UK could be better off outside EU says Corbyn
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UK could be better off outside EU says Corbyn

October 7, 2019

– Is it your view that Britain
is better off inside the European Union, or better
off long term outside the Union? Which? – It depends on the agreement we
have with the European Union outside. – So we could be better off
outside therefore? – Listen, what I’ve tried to
do all along is recognise the result of the referendum
and respect it. That’s what we said in
our 2017 manifesto, which is why we voted before
that to invoke Article 50 in I think it was March 2017. We have consistently put forward
what I believe to be a credible option, which is what we call
the five pillars, which is customs union,
the trade relationship, protection, consumer,
environmental and workers rights and of course the Good Friday
agreement and the peace process. We have discussed those
several times with Michel Barnier and others in the European Union
and through the socialist bloc in the European Union,
heads of other governments as well.. I recognise the majority of
Labour party supporters and members support remain
and supported remain but a significant minority
voted the other way.

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  1. Any country that backs of family after so much I just don't get it I don't get any of it over there who wants to pay for a family to be royalty so much full of s***

  2. Corbyn is under huge pressure internally to step aside , he knows his days are numbered but is desperate to be seen to be seen to be still in control….the truth is very different and its probably days rather than weeks.

  3. Guardian since you apparently do not listen to your own videos after upload: The audio is horrible!
    We can actually hear the people outside shouting through thick glass better than the people wearing microphones.

  4. This guy couldn’t get a deal for this country if he wanted. Do you really think the people that voted Brexit wanted to stay in a customs union. The whole point of leaving the EU is to be free of their mafioso like tentacles. Better to be in the EU than in a customs union – we would become a vassal state told what to do by France and Germany whilst they carve up everything to their liking. No way – wake up people – even if you voted remain (like me) you have to see a Corbyn deal is a disaster

  5. I read the headline and nearly fell off my seat thinking "Blimey Corbyn said something sensible for once"
    Don't get too excited though, the video is the same old waffle.

  6. The EU have already said that’s it. Labour keep calling it Mays deal- it’s the EUs Deal. The EU have said they’re not going to budge not even on the backstop. They intend to give us a Shyte Deal to stop everyone else from leaving. Corbyn says he can get a better deal, he is a dreamer and a fool.

  7. I apologize. 24 hours now, i have been needing to contact all the names, and say remain EU.

  8. Although I hate the Tories. Congratulations Labor! Who acts as stupid as you, should not be surprised if BoJo and his gang pop the champagne corks. Those who have members like Labor really do not need enemies. They even manage to destroy themselves without the Tories. What a shameful show, even if it's really about England's well-being. As long as Corbyn says absolutely nothing with his well-known phrases, one can only vote for the Liberal Democrats.

  9. so the majority of the party wants remain, a minority wants brexit so he decided labour wants brexit, makes all the sense? no!!! and my comment is not made to defend remain or brexit is just not understanding what democracy means for Corbyn…

  10. Corbyn is in a very difficult position. Honestly, Corbyn would like to lead the Brexit campaing instead. He is a leaver and has to pretend to be a remainer, while May is a remainer and had to pretend to be a leaver.
    But BoJo may miraculously save Corbyn and Labour by getting Brexit done.

  11. I don’t think Corbyn is as bad as he is made out to be, yes he is a bit of a dinosaur. However, he wants to improve the lives of everyone, end foodbanks, keep the NHS well funded ect

  12. Corbyn is utterly incapable of answering even simple questions . His laughable plan is to negotiate a deal that is in reality remain , then campaign against it and back ' remain '!!! Add to this his front bench are just a bunch of khunts.

  13. Oh dear Corbyn, you just don't get it do you?! You can't be all things to all people. At the moment you're nothing to everyone. I'm predicting s swing to lib dems because most of the Brexit supporters have already left labour.

  14. The only reason the Conservatives are able to run a dictatorship is because the leader of the opposition is a weak, turncoat muppet. Corbyn's a pathetic excuse for a Labour leader.

  15. Just respect the referendum result to Leave and respect Democracy.
    60 percent of your own labour constituencies in the country VOTED TO LEAVE FACT.
    It's only the Undemocratic labour remoaner leftie members & voters in the London bubble that will not accept the result to leave and undermine Democracy.

  16. UK leaves EU but continues to rely on it for future prosperity, as guarantor of basic social standards / citizen rights and to protect peace in Northern Ireland – all (inevitably) with little say of our own? On which planet is that "better" than remaining on current terms?

  17. Time for Corbyn to leave politics and donate all his money to the poorest in the country starting with our veterans living on the streets. That is the only way he will ever prove that he genuinely cares about those at the bottom end of the wealth spectrum. He would be better putting his skills in getting a job as a dustbin man to see what it means to do some real work that makes a difference and develops him into a human being!

  18. Sitting on the fence is no longer an option because the country has divided into 2 tribes . Make up your mind Corbyn or Labour will disappear in the next general election even now it might be too late .

