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Unboxing The Topeak Prepbox | GMBN Unboxing

November 5, 2019

– Okay so today’s unboxing
is a really good one, I’m really excited about. This is the Topeak PrepBox. And one of the coolest things about this, it has 36 professional tools inside, a really cool case, and
best of all for you guys is we’re giving some away. So don’t forget to click on the link in the description below, all the competition details are there. (slamming and crunching) Right, so let’s get involved. (snapping) Inside, just open like a briefcase, woo. There’s not boring paperwork
inside here though. Nothing but man biking tools. So the first thing you notice
with the Topeak PrepBox is the fact it comes in a very tough case. It’s kind of like a briefcase style thing. You can get a lot of power tools in, and on the outside it’s got a little caddy so if there are any specialist
tools like shock pumps or bleed kits that you want
to add to your collection, it’s a really cool place
to just store those. Now if you open up the buckles and the case opens up in half, inside you’ll see what
I really, really like, is the fact it’s got like
a mesh flap on one side and a padded flap on the other. That is to keep all the tools in place so even if they do come
out of their little homes they don’t rattle around. That is awesome. Okay, so first up, once
we spin this round, we’re gonna have a look
inside the mesh layer here. So just undo this, they’re
pretty heavy duty zips, and obviously you’ve got all the tools sort of set inside here. So they’re quite a secure fit, so nothing is gonna rattle around. Real nice quality. So the first thing, you’ve
got this 1/4 inch breaker bar. So it’s got a socket on the end there. You can use that with all
the other tools inside here and also aftermarket sockets
for, even stuff like your car. Real good bit of kit, that. And a chain whip, you’re
gonna need one of those for removing a cassette on your bike. Always a good, valuable tool to have. And, of course, trusty pedal spanner. Many mountain bikes these
days do have an eight mm or a six mm key to remove those pedals, but of course, 15 mm is the classic one. So it’s always good to
have that in your toolkit. Next up, tyre levers. You might find that a bit unusual
to have in a kit like this but this is like a triple set that piggyback on to each other. You’ve got two regular sized ones, then you’ve got that whopper. Now these are so strong
and it’s such a good shape, really good for removing
downhill tyres, plus bike tyres, and anything that’s like a
really, really secure fit. Great addition to the kit. Cassette cleaning tool here. Just for getting all the crap out from in between your sprockets and round your chain ring and that. Nice stiff bristles. Really good to have one of
those in your cleaning kit. And of course you’ve got bottom
bracket related tools here. I’m just gonna pull this out. Quite secure fit. Now that’s for an external bottom bracket, and of course, this is for
the Shimano style system for preloading that very end cap on the end of your crank there. You’ve got a crank puller here. So you operate that by just
screwing it into the threads of your crank, and then eight mm key just for driving it back out again. You don’t see them as often these days, but they’re really applicable
to have in your toolkit. Now this is a cassette lock ring tool, another great tool to have. Use that in combination
with the chain whip. And finally the classic
cartridge bearing style bottom bracket tool. Another banger. Okay, so that was the first side, so I’m just gonna flip this round and get cracking in to
the second side here. And this is good ’cause
there’s so much more stuff in this side. Ooh. Right, so where shall we start? So first up a proper workshop
style Topeak chain tool. And the thing I really love about this other than the size of it
and how heavy this thing is, is the fact that it’s got twin jaws on it. So that means that it’s really good for splitting and joining a chain, but also for removing a stiff link, and that’s something you don’t always see on a little multi tool that
you’re out on the trail with. So this really is well though about. And then, in the bottom
of the handle here, nice extra feature that
you don’t tend to see on these workshop spec
ones, extra driver pin. So, that’s a real good thing so this is built to last and then you’ve got the
