UFO Hunters: Alien Experiments at Secret Underground Base (Season 3) | History
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UFO Hunters: Alien Experiments at Secret Underground Base (Season 3) | History

November 17, 2019

We’re in Dulce,
New Mexico, about 200 miles away from Albuquerque. Our goal is to locate a
secret underground base where the government reportedly
has been housing aliens and carrying out
strange experiments. [MUSIC PLAYING] My name’s Ken Storch. And there is definitely
something strange going on in Dulce, New Mexico. My name is Bob. I’m an undercover
operative, and Dulce is the ultimate undercover operation. PAT USKERT: We’re here in
Dulce meeting with Bob and Ken, investigators that have
been looking into this area for over 10 years now. These guys have made
Dulce the central focus of their investigations because
they believe something really strange is going on here. What got you into
the Dulce business? When we first learned
about the Dulce papers from this retired
Air Force colonel, we were told that there was
an underground base here in the mesa. The Dulce papers
surfaced in the 1980s. And they documented the
levels of experimentation going on at that secret base. They also talked about a fight. We’re here at the
base of Archuleta Mesa to meet with archaeologist
Garth Baldwin to discuss the geological
makeup of the mesa and see if it’s even possible
that an underground base could be built here. Garth, we’re here at the
base of the Archuleta Mesa, inside of which there is
reputed to be a top secret base for genetic engineering. I guess the question for all of
us is, what kind of engineering would it take to have created
such a base inside the Earth? Can you tell us about
the rock formations and what kind of rock
we’re dealing with? Up on the mountain,
where you do find soil, it’s between 1 foot and less,
and then it’s just bedrock. The upper strata up
there that you can see exposed is a columnar
basalt. That’s much too fragmentary
for any kind of drilling or anything else. It makes great fence posts, but
it wouldn’t necessarily support being ground out inside. But below that, there’s
layers of basalt that are more structurally sound. There’s also
sandstones below that. It sounds like top
layer, very, very difficult to drill through. They’d have to start
at the bottom of the mesa or near the bottom
of the mesa where there is a stable strata of
rock that they could get into. Let’s just say you were
hired by the government to design an underground base. Would there be any reason for
you to pick Archuleta Mesa? It’s a mesa, so you’ve got a
starting point where you know where the stratigraphic
layers of rock are, so you’ve got a
structure to begin with. According to the
specifications that we’ve been given for this base– How much of a diameter
does this have right here? The base can extend
up to 4.87 miles. –4.8 miles, is that correct? 4.8 miles diameter. That’s the
diameter of the base. That’s about the
size of the mesa. That would fit
within the structure that you’re talking about. Garth is telling
us that Archuleta Mesa actually has
the size to house something of this magnitude. And while I don’t
necessarily believe yet that there is a base
inside the mesa, it’s good to know that the
possibility of it being there is real. It’s conceivable that they’re
coming in through tunnels and actually drilling out the
space for this underground base from the bottom up? If that technology were true,
then that would be possible. The human species has
such a knowledge of mining and structural engineering that
I’m not surprised by anything that we, our engineers, can do. I’m really happy to hear
Garth’s feedback about what– the makeup of the mesa. And it does seem like he
thinks it is possible to have an underground base
there, even given the massive size of this thing. Garth said he didn’t know
what kind of technology we had that can do this kind of
drilling in an expeditious way. But John Rhodes showed us
that technology exists today. Therefore, it’s quite possible
we are standing in the shadow of the Dulce base.

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  3. To vertically or diagonally tunnel through soft materials you use support sleeves to keep the surrounding area stable. Placing sleeve in position drilling out beneath removing the material . As you drill the sleeve sinks once level with surface you add another on top repeating the process. Under ground tunneling 101.

  4. For what you paid these poor actors you could have launched drones to video the entire perimeter and found roads, enterences exc exc.

  5. How would the construction of the base be hidden from public view? Wouldn't the construction require massive equipment to be transported to the site? Wouldn't the excavation produce rock waste that needed to be carted away?

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