UE4 bow and arrow VR Unicorn
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UE4 bow and arrow VR Unicorn

August 22, 2019

hello welcome to the another video of macho ok so last week even leave me a comment to my last video and he said me to try to make a new game again he wants me to Incas all the game was bow Minicon and Berbers so I have to try to make a game with this let’s go to an Arab and join so the first thing we have to do we have to create the blender the bow and arrow so for this I just adjusted to a tutorial in our YouTube for like a the bow and the arrow I can give you the link and this is how it looks [Music] okay now we have to import this bow and this air and we have to do old any mission for the bow and arrow and create the gameplay floaties so now we go back the blender and we have to create the Unicode look my only cool hobby you hit the ball enemy of some robberies we have to do the particle system for this so it was really hard there any mission stuff for the bow and the arrow and was really hard but it’s over right now so let’s go to the maravilla our sense why not [Music] okay so after this is the some weight okay for the board it’s frozen you have to do again what is Sun oh this is a time eight seven okay Tuvia [Music] [Applause] okay game over okay my score is 31 I will try to do more [Music] Oh [Music] Oh Kenny yep [Music] [Music] [Music] all of these [Music] [Music] a software today pune comment below again we wanted to make and I will try to make it in one week so share subscribe and see you next week [Music] [Music]

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