Unboxing the Bear Archery Limited Edition Takedown Recurve
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Unboxing the Bear Archery Limited Edition Takedown Recurve

August 19, 2019

Hi, I’m Johnathan Karch with 3Rivers Archery. Today we have an unboxing video with the brand new, Bear Archery, limited edition
takedown. There’s only 250 of these being made and
this is the first one that we’ve been able to get in. It’s number 61 out of 250.
Now, for those who don’t know Bear Archery is making the B riser and number
one limbs which makes a 60 inch bow and really let’s just dive right into it.
First thing to notice when you look at it here very nice, high quality, made in
the US case. This is made by Neet Archery for Bear, and they are absolutely
fabulous all by themselves. Just really good attention to detail
good quality leather. Things you’d expect out and Neet. Really glad that that
partnership started there. Nice patch. On the back here we have for putting your
ID card business card into a slide on the side that way you know can identify
yours if if the numbering on in the front you know you and your buddies get
together and you put your cases down. Good quality zipper. Opening up here and you really see just absolutely awesome styling here. Good, good choices by Bear
here. Nice little pocket for style. You know throw extra string things like that.
Stamped. Made in the USA logo on here always good always like you say great colors. I
believe there’ll be different patterns per case. Just a little unique twist to it when Neets making them. First thing you
notice here certificate of authenticity. We’re not going to pull that one out.
Just leave it in there, but just shows that hey this this is a limited edition
quality item you’re getting here. So we have that. String. it does take a D97
string so they get to use high performance string with it you know do
what you like. Nice standard one to have for it. For those are gonna be shooting it
and then we have the packaging here we have the riser and these are separate of
themselves there’s ties here. That ties it down in place. Like I said, just a really nice quality case for a really nice bow. Oh man yeah just absolutely, absolutely
nice. This is the first I’m seeing of this but also. I feel like I should be
wearing gloves it’s just absolutely gorgeous. Nice gloss finish to it. Got
everything in place bear medallion check check. Nice clean, no holes in it otherwise like quiver bushings or other things like that.
Everything is kept very similar to the standard takedown just a little extra
nice features to it. Madagascar Ebony wood being used we have three pieces of
it here and a riser and like I said that semi-gloss finish if not just gloss
finish caramel glass baby mmm looks good. and on the limbs here like I said also
tie-down straps to keep them in place a little just really what Bear was aiming
for yours have this is this is a legacy piece this is something that will be in
your family you hand down. Just a really gorgeous bow and for those that own standard takedowns I mean you know how they shoot okay so this is attached together
sewn together we’re not gonna put the bow together just because that’s for
whoever wants to buy this that’s a that’s their pleasure but just kind of
showing it off here. It’s just absolutely gorgeous these have been a long time in
the making now Bear is looking to make four limited edition bows. The nice thing
of when you buy one whether it’s pre-order or what-not getting on this first
one here so this is number 61 of 250 when the next three bows come out you’ll
get a call, email either from us or from Bear Archery that says, “hey, you had number 61 of the first one do you want number 61 of the next one and the one after that
and the one after that. So you can have four matching bows of the matching
serial number. In all the same excellent quality that you’re seeing
here beautiful penmanship while the decals are great shape glass looks good.
Like I said, it comes with FastFlight string or a high performance string D97
so you can put high performance strings on it as you like
goes together same style that would with a takedown and slides right in there
locks in place and string it up like you normally would and shoot it. This is the
Bear Archery limited edition takedown bow B riser #1 limbs makes a
60-inch bow overall. Absolutely enjoy, absolutely love it. You can get one for
yourself go ahead and do it. This one’s actually for sale so if you’re looking
for it this one’s a right hand 45 pounder at 28 inches it’ll be
available we’ll have a link so you can find it and then also if you liked the
video like the unboxing idea that we’re doing here give us a like put a comment
of other items you’d like to see us unbox or you know tips or suggestions
for us and if you really enjoy the video share it. Share with your friends, whether
they’re on social media or just email to others. We’re always looking for feedback,
so leave it below. I’m Johnathan Karch with 3Rivers Archery.

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  1. Isn't that Macassar Ebony, not Madagascar Ebony…is it just me or does the belly side of the limb look like it has streaks in the glass? Look at 3:29 and 4:08

  2. Hy guys!

    Today I will give you an update of the Bear TD reviews:
    Got a brandnew unused Bear TD 2 weeks ago and unwrapping it it faced several quality problems none of the reviewers are talking about:
    1.) Limbs do not fit very smoothly into raisers´ lock, so not only noisy but causes a shock with every shot. Of course easily to repair with just a piece of thin leather or felt, but unacceptable for a >900$ bow!
    2.) Fixing a Thunderhorn two Point quiver the bushing break out and damaged the raisers´ surface. Again, not a very big job to repair it, but I have not even shot a very single arrow!
    3.) Use of FastFlight strings
    Bear Archery offers just Dacron, but almost all resellers offer FastFlight. Asking Bear Archery they said with bows made after 1999 it shouldn´t be a problem but higher abrasion has to be accepted…but what "higher abrasion" means in number of shots or so they didn´t answer!
    I will not bore you with the customers complaint trouble I have to handle currently but for your information, Bear Archery offers just 1 (ONE) year warranty for its traditional bows while the technically much more complicated compounds come with lifetime warranty…Black Widow offers 5 years, Bearpaw even 30 years!
    No doubt, the Bear TD is a beautyful vintage bow, technically not latest state of art (just check Hybrid bows) but apparently good shooting, but with a severe quality problem and therefore totally overpriced!
    And for all of you still interested in this bow (including me) an important hint:
    1.) buy it through a dealer in the EU, so you get at least 2 years warranty by law
    2.) don´t buy it online but in a shop where you can check inmediately the described problems!
    Good luck and always into the center!

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