Unboxing the Bear Archery Limited Edition Takedown Recurve 2 of 4 Series
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Unboxing the Bear Archery Limited Edition Takedown Recurve 2 of 4 Series

August 18, 2019

3Rivers Archery Your Longbow and Recurve Experts Hi, I’m Johnathan Karch with 3Rivers Archery. Today we’re doing an unboxing of
Bear Archery’s Limited edition series. Number two. This is an A handle and I just want to show what it looks like when they
gets unboxed so you can see it. So the box it comes in shipping box
pretty basic to it. But offers great security. Wrapping around it sized perfectly for
it. So we have, like if you’re familiar with the #1 in the series, same
case since the first one was a B riser with #1 limbs, the second
one here is an A riser with #3 limbs. So both make a 60-inch bow, and if
you own both of them you know he would do a combination to anyway that you’d
like for it. Because the limbs will work together. So as before very nice case
excellent features – great attention to detail. The stitching The stitching is really nice. Badge there is in great shape. Good quality handles to it. Good quality leather, period. And then the business card slot. All right, its got a nice zipper here. Single zipper. Holds it in place. And unzip it. Open her up. Okay, a little different than the last case and I believe I said that before is the cases
the material inside will change a bit. Very soft good padding in there. I’d say
each side’s got at least a half inch of padding to it. A little accessories pocket here. Opens up. Or gusset to it so it can expand if you’re using it for that. Then we have the certificate of authenticity. We’ve got same BCY high-performance
bow string that comes with it. and a traditional bow owner’s manual
from Bear Archery. Same one looks like that you get with
all of their Bear bows. So you have the information on all that. Good solid information to have. Let’s take a look at the riser first.
So this is tied down in place here. So all these are individual parts but held in place like I said. They really do nice attention to quality here on this. I mean even the stitching here. Just for holding a riser case in place. Very nice. Looks like shearling there.
Oh yeah, it goes feels like all the way down there. So this bow,
or this riser, got great protection. There we go. An excellent Absolutely gorgeous quality here.
The wood is just beautiful. This is Macassar Ebony. And as you see it is gorgeous.
Great grain patterns to it. Some nice variation in this one here. Got the Bear medallion. And that’s the only Only thing put into the riser.
There’s no quiver bushings, there’s no compass, nothing like that. The takedown system is legendary in itself. You know it’s worked for a long time. So why change it. Nice brown glass is beautiful. All in all great. This one is #13 of 250.
Again if you did not have the first one there are people that did not
want to continue the series so there are some available. Here at 3Rivers Archery
or anywhere if there’s a particular number you’re looking for.
You can get it built to your specs. Left hand, right hand. Really any weight that you want. So there’s that. Let’s take a look at the limbs. Nice leather tie-down straps as before. This is stitched together. It’s a
one-piece but two pockets. Alright. Also, good shearling there keep them nice and protected. Case is phenomenal. I have to say that. Absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful work on the tips. They’re cut nicely. A lot of attention to detail. Bear really out did themselves with these bows. Nice thing with them being a continued series
here is they’re you know they’re learning from what they have on their
first bow goes into the second bow with the alert from the second bow will go
into the third bow and then into the fourth bow of the whole series for it. Really gorgeous. Gorgeous laminations there. And I know the glass is something that’s
been very critical on a lot of bows these days. But Bear Archery I mean really look into the details here. The glass is clear. And looks Just great. Just really great. Brown and white tips. And they are reinforced. It comes with a high
performance string so you can use high performance strings on them. If you
choose to shoot them and not just collect a bow like this. Beautiful. Beautiful work there. So that’s the Bear. It is an A riser, #3 limbs.
Which makes a 60 inch bow. Limbs can be used between the two different ones if
you have both. Or if you have different Takedown Risers and that.
They will clip in there. Not putting this together, because this is for the owners. That’s theirs. I just wanted to show it off so that everyone out there could really
appreciate what these bows are. I’m Johnathan Karch with 3Rivers Archery. Thanks for watching today. If you liked it, please give it a thumbs up. If you have any comments or questions
please put them below. And if you enjoyed the video, please hit that share button to share it with your friends and family. Thanks for watching.

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  1. Bear as always been the Cadillac of traditional gear. This recurve is absolutely a work of art. Thanks for the video and you all have a blessed day.

  2. Material inside the case looked better for the 1st bow. Should have left it all plaid. Hate to say it but the change to a solid makes the case look a little cheaper inside. But, the bow is beautiful. A work of art. I wonder how many people will shoot them. I like to think I would. If not, you either sell it or someone, someday will get the experience of shooting it. Looking forward to seeing the last two.

  3. Beautiful Bow and case honey father's day is right around the corner your not my father and you already got 4 bows honey my birthday is in august no!

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