spare parts for it as well. Essential for any mountain
biker to have one of those. Next up, we’ve got this
torque set up here. In the casing on the top here you’ve got three, four, five,
six, and a T25 bit there. Really simplified version of what is normally a big clunky tool. Essential for just making
sure you don’t over tighten your controls and things like
crack your brake lever clamps or your stem. And it’s just got a
simple dial setup there so when you’re tying, it just correlates to the sort of torque setting that you need to for that part. Really nice little compact version there. Next up, an eight and a
ten mm open ended spanner useful for cable clamps
and also for brakes. Just a nice quality of vanadium steel. Really good that. Next up is a chain wear indicator tool. So a really useful thing to have just so you can monitor the
chain wear on your bike. Of course, if you replace your chain more often than your cassette, you could probably get two
of those to one cassette, whereas the other way
round it’s gonna cost you a lot more money. On the underside of it
is a third hand tool, that’s for holding a chain together when you’re driving a pin through. So sometimes you have to have
a friend help you do that or you can sort of whittle it a bit, but this is actually the
proper tool for that. Really useful to have. Next up is a full workshop
spec set of Allen keys. So they range from 1.5 up to the eights. There’s eight of them here, and they’re ball ended keys. And that’s really useful for getting into those difficult spaces. And as well as being kept
inside this case securely, they’re in their own independent case. So that’s a really good
way of not losing them because we all know the smaller Allen keys can go wandering time to time. Essential bit of kit. Next up is a spoke key, and
this has got multiple sizes from 13, 14, 15’s even on there. There’s loads, loads of options on there. Obviously it’s good to make
sure you can tighten up those spoke nipples if you get loose ones, and for truing your wheel. Next up is the Torx wrench keys. We’ve got eight of these ranging from the tiny little T7 which you don’t really see
that often on a mountain bike, but the comparative torque
stripes is increasing so, it’s a really good thing to have. All the way up to a T30
so they’re all there and if you’ve got some thing
like four wheelered brakes you’ll find that you need
the smaller Torx keys for the brake lever clamps
and things like that. Really useful to have. Next up is this cool sort
of screwdriver socket set. So you’ve got two double ended pieces. You’ve got the Phillips set up there. It literally just slots in place and you can reverse that
for the smaller size, and the same for the
flathead, really useful and obviously you’re
getting four for one there. So, great bit of kit. And finally, probably one
of the most essential things any cyclist can have is a
decent set of cable cutters. So you don’t want to fray your cables when you’re putting a new
gear cable in to your bike, so don’t cut anything with
these except gear cables or brake cables. Because if you start to
cut things like spokes with them you start
blunting the edges of them and you will only fray your cables. And then, just on the inside here it’s just a little set of jaws for squashing on those cable nipples. Great bit of kit. So there you go. That is the Topeak PrepBox,
so a really cool 36 piece professional toolkit housed
inside this really good, kind of, indestructible plastic casing. Now, what does it cost? So it’s 329.99 in the UK. That’s the retail price. And it’s 375 Euros or $442. So you could think that’s quite expensive but if you actually add
up the individual cost of all the tools, you’ll find
it comes to about the same price. Plus you’re getting a really
good casing it all comes in. And of course, if you’re
mountain biker like I am, so if you like to keep
things neat and tidy and you don’t want to lose anything. So a really, really good
essential piece of kit. Now don’t forget you
can win some of these. So click in the link below. Just to find out a little bit
more about that competition for how to do that. And in the meantime,
obviously, click on the globe to subscribe. It’s got brand new content
coming for you every single day. And for 10 life hacks
click right down here. And for 10 maintenance mistakes
to avoid click over here. And of course if you
like this Topeak PrepBox, give us a thumbs up.

