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August 25, 2019

Hey guys dan here welcome back to another video where today we are going to be playing it draw Rider two together because this looks very very Similar to a game we played loads in the past Happy wheels which I know you guys and me absolutely loved so I thought we’d give it a go more importantly It looks like it has a story mode and look at the graphics that kind of looks like old me right So we’re gonna hit a story and see what happens. I have no idea Let’s just go for it. We’ve got fast Ryder loads of Different missions except I accept all your missions, and I’m gonna complete them all we’ve got a tutorial as well I mean look at these graphics. It’s so different up to accelerate down to brake doesn’t look like we can go backwards which is fine But how similar to happy wheels does this look and now we have a bird talking to us, okay? This is exactly the same as happy wheels be careful. Be kept a there we go That’s what I’m talking about so we can yeah It’s literally exactly the same as happy wheels I’m kind of wondering what the story mode is gonna because that’s kind of what uh I’m stuck it’s kind of a happy What was missing was some kind of story mode it relied very very heavily on the community which changed a lot It was it was a weird community. Let’s be honest Press the space button to jump. Okay. We can jump I don’t think you could do that in happy wheels here we go here we go hot we can actually jump quite high a Different thing between this and happy wheels as well is the the front wheel doesn’t turn So you can’t grip things of your front wheel it’s only the back one cuz I’m stuck already I’m gonna been playing for like two minutes. Go buddy. You got this you got this no I Failed I’ve actually failed already. Oh, this is possible. What are you doing? Just get on your bike please prefer the tutorial this is gonna go great Now big front flip though, okay, let’s let’s try this press the space button to jump there we go it’s super difficult Though that’s the craziest jump. I’ve ever seen come on oh Okay, that works. See you later pussycat. I’m out be careful. He says oh, she’s always got decapitated by a giant tree That’s just there’s a rubber duck down there. Let’s just keep going to see what happens. I want some kind of here I’m not seeing any story just a cardboard boxes in my way Hold up a second how on earth am I supposed to get up this? Are you kidding me? It’s gonna keep on try and do the space thing we did a minute ago, and maybe we’ll fly to space But how am I supposed to get up? This is this some kind of joke I’ve lost my backpack no That’s good all of my candies and secret items in oh Dear that didn’t sound good. No no no no oh I’ve got to start again. Why is this so hard What is happening? Oh no? Since when can you fall into the trash can just go? Please yes See you later cat nice to see you again. Okay. I’ve got a theory. I think I need to push Okay, maybe not let’s go sir. I think I need to push this cardboard box over oh The stick That makes a little bit more sense there we go different surfaces of different friction Yeah, they definitely do I press it up. I’m going nowhere Let’s go. Let’s go. You’ve got this you’re on a BMX. You could do this. No I miss dad and son Where are they when you need them? Why? Why? Why did that just happen? I’ve got to start again. I’m just doing the starfish I take me like 10 minutes to try and get back to this section, so I’m gonna try a different technique I’m gonna use the box to jump up because you need to push that stick will you try and go up the stick it? Just doesn’t work. Do you realize? This is a rage game see what I mean the stick is laying up against it Oh this dude this dude. What what is he doing? He’s just aa Missions complete lost phone well at least they got the lost phone now. I can pretend to be a bin creature Be careful with the stick be careful with the stick there we go That’s the stuff you also can’t go backwards Which is honestly the most annoying thing after new weird backflips to be able to line yourself up here We go here. We go. This is the one this is the one yes Yes, use your neck Yeah I’m gonna beat me this time game this section is so for cord you need to jump Okay, yeah, you need to jump. Go don’t lose it now. Oh geez yeah Checkpoint that’s good finally I’ve lost my backpack has all my valuables in I’m not quite sure what to do to pass the test do not touch the ground Good luck. Okay. You think I can pass the test. I think I can let’s try Wait what no no you’re gonna make me do this That’s insane don’t touch the ground don’t touch the ground Don’t touch the ground. What are you doing? Aah? This game is Infuriating there’s not even any story. It’s called story mode, and it has no story where am I going? What is in my backpack what am I doing with my life? Yes? Come on come on. Oh jeez nah Because the front wheel doesn’t grip like in happy wheels you can’t really save yourself in any of these jumps Like you normally, would you just oh? Oh no. I thought this is gonna be fun. This is not fun. This is infuriating They’re just hay bales Just little hay bales that are driving me insane I’m just gonna keep spamming the jump button that seems to work so a quick review the jump button doesn’t work all of the time Which is a little bit frustrating which is making my job even harder especially