September 13, 2019

the ultimate fortnight gaming box whoa what’s going on guys Papa Jake here from
tyranny and we are back with a brand new video and today guys we are doing
something extra special we are doing something I have been wanting to do now
for a while Lucan what are we doing today what we’re doing the fortnight box
for gaming for for beta boxes for fortnight in a fort we are doing the
fortnight box fort fort and that is the ultimate gaming fort for pop box but no
this video is gonna have a lot of port in it but it is gonna be the ultimate
fort to play fortnight in we are gonna be making essentially a billionaires box
for that we can game for tonight in if you guys haven’t been playing for that
everyone’s been playing it it is a huge game and me and Logan I’ve been having
so much fun playing it that we thought why don’t we make a dedicated box sport
to play fort night in so we’re gonna set up two TVs make it super comfortable put
all the stuff in the fourth that you need to game for tonight I already found
the space we’re gonna build in it is gonna be awesome
nice alright let’s go downstairs alright guys we got a head downstairs and check
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you’ll always be up to date on my videos but let’s head downstairs and check out
where we’re gonna build our for this is where we’re gonna be building of a
fortnight fort fort box fort and we’re gonna put everything down here and make
it really awesome we’re gonna have a ton of really cool stuff that we’re gonna
deck this thing out with I’m not gonna tell you guys all of it right now just
want to keep some of it a surprise and of course when we playing for an end
this video which is gonna be sweet but I did want to remind you guys we mentioned
this in our last video if you guys think it would be really cool for us to do a
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but let’s get started on this build alright guys so check it out we have
this inflatable couch here we’ve used this before and our
box for movie theater but we’re gonna be using it today to make a super comfy
place to sit while we’re playing for tonight and keep in mind guys we’re
making this for net box for to play duo’s because we want to be able to play
with both me and Logan so we’ve got our two monitors over there two X boxes
which means we’re gonna have a lot of equipment in here but it also means this
box for us to be pretty big so I think what we got to start with is build up
the base of the box for make sure it’s big enough to fit everything and then we
can start working on the inside and decking it out to make it really awesome
and to make it perfect for gaming for tonight I also brought this because
we’re gonna need a fan this thing’s gonna have 2x boxes in a two TVs power
lights everything like that so it might get a little bit hot inside so we’re
gonna have ventilation inside this box for it so we can play for a night crispy
cool and keep our cool while we’re playing the game alright guys so we have the base kind of
done here but before we go any further we need to see how big this couch is
obviously right now it’s just a pile of nothing but once we inflate this it’ll
be a full size inflatable couch which is actually pretty comfy and nice to sit in
so we’re gonna blow this up and see exactly how big it is and where we need
to position everything for the box board and there we go we have our couch
inflated and ready to go so as you guys can see it’s nice and thick and oh it’s
very comfy which is nice to have in a box board so now that we have this set
up we kinda have an idea as to how big this place needs to be which I think
these would be a little bit bigger in fact because we have a lot of really
cool stuff for throwing into this for tonight box for it so I think we needed
to keep building and then we get to do the fun stuff
and then the final fun part is actually playing for night alright guys so check this out the fort
is coming along and it is looking sweet so we’ve got most of it done there and
we’ve got the entire outside built what else you guys look inside it’s a little
hard to see because it is dark but we’ve got our couch here or you’ve got our
table for our Xboxes as well as our monitors and then we’ve got next room
over here where we can put like a like a snack bar or something like that we’re
also gonna be putting in really cool LEDs and like I said I’m putting in a
ventilation system which is gonna go here so we’re gonna have a nice fan
venting cool air inside it’s gonna be really awesome so now we need to do is
get inside and start decking this place out so we can make it a true fort night
game box fort and place a fortnight the box fort is complete the ultimate fort
night gaming box fort is ready now from the outside your wires going everywhere
there’s stuff all around but that’s ok because all the magic is on the inside
we’ve put every ounce of our box for building skills into this to make it the
ultimate box fort for playing for night ends so right off the bat before you
enter the door check this out we’ve got our very own ventilation system with the
working fan this takes all the cold air from the outside brings it into the box
for which you know it’s all warm and snuggly in there but it can get a little
bit hot with all the Xbox’s running then we enter in here check this out through
the main entrance we’ve got the ultimate fortnight Gabey box for dude check this
out this is sweet so we’ve got two X boxes two monitors a super awesome kind
of like LED setup with the controllers we change the LEDs you’ll make them like
green or blue or the red or you just turn them off if you want to get them
like really like light in here obviously we have a light up here but we can turn
that off as well so let’s turn them back to blue for now and I’ll show you guys a
little bit around so here is our super comfy couch and you might notice too
