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  1. Mass shootings are not real, they are staged drills with PAID crisis actors, created in the USA (which I live in) for Democrates to make gun legislation and to take peoples guns away, therefor I WELCOME THIS GAME! 1st, 2nd, and 4 amendment to The Constitution TRUMP EVERYTHING, I'm a Christian Republican btw!

  2. it looks shit. But i agree with one thing. much worse games out there and the bbc are not a reliable news outlet.

  3. Your not the only one who has a problem with this game…

  4. 50 million people died in wo2 and there are games of that for years. Nobody complained about that. Why complain over this?

  5. Also, you will always get vitriol in comments. More so if you show any hint of emotion or genuine belief. Ignore them, let yourself have feelings, have beliefs. I missed the original video, but your description of it seemed just fine. Remember we are in a time when caring about other people is the most hated thing you can do on YouTube. If you aren’t being a hard edgelord, you are a puss I field example of why emotions suck.

  6. It's a game. Typical emotional human worried about the shit that doesn't matter. More worried about games and never see the real issues.

  7. Oh the BBC is a bunch of shitty cunts pushing the same agenda as the other shit cunts that wanna take guns instead of fixing the problem.

  8. So…Hatred all over again? Game all hyped just by pure controversy, and on release the game turns out to be utter shite

  9. I don't see the issue, it's reality, just as much as the reality of war in general. We glorify war and blowing shit up, we glorify gang life and violence all in video games, but this type of video game violence crosses a line? Its cool when its gta and your an obvious drug dealing, car stealing kingpin, but let it be the favorite pass time of young over privileged white teens and ohhh hell no!

  10. Yes video games where you can beat up and attack children are terrible. Somebody should warn Bethesda.

  11. The game sucks anyway.. I dunno who would play such a fucked up game in terms of gameplay. The idea though, I don't care whatever the idea is. Because if you get your thoughts twisted cuz of shooting civilians in a game, this means you're so weak that literally a stupid game influenced your little mind to think of doing so. I bet if this game in some other countries like Iraq or Afghanistan and there are civilians casualties, it would be fine to just wipe them out.. No one then will have anything to say about it.

  12. I hate how the news and people are ranting about this game but not about the even eariler announced US ARMY created Shooter game. The petition made the remove this game is dumb too they say what the Disclaimer of this game says and it says it's a simulator and if you want to hurt others to contact 911 and the petitioner says it promotes violence.

  13. People play games to experience things they typically can’t in the real world. Just because I murder cops and punch random strangers for fun in GTA, it doesn’t mean I have any intention or desire to do those things in real life. If a game or movie inspires violent crimes, blame the parents and the kid, because 95% of people aren’t inspired to kill by fiction.

  14. Its a game get over it. Id play this game. But im not a bullied kid who wants to kill his/her classmates because kids are assholes these days.

  15. Just a stupid cash grab. Game looks like total trash, i wouldn't spend $1 on it. Obvious asset flip, with shock value subject mater. Maybe it's possible to make a school shooting game worth buying, this certainly isn't it.

    1. It would need a high level of hit detection and many many death animations. People stuffing end trails back into blown open abdomens, dismemberment, puking blood, heads blowing off, hopping with one leg, genital shots, and much much more. Think Brutal Doom.

    2. The schools would need to be real world locations with incredible accuracy and attention to detail. So much so you'd have to think, "Holy shit?! someone could actually use this to train themselves to shoot up a school."

    3. Sound is so important to create immersion. Lots of unique screaming, begging for life, gagging, vomiting, panic attacks, people pissing/shitting themselves. People say a lot of crazy shit when they are about to die, lets dig into the subject material, really wow the audience with some fun/funny audio clips.

    4. Character models. Lots of variety. You gotta be able to tell the difference between bimbo cheerleader, jock douche bag, goth, band nerd, rich kid, and the teachers pet. Where is the satisfaction if you can't target that particular social group you hate the most? Come on, why you think the kids shooting the place up anyways? Everyone went to High School and dealt with these piece of shit ego maniac cliques, clubs, and kiss asses. How can you stuff a shotgun up the home coming queens ass and pull the trigger when you use the same character model for everyone??

    5. Weapons. Guns are great and the arsenal should be varied. However, don't forget about the fun of using everyday objects. Scissors, pencils, and blunt weapons too. Rip a fire extinguisher off the wall and bludgeon someone to death, chairs could work great for this also. Improvised explosive devices brought with you, or constructed onsite with the help of the chemistry classroom would be great fun. Fire! Fire! Fire! Incendiary devices and good fire physics are a must in a title such as this. Crispy critters running aflame down the halls hands waving above their heads. Basically a healthy array of in game usable objects for creating mayhem is crucial, and will have players exploring every nook and cranny for new unique items.

