Ultimate Office Chair? Herman Miller Embody Review
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Ultimate Office Chair? Herman Miller Embody Review

August 26, 2019

This is one of the most comfortable office
chairs I’ve sat on. The unique structure of this chair is visually
stunning, it’s incredibly flexible to conform and support my back and it has most of the
knobs and adjustments you’d expect in a premium office chair. But it’s not perfect with the clunky arm
rests, the uncomfortable seat pan for leg crossers, and even after sitting on it for
a week I’m still making adjustments to the lumbar support to get it dialed in just right. Hi I’m David and this is my review of the
Herman Miller Embody chair So a couple quick notes upfront. I borrowed this chair from Herman Miller (configuration
on screen?) and sat on it for about week using it for my computer setup. And for frame of reference, I’m on the smaller
size standing at 5 feet 7 inches tall at about 140 pounds (29 inch inseam). So let’s start with the best part about
this chair. The back support. Instead of the traditional foam cushion padding
found on most chairs. The Herman Miller Embody uses a suspended
rubber canvas that’s supported by this plastic skeleton structure. The fabric, rubber canvas, and plastic support
are all flexible to conform to your back to minimize any pressure points, giving you the
freedom to stretch and move around while you work. This is definitely a really comfortable chair
experience that I’ve never felt in another office chair. But getting the back support adjusted properly
the first time you sit on it isn’t simple. Turning this knob adjusts the upper back support
and how aggressive the lumbar support curves into your back. And it’s this lumbar support that will typically
make or break the experience for most people with this chair, as it is quite stiff compared
to the rest of the back support and can be painful in the lower back region the first
time you sit in it. It took me a couple days before I even felt
like I had it adjusted properly. And even a week later I’m still making minor
adjustments to the lumbar support as I get used to the chair. Also something minor to note with the back
support are the squeaks and creaking noise while moving the back around that might annoy
some people on such an expensive office chair. Next let’s talk about the chair adjustments
found on the Herman Miller Embody. I’ve talked about the importance of the
various chair adjustment in another video and as to be expected this chair has them
all. The seat pan depth is a little awkward to
adjust with these handles on the front but it works. There’s a switch on the side to quickly
set the tilt limiter at 4 different levels. And while you can’t lock the chair in a
reclined position, the stiffness of the tilt recline can be loosened to make reclining
feel effortless. The height is adjustable like any other chair
but uses this joystick toggle instead of a traditional paddle. The arm rests are also height adjustable and
they also can be moved closer or further away from your body. But the mechanism is a little clunky. Also I find the arm rests to be quite large
and far forward with no option to move them back, so for me who likes to tuck in my chair. They just end up getting in the way most of
the time, so I usually just leave them at the lowest setting and never use them. Back to the comfort of the chair. I already mentioned the back support is really
comfortable but the seat pan is also really comfortable too. The design of seat pan is also quite unique
since it doesn’t use the traditional foam padding but a suspended plastic coil spring
design. This combined with the Balance Fabric material
makes the chair feel really breathable, which is nice for those people who get warm sitting
on the typical foam padded chairs. The downside though to this coil spring design
is that you can feel the individual components dig into your legs if you don’t sit straight
or like to sit crossed legs once in a while like I do. So it’s not ideal for that but I guess it
helps encourage you to sit properly in your chair. In the end, the Herman Miller Embody is truly
a unique and stunning looking chair. While the first time you sit in the chair,
it will probably feel a bit odd. And it will take some time and adjusting to
get used to it. And while I wish the arm rests had a bit more
flexibility and the supports in the seat pan didn’t poke at me when I sit cross legged
in the chair. The back support is truly one of a kind and
is surprisingly one of the most comfortable office chair I’ve experienced that almost
makes the $1500 price tag seem reasonable. Almost. But I’m not too sure yet. Maybe I’ll try out some other chairs first. But hope you guys enjoyed this one. You know what to do. And I’ll see you in the video.

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  1. Fantastic review, I've been sitting in an Embody for over a year now, you nailed all the pros and cons. The design and look is amazing so it pains me to say this but it has too many shortcomings to warrant the price tag.

  2. nice…but where was the headrest…??…also the chair was noticably dirty..did they send it to you that way or did you just forget to clean it before making the review…LOL

  3. Stupid arguments, like those about armrests, what do you expect? Its adjustable in every direction, and you managed to complain. You cant expect to have right armrest height in ratio to table which is in fixed position. You have 2 options: buy high end office furniture so you can adjust it properly, or go to kids furniture store and buy furniture that fits you off the rack.

