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August 17, 2019

in three two one guys don’t know what
Jake’s doing but I think he’s up to something again in the garage Jake what
are you doing Logan glad you came in time buddy I’m getting the car ready for
trick-or-treating it’s only a few weeks away and this year Logan we are gonna be
the best trick-or-treaters in the entire city I’m expecting the biggest return on
candy we have ever seen I’m strapping to trick-or-treat bags to the side of the
i8 allowing us to maximize our candy intake this baby hits a hundred and four
point nine seconds Logan will be able to hit every house in the city just kind of
get the bags on here Jake I’m not going trick-or-treating this year what do you
what do you mean look and I’m this this is gonna be our biggest year yet for our
most candy will ever get tell me you’re not going this year
why just don’t think I want to this year oh wait wait wait Jake I just said I
don’t want to go this year Logan what are you saying
trick-or-treating is the most important part of the year next to Santa Claus
coming this is time where we get all of our candy Halloween isn’t about getting
the most candy it’s about having an awesome costume and when was the last
time we had a good costume you’re right Logan you’re right all right well admit
it our costumes haven’t been that great as
of recent and yes everyone knows there is a law of physics the jerk candy ratio
is equal or opposite to your costume epicness but Logan what if I told you I
know a way to get us the best Halloween costumes this year we will be the best
halloweeners this city has ever seen Halloween errs Jake how are we gonna get
good costumes Logan I’ve ran the numbers for tonight is in this year and I think
the only way for us to win this year’s Halloween is to do for that I suggest I
get ourselves a fortnight Halloween mystery box and we take whatever we get
from that and become the best Halloween please stop saying Halloween is there’s
no time Logan I’m ordering it right now and order complete support my Baba wait
oh well that was quick hey what’s going on Papa Jake Bamm its father Jake here
and we are back with a brand new video and today guys we have this big bad boy
beside us it is our fortnight mystery box but not only is it that guys it is
our fortnight supply drop Halloween edition that’s right Alois just around
the corner and you guys know Papa Jake loves
Halloween Logan loves to read look I think I damage the box a little bit
break it but guys we got our Halloween for tonight the mystery box we’ve been
open up today we have got a mystery box in a while so I’m super stoked to be
openness with you guys also Before we jump in I want to remind
you guys if you’re brand new to the Papa Jake fam be sure to hit the subscribe
button be sure to hit the Buy button so you never miss a brand new video let’s
try and crush 20,000 likes for some more mystery boxes but dude this thing is
massive how do we get into it I need something to open this big
mystery box this is a monkey wrench all right we can’t use this to open this up
what am I gonna do repair it it doesn t bult tiny Logan this is in the cutter
tool this is not gonna get inside this thing but by the way I just want to
point out I love that it says for tonight.here just just in case you
forgot what this is it’s like Fortnight supreme edition well give me a better
cut of tool in this all right dude you can’t this is a drill this isn’t a
cutter tool this is for screwing things alright Amy I’m not even gonna look at
it because I know Logan will give me a real cutter tool where is it
okay I want to dignify this by opening my eyes this is not a cutter tool this
is either a spear woke and this is an umbrella is it raining in here
this isn’t gonna cut anything alright I’m back and I now have my cut
tool so it is finally time to get inside this for that mystery box before I do so
guys and before we get some hopefully really awesome for in a Halloween items
let me know in the comments what do you think is inside here and if you are
dressing up for Halloween why don’t you dress it up as because I’m gonna be
something in here hopefully still don’t know what’s inside this thing so I’m
really excited let’s start actually massive alright there we go not the best
cutting job but I think it is time to open this thing up Logan are you ready
in 3 2 1 whoa fog in here oh so it looks like some things got
jumbled around but you know look at this that is a lot of stuff guys it’s crazy
and there’s there’s spider webs fog there’s spiders help there’s spiders in
here okay all right Jake what are these oh those look really gross they’re like
sticky eyeballs okay well this is definitely Halloween spiders real
spiders coming at you like that okay that’s definitely a fake spider I hope
but alright this is the four night Halloween mystery box
I guess want to do this in regular mystery box sounds so dumb so don’t look
don’t look I’m gonna do I’m gonna try my best not to look either cuz I want to go
through this one by one first item googly eyes oh yeah looking you’re gonna
wear these right Jake those look disgusting how do I look yeah all right well you got a googly