it’s not like exactly six feet tall cos I kinda have to bend down a little bit
but we wanted to have a lot of room in here we didn’t want to feel like really
claustrophobic so we’ve got you kind of walk around in the box for
it then we’ve got the super comfy couch but this isn’t just a normal couch guys
you sit down for example in my gaming station here and you’re delighted to
find out that although you’re playing in a box for that does not mean you can’t
have some of the greatest essentials in life a massage chair check this out it
attaches to the massage chair here so you can turn it on oh yeah there we go
you’ve got all the massage options here you can turn on heat you can get your
back at your legs whatever you need to do while you’re playing fortnight turn
that off here and then of course you’ve got a lots of comfy pillows and stuff
like that got a blinked oh yeah got a blanket on the blanket for your feet
seized we also have the table here which is perfect because you can store all of
our stuff here like water bottles and then we’ve got our controller and you
guys might remember this from the fortnight mystery box so this is the
controller that we got we got the grips on it we’ve got our nice little stub
things here which I actually found out I really like they feel really comfortable
and easy to use and then we’ve got dual headphones as well so we can listen in
and plus when you’re playing with your friend and doing for tonight you
definitely want to be able to see each other’s screen for communication and
we’ve got that in the bag set up in this so I think it’s time to play some duals
dude I agree alright let’s jump into fortnight play a
little bit of duals we’ll have some game play for you guys so you guys can see
how we’re playing and all that cool stuff and then after that we’re actually
thinking about setting up like a cool like snack station over there so you
might get like a really cool gaming snacks nation but let’s jump into play
some for tonight because that’s what we came to do in this awesome box board so
let’s get playing wait one more thing we are ready to play for now I’m so excited
guys I’ve been so pumped for this and of course guys don’t forget if you wants to
play for tonight not like in real life ordinary life if you don’t want us to
play the regular game but take 49 to the real life and play it for real with nur
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playing for tonight and having a bunch of fun playing
power bro we’ve got to what’s going on right guys so everything’s set up now it
is time to play a game we’re gonna have a bunch of fall and playing in a box for
it dude oh this is so straight can see your screen where you want to go oh dude
we could you uh racetrack okay let’s do race are you’ll be sweet you know how
funny would it be if we built this box for it in fortnight so we’ve got have a
fortnight box for it in fortnight okay I think that’s what we should do we have a
penalty box for a great forecourt one for Fox four in the fortnight box for
our 40 before four alright if you say four too much it sounds fair alright
let’s go dude look at my bubble gum glad y’all I
love this thing oh I got a rocket launcher dude wait a
second wait come here you gotta check this out I don’t come what is it look at
the sign look what it says this is no dancing yeah I’m dancing you can’t saw
me sign you can’t stop me look at that like what launchpads campfires we should
build it on the tallest mountain Jake can you grab some snacks from that start
there’s tons of snacks there’s yellow snacks red snacks brown snacks I don’t
like any of these snacks I broke the snacks well I knocked out one the crossbow I
eliminated him hello you gotta run over you I’m coming Jake Oh another gospel
you didn’t tell you best Gunny for tonight now it is time to build a
massive base but I’m getting so much wood this is gonna be crazy it’s gonna
be the biggest Fortnite base ever the biggest 4:9 base inside of a box for it alright guys we just built a base with
as much wood as we could and here it is I’m gonna try to run to the top so we
try to build it as quickly as we could because obviously the storm is closing
but we were able to build it fairly big and fairly tall so I’m gonna run to the
top now you can see see a lot from up here I would say the game over you could
just keep it I mean we’re a little bit biased cuz we love building things we
made pretty far but we got taken out you know it’s hard because by the time you
get all your materials and you want to build this big base the storm keeps
moving but I will say I think I’ve been playing better down here with the two
monitors set up in the fort night gaming bar for you it’s pretty we have to get a
win so right now we’re gonna go back to playing and we are gonna record using
the gameplay capture and we’re gonna use all of our skill to try and get the very
first win inside a box for it oh man guys we got so close our first
real game we got to second spot playing down here dude that was okay so our
first game we played were kind of him fun we got taken out second game we
tried to build the biggest base ever that was really cool but then it fell
down third game we got to second place oh so
close man but I think it just goes to prove it is true the fort night box for
does help you play fort night even better while in a fort playing fort
night and it just it just adds up guys I think this is where we’re gonna wrap up
the video for today I want to thank every single last one of you guys for
checking out this video of course if you did enjoy us do not forget to smack that
subscribe button down below and remember guys we’re trying to crush 50,000 likes
on this video to do a real life fortnight video with nerf guns it would
be really cool building Fox Sports and all that fun stuff so be sure to hit the
like button and I’ll see you guys next time for another awesome video you

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