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  1. It sounds like the ideal kit to keep in the car when going to trails. Much better than throwing random tools into a tool box. ?

  2. #askgmbn I will really appreciate if I could win this because I'm 14 years old and really serious about mtn biking and my parents bought me a new bike and won't give money for mtb tools.i have watched all your videos and would love if I get this❤.

  3. Cable 'nipples' are actually called ferrules and the 'squashing' of said 'nipples' is called crimping.
    Call me a language snob if you want but if you're working with tools every day like me, it's a lot easier and faster to give and get them if everyone knows their proper names.

  4. #askgmbm why are u not giving away any of the giveaways e.g. Park tool kit ,helmet ,knee pads and the crank set (thinking of a unsubscribe)

  5. Seems ridiculously expensive when you would probably never use all the bottom bracket tools and those probably cost the most. By the way thats a 1/2" breaker bar

  6. Wow i'd love this set because i pretty much have no tools (only a allen key set) which means i need to go to a bike shop to repair/replace components (and i do break things constantly). Also i'd love to learn on my mechanical skills!

  7. what an absolute rip off, topeak tools are ridiculously over priced, they even make park tools look cheap! I'd rather go to halfords for my torx and hex keys since they have a life time warranty, buy some cheaper torque wrenches off amazon and invest in some park too BB pullers and still have some left over money to play with for a decent little hardcase with foam inserts of ebay.

  8. #askgmbn I am wanting to put a volume spacer in my rockshox revelation but I don’t know what size to get because I don’t know what size my upper tubes are?

  9. What I'd really like to see is that case and blank foam inserts that I can cut to hold the tools I would actually use from my workshop e.g. master link pliers, a small adjustable (in place of that spanner that doesn't have 7mm for Shimano's newer brake hoses), side cutters, and freakin cable ties!

  10. You Shoud not buy this… for 375 € youre better off buying name brand like gedore or wera (dont no any imperial brand) that will last you a lifetime.

    Wut ?
    $ to € = 396
    £ to € = 384
    €= 375

  11. Nice compact kit! I still have a Topeak track pump that's at least 20 years old and looks as good as new still and a couple multitool that have accompanied me on hundreds of rides over the years. Great quality tools that I use weekly. I'm currently working with foster children in group homes and trying to get them on the trails, which means I'm luck enough to MTB at work, but also means I'm doing more bike maintenance than the local bike shop!

  12. hmm kit Looks good ,i want this but the price i think is Little bit overpriced. i want to check is this worth of this price .

  13. hmm kit Looks good ,i want this but the price i think is Little bit overpriced. i want to check is this worth of this price .

  14. hmm kit Looks good ,i want this but the price i think is Little bit overpriced. i want to check is this worth of this price .

  15. hmm kit Looks good ,i want this but the price i think is Little bit overpriced. i want to check is this worth of this price .

  16. hmm kit Looks good ,i want this but the price i think is Little bit overpriced. i want to check is this worth of this price .

  17. I don't understand why they keep putting those outdated botom bracket tools (for the non-hollow BBs) and don't start adding press fit clamps, instead, or just add all of them. It is expensive set enough, so they could afford a stupid PF clamp. I made myself one, out of 18x120mm bolt and nut and two big washers and it costed me 2€ to buy them from the local HW store, while this set is 10€ per tool, average. Otherwise it is very nice to have.

  18. The tire levers included in this kit are the best ones I have ever owned. Plastic at least on the outside, so you don't scratch your rims unlike metal ones, but super strong nonetheless even for 2ply downhill tires.
    Of course you can also buy them separately and don't need the whole toolbox for these. 😉
    (Topeak Shuttle Lever 1.2)

  19. This case is absolutely perfect for my little barn. And that are very nice tools, but i dont know if you send it to the Netherlands if I win.

  20. I'm not adverse to buying tools, I have amassed thousands of pounds worth over the years but I fail to see the worth in that set. … I mean there not snap on or even Britool. … To be honest
    I think a set like that would be expensive at half the price….. Nice give away from someone tho, keep up the good work…

  21. Nice tools in a nice/convenient travel case…great for bringing to the trail head in case you or a buddy need to wrench on your bike before or after a ride. A real ride saver.

  22. Sorry, very nice video but….. This case is a rip-off ?. You could get yourself a nice cantilever box and buy tools separately which would cost you a third of the price and better quality tools! Would be nice to win one though, as although it's frigging expensive, it's nice and compact / stylish ?.

  23. Whoa! $442!? Who does Topeak think they are? Parktool? I already have all of those tools and more. And they didn't cost that much all together. About half that price would be a decent value.

  24. Hi Doddy, is this kit relevant for a SRAM Eagle 1x 12 set up (in terms of cassette and crank removal etc? I just saw this set being used by Neil trailside. Thank you, Tim

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