eyes these are super sticky but that’s interesting okay let’s uh let’s start
going through this thing and pit take out the items one by one and see what we
got inside well one of the first things that I got a graphics one the first
things I saw check this out it’s got some spider webs on it it’s a unicorn
okay guys dude how cool is because I just realized you guys know these these
gonna be sweet for Halloween but we can definitely use these in some videos of
ours this thing is sick I’m gonna give it a test run here we got
it lots of wood with his face so uh yeah first off not not too bad definitely
gonna probably use this as a pickaxe cut this unicorn is gonna make an awesome
addition to our four night costumes by the way I mention there are a bunch of
creepy Halloween stuff in here like eyeballs and I just noticed this thing
is filled with fortnight’s stickers guys check this out you got got like llama
got like these guys these gonna be cool to give away to you guys
oh I see something I’ve been the one up here dude it’s caught in the web I think
I know what this is it’s either a grenade or oh what a real-life boogey
bomb I’m kinda scared man what you start dancing sure I should do this three two
one hey Logan cats throwing this at everyone
during trick-or-treating guys receive someone in front of you at a door
getting loads of candy you wanna go in there snag all of it
just toss one of these in there and they’ll start dancing down you grab all
the candy you want in no one steal candy from other people guys unless you call
my bookie pom that’s the point of this all right next item lists care to go in
here and there’s like so much spider webs this of it’s creepy we got our
first costume foreskin is the Dino costume yo this thing looks smooth I who
wants this one yeah I’ll play you rock paper scissors Oh Rock Paper Scissors
rock paper scissors Oh looks like I get the t-rex skin I’m sure there’s gonna be
something really cool in there for Logan guys you know Papa Jake never loses a
rock-paper-scissors look you can play me at home I I swear you’ll you’ll lose
ready rock paper scissors win every time guys win every time comment down below
if you lost but alright I think I got to try this thing on because this thing
looks awesome oh man this is gonna be awesome guys
check this out it looks exactly like it’s from the game J cash boom oh yeah guys this is so sick
I’m not only high for Halloween but I’m also hyped just for the fact that we get
to use these in videos now I want to do another near fortnight video just cuz I
have this all right guys sticking my hand in let’s see what I can get oh boy
there’s a lot of stuff in here huddle team leader facemask dude that
looks so sick okay we’re adding costumes together now guys I’m ready to cuddle
but also be a t-rex alright well right off the bat I see something I don’t know
man the rarest pickaxe in the game check this break you might have just broke the
most rare pickaxe in the game move around when they ship this thing alright
well we may up for one second had the most rare pickaxe in the game but it
looks like it might now okay I really want the scar look what I found
it’s a pumpkin launcher you check that out this thing is so cool awesome videos guys oh it’s definitely
alright let’s try it on this board over here ready three two one that was the
ball and our pickaxes go we’re gonna have the coolest Halloween outfit this
year oh boy I think I see something dude I gotta go win those call them through
the spider infested layers I think I found something Logan well before I get
to that Logan I definitely found something I don’t know if that’s for
night Logan it looks like a sad little red thing let’s throw him in a wall definitely not for tonight related but I
guess kind of a cool thing to add to the mystery box we’ll just there next up
though what I was seeing is skull trooper oh yeah dude I lock seams so I
guess that’s mine that’s true dude alright yo you gotta try this on man guys I think Logan found his costume but
I think there’s one more thing in here and I think I know what it is okay at
first I saw it and I was like I don’t know what this thing is
nah fitting in the Halloween mystery box it’s a low-key found the last thing and
he accidentally set it off there’s a stink bomb inside the mystery box
Oh guys it’s about to snow really bad oh god that smells so bad oh no that
actually smells so terrible how could you do that
rotten eggs times a million okay well I guess we’re gonna have to chill outside
for the rest of the day I had Logan set up a stink bomb house that was the last
thing in the mystery box item eight was a stink bomb from fort night and yeah
now I can I can understand when you throw those things how bad they are in
the game cuz that smells horrible but guys thank you so very much for
watching this mr. box video if you guys did enjoy it be sure to smack the like
button down below and let us know if we should do some more mystery boxes of
course I Papa Jake and Logan and we’ll see you guys next time for another
awesome video

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