Uechi-ryu extreme trainig | English sub | Nakahodo&Yamashiro sensei | Okinawa Traditional Karate
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Uechi-ryu extreme trainig | English sub | Nakahodo&Yamashiro sensei | Okinawa Traditional Karate

November 19, 2019

People come to this dojo from many coutries From Boston,Berlin,Edmonton in Canada, And they practiced here After that,we do welcome party There is a bar called “Yazuya” I take them there Firstable “Kanapai(cheers)” Pro awamori to everyone Karate get set like this,right? With pored glass Not Kanapai,there is a many kind of language though We call it “Karii” Not just saying “Katrii” Woooo….. Kariiii!!! Everyone loves this I go to German,England and America though Also Buenos Aires,Argentina They say “Sensei,please do this” Woooo….. Kariiii!!! Everyone loves this I want them too experience Okinawa’s nature or culture After training,in the meaning to take a communication Beer is Orion beer.. Everyone loves it About awamori,blonging to local area I recommend “Chatan Chorou(name of awamori)” If I say as Okinawa city, Ryukyu(name of awamori)..Shinzato shuzou(manufacture) Because of favorite item,I prefer that I always drink There is a person who drink awamori first time But,once you drink 3 glasses,everybody’s gonna be same It’s gonna be great after that They are different body size and stomach from ours We communicate in such a way Awamori makes all the people peaceful There is same decades “Kuusuuu(vintage awamori)”,right? When I was invited to my senior, he started to share a good awamori I asked his wife to give me ice and water to drink a lot I guess 2-3 glasses is the maximam The one aged for same decades If you drink a lot,it’s not good He said it’s a manner It’s very rude if you continue to drink “Kuuusuuu” glass by glass I said excuse me When I go to abroad or inside Japan And when I was in Okinawa anywhere I say “Kaarii” In march,I went to Croatia,Serbia and Russia In Croatia and Serbia, there was an alcohol made by prams called “Rakia” Must be 35-50 degrees They drink up straight shot at once It’s difficult for me In Russia,there is vodka which is very strong When it’s good one,no hangover in the next day Depends on the country,how to say”cheers” is different In Croatia,Serbia,they say “Ziveli” In Russia,there is a lot of race so… Ura! Uraaa! When it’s in a battle,make a voice Ura!Ura!Ura! Uraaa! But,if they are with us,they says “Kariii” Okinawan dialect 先生に教わって やってるうちに あーこれか。と気付いてくる。 やっと分かるんです。 三戦この There is a lot of sensei… The maturity is different Master Nakahodo is really real one About position… Keep the axis,then this position Even a “Uke” smoothly… There is a bucket with water And a ladle.. This is not good Keep yourself in straight position then..take up water Need to teach the methods Why you can’t spill means when you even got a foot,no falling down Many types of teaching way which are easy to understand To teach becames my training My age…yes..my instantaneous power became downer though Master Yamashiro was doing “Sanchin” right? “Shoken” is like this “Seiken” comes out like this The basic is same How to output depends on Sanchin For example.. This instantaneous power has to be practiced Can’t do like before..hahah.. But I’m trying my best… There is “Haziki” by instantaneous power Your opponent comes this way,then “hajiki” Hit them up like this My sensei was originaly him His name is Shigeru Takamiyagi He graduated English course of Okinawa International college He spread out Uechi-ryu all around the world He made a big book,everyone was affected,as Uechi-ryu After that he was teaching budo in univercity But he passed away suddenly

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  1. Always great to see the training and hear the training philosophies of the Masters from the traditional styles in their original land.

  2. Really enjoyed this seeing old senior Sensei having a laugh & still able to fire out techniques on command, love to have a drink too. Kariii

  3. 山城先生にボディ当てても効かなさそう。腹が出てるけど、ぜい肉の下にガッチリ筋肉ついてる。

  4. A very beautiful karate training. It’s almost like tiger gong fu using fingertips and to grip and shred the enemy. That’s what I get out of the fingers and hand training. Brilliant and domo arigato gozaimasu ??. Beautiful karate ?

  5. I just cannot help myself from laughing at this gang of geriatric karate 'masters'.
    Please excuse me whilst I stand in the corner and try to compose myself and show respect for these old age pensioners in pyjamas.

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