  4. To hell with that, if you ever catch me paying over a thousand bucks on a chair please dropkick me in the chest

  5. Thank you so much for this proper review on a chair that seems to be so god damn rare these days. I especially appreciate the part where you talked about cross legged position as I find myself sitting in that position far too often.
    $1500 is definitely not worth it if it isn't the "ultimate" chair I dream of having. Though that 12 year warranty almost had me sucked in.

  6. I bought the Embody for my office and the Mirra 2 for my home office maybe 2-3 years ago, and i love them BOTH, but each has their own pros/cons. It's funny cuz i love to sit cross-legged too, lol… although not the best for your spine.

    The seat comfort on the Embody is unmatched, in my opinion. But i wish it had the same arm rests as the Mirra 2 which are SO adjustable, there's not a motion or direction you CANT do. But i agree with the vid, the Embody's arms are a little limited and also clunky, although the PADDING is great, i love it.

    Overall i love BOTH of my chairs, i waited for the bi-annual Herman Miller sale before purchasing and got 15% off, and both chairs come with a 10-year warranty.

    Probably should've started with this little anecdote, but what prompted me to research these chairs (or a new chair in general) was i was starting to experience constant pain in my right butt cheek, and my left foot was feeling numb… i sit for 10+hrs a day easily. I can now say (and this happened within weeks) after using these two chairs, BOTH of those symptoms are completely gone. So, money well-spent in my opinion 😁👍🏽

  7. I sat in it, not my favorite. Seriously guys make sure you try these out before you look into getting one. It may look cool, and you may think you will enjoy it, but you wont know until you try it.

    Me personally, I did not even think it was worth 200 dollars.

  8. I just got this chair preowned as I could not justify paying full price for it. Secondly I had to purchase blindly as there aren't any Herman Miller dealers out here in Las Vegas. You and I are approximately the same height and weight. That translates well to conveying your impressions of the chair.

    It's only my second day using it and my feelings are analogous to yours regarding the adjustments in the lumbar and the arm rests. I wish the arm rests operated from a ball-joint which could be infinitely customized. Furthermore, the padding on the arms do not cup the one's arms, whereas even entry level chairs have a bit more compression in the padding to allow the arms to sink in.

    I transitioned from a $99 Sam's club executive chair to this one. Although the Sam's club chair was decently comfortable, I did have to add a lumbar pad for support. Furthermore the chair's pleather upholstery developed numerous cracks making it embarrassingly unattractive after two years of use.

    I think I'll keep the HM chair as it is not painful to use. I would look into obtaining an OEM headrest or crafting something to provide neck support as well.

    I did consider the Steelcase Leap at one point. And I may try one out in the future to compare and contrast.

  9. bought a Costco executive Beauty rest chair for $200 after a $100 off sale and it feels GREAT. I know this because I sit in it for literally hours writing screenplays and books. If you want to know how a chair might feel like before you pay these silly prices ask a writer how they like their chair or what chair they would recommend. These chairs that people pay thousands for in my opinion are a complete rip-off. Just my two cents.

  10. it's funny because most people commenting here have not tried out this chair. I was fortunate to try it out when i went to one of my dad's friends' house. This chair is by far the most comfortable thing ive ever sat in and is absolutely worth its price tag if you're gonna be sitting for a long time everyday, like me. Everyday i get home and do my homework and would play at least one comp game of csgo, so that's like 3 hours guranteed on a chair basically. definitely worth your buck tbh

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  12. Unfortunately this guy has no idea what he’s talking about. There is so much incorrect information in this review.

  13. The chair is definitely worth the money. Most people can’t afford this high level of quality so they complain about the price. This chair was not made for average people.

  14. I had this chair for 3 years. The biggest problem is that there is NO headrest. Feel tired after 2-3 hours sitting. The only good thing is that its does looks cool.

  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cV6G1LnU_Mg – this is our answer to every chair. Why are people sitting? cheaper, healthier … more convenient what do you think about it?

  16. This is an extraordinary chair. The adjustment is so versatile that you can find a perfect setting for you. I have scoliosis, stenosis, a back injury, arthritis and am nearly 70 years old and this is a dream chair. I find that there is not just one setting that is perfect for you all of the time. Sometimes I want great lumbar, sometimes a bit less. Sometime I want to tip back further and sometimes sit up straight with greater support. Sometimes I want my feet on a stool so the chair is raised a bit and other times lower with my feet flat on the floor. For those struggling with the lumbar in particular, start it soft and increase it a bit over time rather than trying to find the perfect firmness the first time. I love that the Embody lengthens if I want to tuck a leg or shortens for legs on the floor. I love it.