  19. Of course we would be better off out. Clean Break or Dirty Remain, the choice is yours Corbyn. Apologies Jeremy, too many choices for you to come to a decision.

  20. It's time the democracy deniers accepted the result of the referendum.
    We are leaving, it is the right thing to do, let's get it done.
    Alternatively let's fight it out on the streets, because that is what happens when the losers refuse to consent

  21. One copes better if you don't shoot yourself in the foot and remove a few fingers.
    The point is, we live in a different world to what it was 40+ years ago. It's very unstable with the world tettering on global conflicts.
    The world doesn't need the Tory infighting gone mad brexit. The UK government shouldn't be wasting our taxpayers money on this folly.
    The Tory brexit has reportedly cost the UK more than all the payments we have made to the EU since joining. And they still have no clearly defined, agreed exit strategy. Just poor rhetoric and no plans. Their winging it at our misfortune.

  22. Thanks to our wonderful main stream media Corbyn has been ignored and misrepresented in what he's been endeavouring to say. Though I applaud his stance I believe his optimism is a present misplaced because there are some powerful people that have absolutely no intention of letting go of their power for a more democratic and equitable society.

  23. Corbyn will never be PM. He has been helping the Tory brexit. If he forces an election which he knows he cannot win and it results in Johnson getting a majority it will be his last help he gives the Tory's. Labour should have had a new leader a long time ago they have many younger very capable MPs with broad appeal.

  24. Corbyn suggests UK could be better off after Brexit if deal is right ►

  25. Any chance of respecting the people who didn't vote Leave? For once? Doesn't anyone think that spending 100 billion quid on a poxy, debate crushing, futile leave attempt is pretty much respecting the Leave side. Where have any leaders or ministers in Labour or the Tories ever shown that respect for Remainor those that didn't ate. Jus' saying …

  26. This man only cares about being in 10 Downing Street. He does not care about the UK. And he is completely wrong about Brexit. Buy hey, follow him off that cliff. We in the EU will be watching and laughing.

  27. Could be?… ?
    How could Britain not be better off following its shedding of the thick extra layer of slow, unaccountable, incompetent and costly bureaucracy that is the EU?

  28. Labour now the party of 1million pound homeowners in Barnet is backing remain. Has forgot about working class youths needing factories, jobs upnorth in their heartlands. They have become utterly disgusting.

  29. It sounds like they're trying to goad Jeremy Corbyn into seeming like he's changing his mind about whether or not we'd be better off, when all he said was it depends on the deal, which is a determining factor to that.

  30. "A significant minority voted the other way"…. oh are you in for a shock come the next general election. Completely out of touch with your voters

  31. Labour really needs to get their act together (and possibly get rid of Jeremy Corbyn), otherwise the UK will crash out of the EU and we will have the likes of Jacob Rees-Mogg or Nigel Farage in charge.

  32. The only way we will get rid of Boris Johnson is for parliament now to vote for the snap general election (because we all know Boris will never step down) and let the country decide who they want to run the country and take us out of Brexit, however we all know that Jeremy Corbyn will never go for this because he know that he will loose the election and it’s far more easier for him to sit on the opposition bench and moan on and on and on and on about taking the no deal off the table rather than getting his hands dirty, growing some balls and winning the election and taking us out of Europe his way…..

  33. Of course a socialist Britain would be better than living under a capitalist empires boot, the only reason Corbyn is now campaigning for a second referendum is because the blairites tore the party apart to get him to.

  34. All he won'ts is to get to numbers 10… Says one thing today says another tomorrow… Not suitable to be a PM in my opinion..

  35. The terrorists best friend has no interest whether we leave the EU or not .He is just playing politics to try and get into power but it wont work .No sane voter will vote for him under any circumstances no matter when the next election comes.

  36. Albert Steptoe strikes again. Is he wllling to say anything to confuse us, so to look intelligent, or does he suffer from multiple personality disorder. I'll go for the first option because he's about as charismatic as a labotomized jelly fish. ?

  37. Corbyn is not the leader of an opposition party. He's the leader of the Red Tories and they're all in it together. He just can't help himself, no desire to be PM, no desire to lead the country. Nada. Hopeless.

  38. Worst of both worlds here. Thickest person ever to lead a mainstream party pitted against the arm-waving constant interrupter. Oh for the David Frost days.

  39. Funny you should mention the peace process, didn't you try to sabotage that? Yes you did. IRA terrorist sympathizer. You will never be our Prime Minister.

  40. Yes out of E.U. but without a deal because thats where you screw over all your voters for E.U. you sell out twit! NOT TO BE TRUSTED!

  41. Perhaps all political shows should now be banned until BREXIT is done, in or out. It seems to me that the media is a big part of the disquiet in this country, constantly stirring discontent!!

  42. Would it hurt him to buy a razor? – scruffy old tramp….Labour Party has positioned itself as the enemy of the British working man preferring foreign workers to their own countrymen….that could be a losing strategy….!!!!!!!

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