like it.

  40. This is how a wooden longbow is made. First, the rough shape is created and tapered, handle and all. It pretty much looks like a bow.

    Now comes tillering. The actual work. You see, this bow that we made, if we strung it up and drew it, the odds that the limbs flex equally and correctly are basically 0%.

    So, we put it in a device (a tillering tree) that draws the bow about an inch. How are the limbs flexing? One flexing more than the other? Remove some material. Flexing too much in the middle of the limb? Remove some material from the tips to make them weaker. Once it's perfect at an inch of draw, move it to two inches of draw. Examine the limbs again. Repeat.

    The amount of adjusting, sanding, and fine-tuning it takes to get the limbs of a wooden bow to flex correctly is absolutely enormous. The idea that a bow can be wacked with something and be fine is crazy talk. The tillering process practically removes a puff of wooden dust at some stages. Any direct strike from any metal weapon will essentially ruin the functionality of the bow. It would need to be completely retillered, and it would be a completely different bow.

  41. In a fantasy situation your bow is made of iron or better ^^ so ya, it can be used … becouse you have an ubnormal strenght, so you can use it as ranged too.

  42. Did you check Thalhofer? He shows the use of a crossbow's prod on horseback to deflect the lance of another rider. Crossbows and bows might have had a defensive use in combination with the sidearm and some variant of spears is generally more likely to be used for attacks than a sword.

  43. Just stab them with an arrow. Sure it can't deflect blows but if you grip it near the tip you can use it as a dagger.

  44. if i had a bow and someone got close enough for me to smash them in the face, you can be damn well sure i'd get a bonk in with my big wooden stick before pulling out a sword or something if they had no helmet.

  45. You could unstring the bow make like a clip on thing in the center of the string that's like a sling then attach the other side of the string to the same side and now you have a Shepards sling or you could tie it below the part of the string that wasn't unstrung and then use it like a flail

  46. people tragically underestimate the power of a wooden club. i mean, a BASEBALL BAT is a wooden club XD

  47. Well, most people have to do honest work to support themselves. But some have found a way of supporting themselves with nonsensical videos on YouTube.

  48. 3:45 That's perfect, use a wire saw for your bowstring, strike and drawcut (and make sure to wear gloves when using the bow). 7:50 On a more realistic note, when you get low on arrows, save a few until you have an enemy in close, shoot him to kill quickly, and take his weapon (or just pick up one of the weapons of any dead person on the battlefield). 9:40 Nice 'primitive' club, I see you forgot to install the flint blades you mad for it (LIQ). 14:00 Put some spikes on the stirrup, it helps to hold it in place while spanning, and adds penetration damage when striking (or better yet, load it, stab someone, then fire while they are stuck on the end, relatively no chance of missing).

  49. Short answer: No.
    Long answer: Noooooooooooooooooo.
    Longer answer: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooobananaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  50. You need to take better care of the bowstring on your horsebow. Its getting fluffy from lack of waxing, and its missing a serving.

    Also adding blades and spikes to the limbs wil decrease the power of the shot with the added weight

  51. Would a crossbow be any better for strikes, in desperate situations of course. the metal parts of later crossbows could do some damage to unarmored opponents.
    a vertical slash type of motion, probably breaks the crossbow, but could save your life,Very unwieldy I'd imagine however. I'm no expert, so please do educate me on this.

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