    Now this is a game worth $29.99!!

    Even if they made all the changes above it's just a themed murder simulator with lots of variety, and that's respectable. I still couldn't see myself paying Triple-A $59.99 for that, but $29.99 sure. Maybe get it on a steam sale for $14.99 after 6 months.

  16. I'm against censorship in general, but that doesn't mean this game isn't in poor taste. Although I can see a benefit to it. If I were the government or the feds, I'd use a game like this to profile the weird kids who'd play it. Being excited for this game doesn't make you a school shooter, but it certainly doesn't help you not look like creep.

  17. Wake up people they are useing mind control in these games to get people to actually go to schools to hurt people. Facts ,the game Pokemon made 250 kids in Japan kill themselves people should have listened to the narrator when he was speaking out on the games negativity now look some kid in Texas has killed behind this game probably do to mind control hidden in the games music IJs WAKE UP

  18. cant wait to shoot some smart ass children 😀 just kidding. i play games for fun, i rly dont care if im at school at kindergarten or at a church or airport or dust 2 i just want to fucking kill everyone 😀 nah kidding again. but u got me! Im pretty sure u did xD

  19. 5:22 Yeah now go to all the victims of terrorism and tell them if CSGO is a good game when it allows you to play as the terrorist.
    10:55 "sold to kids" GTFO there is a rating system. you must be 18+ to view the page and kids have parents.

  20. Honestly this game looks terrible and cheap. The concept is not much different from GTA, however the setting is in a school. Obviously that is the issue. But that all it looks like. From watching the videos, the characters do not look like students, but only adults. It just looks like a bunch of adults wondering around a school. The victims all look alike, the gameplay looks very poor, and looks as dynamic as the original "Doom". Its apparent the developer spent the most time and effort on creating the setting, which is a school. I agree with zaxtor that the developer is using recent tragedies to sell games, instead of putting the time and effort in developing a product of quality. It seems like a very cheap and lazy attempt to maximize sales potential, and the developer shouldn't be rewarded for that. However this game is not as offensive as the VR simulation of the 911 attacks, where you are a employee working in one of the WTC buildings on the morning of Sept. 11th. And it ends with you having to jump out of the window falling to your death.

  21. If the parents control what they allow their children to buy and kept track of where they were and where their firearms were at we wouldn’t be having all these shootings. I would not delete this video any threats that you got it I would go straight to the police. Remember this is America you have your freedom of speech. Some parents would not even know this video game was out if it weren’t for this video

  22. They should add a patch to the game to allow you to be the student they could be a training platform for teaching children what to do during a situation. Try turning a negative into a positive

  23. Facebook propaganda department misfired. Having learned about this game through their thinly disguised call to protest, I will now purchase and enjoy playing this game. Might as well call this game Medal of Honor 2018.

  24. I don't see the problem. It's just a game. It'll probably be fun lol. Definitely a hit for when your stoned.

  25. I honestly think this game should be published. parents should do their job and monetize their child/teen. We live in a capitalist society where their are more injustices going on right now behind the scenes yet we instead focus on crappy indie games such as this what a shame.

  26. Congrats valve dropped the game and banned the developers!! As for death threats and chastising remarks, you're opinion is just as valid as mine, even if I disagree on the idea of the concept, I respect anyone who can openly voice their opinion even when faced with aggressive opposition, if we had more ppl willing to do the same, ideas like these would have never existed, but in this day and age the virtual world thrives on reality and this was a product of it, I accept it for what it is, that doesn't mean i necessarily agree with its concept. Yes I probably would have played it, and yes i would have judged it based on the standards of what I expect from a game, but I don't condone shooting up schools or murdering cops…… but that's just me.

  27. 7:27 "Training ground"
    Yes, I pressed a key on my keyboard, I now know how to operate an altomatic rifle.


    rata ta ta tatatat atattata tatatat ata ttatataa

  29. p.s. ingore the threats and insults. Cowards always express themselves here, online, but hide under mommy's ass in real life

  30. You do the most abominable things in Grand Theft Auto V…. you rob banks, you kill people…. but that game is allowed on Steam…. How is this stupid school shooting game any different from Grand Theft Auto V?? Banning another game from Steam with these hypocritical double standards just shows how insane you liberal c.ucks are. You guys are just looking for something to be offended about and looking to make a lawsuit issue about anything and everything. By the way most of your school shootings are FAKED, with emergency personnel just running drills and a bunch of shills squirting fake blood on themselves and having the local Newspaper report it as a real event so they can use it as leverage for destroying the Bill of Rights which declared people have a right to own firearms. Sorry you are too stupid to see past FAKE NEWS, and would rather drown in a sea of lies.

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