Up Close Archery Elk Hunt!
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Up Close Archery Elk Hunt!

August 13, 2019

(elk call) (elk screeching call) – [Casey] There, he’s bugling. – [Jeremy] Keep comin’ bubba. – [Casey] He’s comin’ He come and get set up right there. – [Casey] On this side? – [Kenneth] Yep. I’ll get on the other
side, tuck up over here. Yep, Jeremy, back up here a minute. (elk screeching) Cast off on here- (elk screeching) it’s right here, get ready, get ready. (music with heart beat) – Well, we came in and
hadn’t heard a bugle we sat on a high point up there just glancing around, I saw an elk where we had been seeing them. Then there was actually,
we saw another elk just to the right of him. So we got a long ways to
go over a couple of hills and we’re gonna go get on him, but we might have to rest
here for a little bit. We’re a little bit out of breath. – Two bulls, big bull. Know what he is,
– Right there. – [Kenneth] Can you tell what he is? – Yeah, he’s big. (elk call) (tree snapping) (elk bugle) (distant elk bugle) (arrow string flings) – Dude, you tucked right in there, buddy. – Dude, you shitting me? – Yeah, he’s alright. (laughing) – That’s what this is all about, buddy. – I hope we can find him. – Oh we’re gonna find him, he went all the way to the beginning. – Man don’t do that,
Casey, tearing me up man. (sniffling) How cruel is this? Yeah, he’s big, ain’t he? – Yeah he’s big. – I mean I can see him, I can see him. – Oh god. – He’s got so much mass. – I saw him coming from over there, that’s why I run back over this way. – Right here, 30 yards. – And I thought he come through. – He was a little quarter too, Kenneth. 30 yards and he stopped and
Casey was already at full draw. And thump, and he turned and
it completely disappeared in him, about this high. – [Kenneth] In here? – [Jeremy] Right in front of me. He ran over there and
stopped and looked at us and they he got nervous and ran off. – We’re gonna get him, bud. – Damn it, I hope so. – It’s a thrill and rush, ain’t it? – Oh gosh, I get so bad. – I mean good job man. – Look we got a second
one coming in there too. – [Jeremy] And the second
one coming right here. – [Kenneth] How big was he? – [Jeremy] 340s, 350s. – [Casey] The second one was a – – [Kenneth] I thought, see,
I thought I heard you shoot and then I kept calling another bull bugle when I saw, and I was like did he shoot? Did he not shoot? That’s why I kept calling him. Hey we double teamed that joker, baby. Triple team, four
teamed, quadruple teamed. – We have blood leaking
like a civ over there. I have no blood here. – [Kenneth] You know why? – [Jeremy] No. – ’cause he’s layin’ right there. – [Casey] Where? – Right there. – Oh his foot is right there,
his foot is right there! Holy smokes, look at him. – [Jeremy] Oh baby. – [Casey] Oh my goodness, he was right, look at that, yeah, he crashed hard. – [Jeremy] Oh gosh! – [Casey] Oh my goodness,
look at how tall he is. – [Jeremy] Holy cow, baby. – [Casey] Jeremy, Jeremy- – [Jeremy] I thought I heard a crash. You shot a giant, dude. – [Casey] (breathing heavily) look at him. – [Kenneth] Dude, would you look at that? You caught a giant, Casey. – [Casey] Look how big he is. Look at his front. – Dude, go down there and put your hands – – Put your hands on him. How are we getting him out of there? (laughing) – Piece by piece, that’s the only way. – [Jeremy] Oh my god, oh oh oh. – [Kenneth] That is a
nice looking one you got. Look at the fronts. – [Casey] (breathing heavily) Holy smokes. – [Jeremy] Holy cow! Holy smokes! – [Kenneth] Seven by seven. Buddy, I’ve been on a lot of elk hunts, but I don’t know if I ever been on one that I enjoyed as much as this one. – [Casey] Thank you man, thank you. – [Jeremy] Casey, hey. – [Casey] Thanks Jeremy. – [Jeremy] Way to go, buddy. – [Kenneth] You worked for him, man. You worked for him. – [Casey] How far did we walk? – [Jeremy] Oh, I don’t even know, up and down, up and down too. – [Casey] Boy- – [Camera Man] Oh my
gosh, look at that big ol’ kinda eight point, big ol’ mark in that – what a bull. – [Casey] What a bull.

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