on these bits ah yes Yes, No what is wrong with you – I mean look he’s pedaling, but he’s going nowhere And now he’s going backwards. I hate this dude As soon as I figure out the jump button I’m Good do I have to hold it for a little bit is that what I need to do? Because if you tap it to try and do a quick jump. It’s just saying no you’re not jumping calm, buddy Don’t do this. Literally the jump button just doesn’t jump sometimes. I don’t understand. That’s it That’s it see, John Balan means yuck. He’s not wearing a helmet, so I better wear something. Oh my goodness I’m going crazy. I thought this was gonna be a fun little carriage game. That could potentially Be as good as happy wheels turns out no I’ve played so much Happy wheels should not be a problem there. We go see the jump buttons working yay No, no, no you don’t touch the floor now. Don’t do it. Now. You can lose the backpack. That’s fine jump Jump are you touching the floor? Oh? Look at him just dangling there thinking it’s okay It’s not and look at the next bit how would you even get past that guys I made it. I’ve made it yes Yes Yes, oh Yeah Is it boy? What is that? UFO I Was just about to say there’s a crop circle in the background if I die now I will be so upset am I gonna be abducted by aliens That’s the only thing that could make this day a lot better. Yeah I’ve been abducted. Oh my goodness Fast rider is under two minutes Two minutes that took me ten minutes on that one trial and over thirty minutes in total in Sane is that the only one? It’s the only level right. Let’s go to Challenge. Oh this must be what happened after I got abducted by aliens Whoa whoa, whoa okay? Calm down calm down. Please calm down this looks a little bit nicer It just does the just work for me. That’s fine There’s a ball as well. I don’t know what to do if the ball. I’m just gonna carry on and pretend I didn’t see anything I take it this isn’t the way I’m supposed to go there’s Yes, take me take me away. I Don’t want to live on this world anymore because my bike doesn’t work come on Okay, I think I’m getting to the point now where I’m just like I’m carelessly rushing I have no care in the world for this game right now Just because Lauer’s literally the story mode was a tutorial level Literally just a tutorial level on the boards go down there put the ball down the boot up By the border, I’ll take the ball away. Okay, you want me to just put it down there there. We go much better That’s what you need to press the second one. Oh like what this is so annoying So annoying I can’t even explain to you How frustrating? This is to control the jumping mechanic is I’ve mentioned it four thousand times in this video But the jumping mechanic is just bad, and you can’t go backwards unless something pushes you like that. You’re not going backwards How are we supposed to oh? Oh I gave up. I gave up. I shouldn’t give it up yes No, no no Just happens Yes, yes is it don’t mess it up now, yes, haha Oh you get this Mystery of the ball no one cares about the history of the ball, let’s go next Oh, No There’s a big danger here isn’t there it says danger of? Decapitation at this point. I don’t care if this guy loses his heads. He’s driven me nuts Okay, that seems fine Here we go here. We go no hahaha All that looks horrible. How’d you do just like oh there we go? I was gonna say how do we do a little jump and these things move? That’s great Okay, that works There we go yes. No, what is happening. I’m gonna take it yes Come on dirt Please don’t do this to me. Don’t do this to me. Are you actually stuck oh? No, no come on come on. Yes. I Feel like I’m becoming a little bit more sane after I complete each level are these the tiny little staircase Okay, I can see how this is going to be a challenge I feel like you need to do this with some kind of speed So let’s try and get some and it kills my speed straightaway fantastic come on dude. You’ve got this Just go just go up the stairs It’s not something you normally do on a bike, but you come through worse to be honest oh Oh, I think he’s mastered it go buddy use your neck power again. That’s what I’m talking about this one though I ain’t gonna do this one oh Wait what it? Disappeared that’s horrible No no I can’t do this anymore, I can’t I thought this is gonna be fun and it blew my mind Guys I’m gonna have to end it there the unintentional rage game has happened my hand is cramping look at it. Yeah Thank you so much for watching this video If you enjoyed it then please make that thumbs up that we greatly Appreciated subscribe if you’re new for brand new videos every single day And I’ll see you guys in the next one have an amazing day. You are something good. Bye my brain

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    Me – Dan, It's a button.
    Me – Why?
    Me – Dan, firstly, calm down, second…ALIEN!!
    Both – AAAAAAHHH!!!!!

  2. "I thought this was gonna be a cas' game that could be as great as happy wheels AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    Best Dan moments of 2018

  3. You can jump with Segway man in happy wheels!!!!!!!?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  4. Dan: don't touch to ground DON'T TOUCH THE GR-
    me:rage time and flinches
    commercial:blah blah blah
    me:whew thanks for saving me commercial
    me:wow commercial you did nothing for me

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