Universal 4 – AB Karate
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Universal 4 – AB Karate

February 4, 2020

Universal number four. Chario,
Kyunet. Guarding Stance. Right here, gonna do a back fist, back punch,
just like universe number two, but this time we’re doing looping
back fist. Gonna turn back fist, back punch,
round house kick, step back Power Ranger Stance.
Right here, We’ll do circle chop, looking like a knife hand. You
can just step back. Same thing, circle chop, looking like a knife
hand. We’re gonna do an ax kick, with the back leg which is our left leg.
Double chop down. We’re gonna go up. Three
kicks. Front, back, side kick. Right here, you’ll
do a grab all the way down, and finish it strong.
Kia! Chraio, Kyunet. And that
was Universal number four.

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