Upcoming Steam Games June (Ark, Arkham Knight, Act Of Aggression, DMC4, Dirty Bomb, Legend Of Kay)
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Upcoming Steam Games June (Ark, Arkham Knight, Act Of Aggression, DMC4, Dirty Bomb, Legend Of Kay)

October 9, 2019

There are several unique games arriving on
Steam this June and it’s a good mix of both single player story games, multiplayer survival
games, and even HD remakes. Let’s take a look at the AAA upcoming Steam games for June. Ark: Survival Evolved
ARK: Survival Evolved is a surprising open world dinosaur survival game. It immediately
makes you think of the movie Jurassic World which is also releasing this June so their
timing could not be better. You start off with nothing standing on the shores of an
island called ARK where you use your skill and ingenuity to kill and tame huge dinosaurs
and other primeval creatures. You have to hunt, harvest resources, craft items, grow
crops, research technologies, and build shelters to withstand the elements while teaming up
with other players to survive. The game is intended to be multiplayer online PvP focused
so we should see some competitive gameplay similar to DayZ or H1Z1. I’m glad that there’s
finally a non-zombie survival game. This could either be very interesting or a quick attempt
to cash in on Jurassic World’s revival of interest in dinosaurs. Do you think that this
game has potential or is it just a cash in attempt? Leave a comment below and let us
know. The graphics look very impressive and the open world looks like it provides plenty
of activities to do. Running on the Unreal Engine 4, this game looks impressive and will
be coming to Early Access On Steam this June. Batman Arkham Knight
Arkham Knight is the successor to Batman: Arkham Origins. The biggest change to the
new Batman game? You�ll finally be driving the Batmobile. Just like in the movies and
comics, the Batmobile will be capable of performing many maneuvers and attacks. You�ll even
be able to eject yourself and control it remotely. The strong and memorable combat system is
still there with even more opportunities to chain stealth attacks and manipulate time
with successful combos. Arkham Knight should be a big step up from the last Batman game,
Arkham Origins, which was not as good as fans would have hoped for. It�s sure to satisfy
both open world gaming and Batman fans. The release date is scheduled for June 23rd 2015. Act Of Aggression
Act Of Aggression is taking players back to the old school 90s style real time strategy
games. Published by Focus Home Interactive, one of the modern leaders of strategy games,
It�s the spiritual successor to the cult classic Act Of War released back in 2005.
The gameplay is extremely similar to Command & Conquer with the focus on modern warfare,
base building, resource gathering, and micromanagement combat. There will be multiple types of resources.
Banks and prisoners of war can be captured for a supplementary source of income. The
game will also include superweapons and anti-superweapons for each of the factions. Act Of Aggression is set to be in the 2020s,
during which many states around the world have gone bankrupt from a massive economic
crisis. This creates a group known as the Cartel which are private military contractors
who infiltrate government operations. Act of Aggression will include two separate single
player campaigns. In one of the campaigns, players will be a head of a multinational
military organization created by the United Nations, known as the “Chimera”. The Chimera
task force consists of super soldiers and are under UNO command, formed by personnel
that come from different countries of the UN. Devil May Cry 4
The Devil May Cry 4 special edition by Capcom will feature new modes, gameplay and visual
improvements, and the largest roster of playable characters in any Devil May Cry game to date. You will finally be able to play as Vergil
who is truly a fan favorite. His new technique is called �Concentration� which makes
his attacks grow stronger and stronger the more calmly and flawlessly he fights. He also
has the �Grim Trick� ability which allows Vergil to teleport using his �Sword Illusions�.
His playstyle is completely different from Nero or Dante. The new mode includes �Legendary Dark Knight
mode� where players fight against a tremendous number of enemies, The game also features
a ton of new costumes. This game should appeal to both hardcore players and those new to
the Devil May Cry series. The release date is scheduled for June 23rd. Dirty Bomb
Dirty Bomb is an old school shooter. It favors hip fire, the kills require headshots to do
real damage, and the level design is open but not huge scale like Battlefield. There
is a very strong emphasis on teamplay, you won�t be able to complete the objectives
without them. Each map has a series of two to three unique objectives and teams will
swap between offense and defense after each round. The progression system is based on gaining
XP from matches through killing and supporting your team. Increasing your level gives you
cards which randomly provide new loadouts, similar to Plants Vs Zombies. As you can see, Splash Damage is borrowing
elements from a few other popular games and modernizing their gameplay. If the game gets
a good player base, Dirty Bomb could be a fun game for both competition and casuals. Legend Of Kay Anniversary
Legend Of Kay is probably the biggest sleeper hit in our lineup. It was a cult classic 3D
platformer when it came out back on the Playstation 2, but it’s finally receiving a remaster from
publisher Nordic games. The game puts you in control of Kay, a hotheaded young cat and
a martial arts student. His martial arts school is being shutdown and he has to journey out
of town to save it. The game has a dynamic combination of platforming and hack and slash
fighting. The combat and the weapons you get to use make the game tons of fun. The remaster
features high resolution textures, more detailed character models, modern rendering techniques,
and crystal clear surround sound. It’s unusual to see a classic console style adventure platformer
coming to Steam, but it’s also great to have diversity. Legend of Kay is scheduled for
release on June 30th.

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