  17. Dude, I think the 1st thing you need to mention when talking about a chair id the price, because if see $1400 for a chair I immediately stop watching. With $1400 you can buy an awesome gaming PC with monitor and all the accessories. $1400 for a chair is a joke.

  18. I’ve had this chair for a couple of years and still haven’t found comfortable adjustments lol, save your money not worth the 1k I paid

  19. The chair is ergonomically designed for office use but the author of this video is like "lol sometimes i sit crossed leggged." WTF no chair is designed for that

  20. That’s shit better have a motor in it to me my car because ima be broke if I buy a chair that’s that expensive

  21. You said that you cant cross your legs etc. comfortably. But as you said its because it is forcing good posture. Did you still get the urge to sit like that at times? I feel like if my back didn't end up hurting as I sit. Then I would be ok not being able to sit with my leg up etc…

    For people mentioning the price. Ill bet you wouldnt be shocked hearing about people spending $2,000 on back surgery, therapy, back braces and chiropractic care over 10-12 years. This isnt just some normal chair you buy. Its for your health.

  22. I have owned one of these chairs for a few years now and all I can say is that over time you will feel its worth. If you spend long hours a day at your desk it doesn't take long to realize that after using this chair, no more sore back / neck from long days. Using "boardroom" chairs as "computer" chairs at work and then coming home and sitting in my Embody, you certainly appreciate what its doing for your back over years of usage. A chair is a long term investment and id recommend one to anyone who sits at a desk all day but if you only use your computer for a few hours a day, your probably better of with something cheaper.

  23. Honest question here, what is in your opinion, the best chair for long hours of study? Before hand, thanks for the attention.

  24. I love this review. Objective, well articulated, idyllic background music and crisp video editing. Would love to see you review Steelcase's product line. The Gesture(saw your first impression video) comes up very often but I'm curious to finally see a review of the Steelcase/Ideo collaboration: Leap Worklounge.

  25. For this price this chair should be able to make me a coffee, have regulated temperature, massage, and be so comfy that wouldn't be able to tell if im sitting or not. Also have no flaws at all. 1500$? I'm sitting on a chair for 70$ from Ikea and i can sit on it for 12 hours straight without even felling that im sitting. And damn, i'm sitting properly.

  26. All the poor kids in the comment section whining about having no money, and actually thinks their shitty DX racers are good chairs lmao.

  27. Sitting in the office for a long time, feeling backache? You need a sihoo ergonomic office chair. Just cost $209.9

  28. Over a year with this chair and love it. This is one of those chairs that MAKES you sit properly. Initially I felt discomfort due to the adjustments, but once set, it is amazing.

  29. Why doesn't it even have reclining locks? From a chair if this price I pretend to have all the adjustments a good chair should have.

  30. This is interesting, and the chair is interesting. The Aeron chair (used one 3-4 times a week for 3 years), is still the best I've ever used, second best is the mesh one from Costco $125 (after 5 years the seat mesh is dead. I've replaced the mesh in the seat of the one I had before with heavy duty (pet) window screen, and I'll do this one once I find the window screen again. My experience, is that the Costco mesh, the Aeron mesh and the heavy duty window screen are about the same. The back of a chair doesn't matter to me. The back of the chair doesn't matter, almost all back issues are core abdominal muscle weakness. Regular work on your abs makes the only issue with chair being the seat. Armrests cause chronic shoulder pain. I've been a distance swimmer, still sea kayak: both shoulder stressers-arm rests are the bigger problem- if your shoulders hurt, just flip up every armrest, especially in your vehicle.

    The difference between a standing desk, sitting in bed and any chair is how the front part of the chair puts pressure on the backs of your thighs. I've been watching your videos because I want to shift to a standing desk, I like standing up, but I also know I'm not fully adapted to typing and handwriting standing up; I appreciate your sharing how you stand and sit.

  31. I see some people complaining about price and I totally agree, it's expensive. I also think it's the best chair money can buy, solved my lower back pain I had from other chairs.
    Headrest makes no sense with great support chairs like this one.
    All this coming from a modest guy looking for a best buy for a month and then buying the most expensive one

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