Underwater Archery – Slow Motion
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Underwater Archery – Slow Motion

August 15, 2019

I’m Dan Pickar with Eastmans Bowhunting Journal and today we are going to do a little underwater archery.

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  1. The arrow would have gone much further with a retention of kinetic energy if there were no vanes or fletching on the arrow.

  2. Nov. 28, 2018—Neat….how about using a crossbow hitting a gelatin cube suspended in the water so we see how much penetration it gets underwater? And the same with your compound bow?

  3. IAM the only one who noticed at 0:11he jumped into the pool normally with glasses &at1:20–1:24 when video reverses he did front flip in to the pool without glasses ,so they shot twice for it?

  4. Ok now that was so cool, I didn't even think you could shoot an arrow on the water. I thought would have a serious decrease in power because how the water slows momentum. I guess I shouldn't be too surprised if a bullet can still travel at some good speed on the water than an arrow should be able to as well. This might sound like a crazy request but what do you think will be fast, rapid fire arrows on land or water? Just a little challenge out of curiosity.

  5. Ищешь русский комментарий? Не трать время мой единственный я проверял!

  6. Two different archers? One wearing a hat while shooting the arrow, and the other without a hat while shooting??

  7. Bullets are pretty much useless a few feet under water, but I just learned that bow and arrows do pretty good, so I am here.

  8. cool stuff. So, the water doesn't ruin the string?
    I want to do more archery, but I live on the bottom of a pool.

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