UCD Karate Introduction | Dublin, Ireland
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UCD Karate Introduction | Dublin, Ireland

November 15, 2019

I’ve been doing it now for 12 years When I came UCD three years ago I joined the club and it was great there’s lovely people in karate, they’re always really interesting, really fun and it’s alright exercise I joined karate after I came back from my international year abroad in Australia While I was there actually one of my very close friends was attacked, she was mobbed and that incident actually kind of prompted me to think about self-defence and protecting myself feeling comfortable just walking around on campus and walking around in cities so I decided to join the martial arts went down to the Fresher’s stand and went into the hall and checked out all the clubs and I really liked the people at the karate stand they seem really friendly so I signed up and here I am Wanted to be a Power Ranger, pretty much that watching Power Ranger and
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and one day dad turned around and said “do you wanna try it” and I said “yeah” told me I was gonna be a Power Ranger, that’s how I joined the club is very easy going, like a you train with people that are relaxed definitely the people, I mean training is fun It’s a great way to release kind of a bit of anger if you have any or if you want to get a good workout but definitely the people are really really fun to hangout with Great social aspect,
really really good friendly people We just get on quite well there’s quite a lot of clubs with the hierarchy but it’s not really here everyone just kind of chats with everybody, it’s great ah we’re a pretty socialable club we do a lot of things to do with karate so we go to some courses at the weekend and there’s a trip to Edinburgh once a year if you’re interested in that but we also have some time for actually And we’re doing our first ever Fresher’s weekend in Donegal so it will be fantastic that’s a that’s a great way to meet people so we do three trainings a week for
everybody and then we have two extra trainings in town that more advance people can come to so you can train on
Monday, Wednesday, Friday – that’s any level. For new members it’s a tenner for the entire year and then you can train if you’re more advanced Brown and Black belt level Pop on a Thursday and it’s up in DCU
[2019 update: new JKA dojo on Aungier st.] The coaches that we have here We have four absolutely world class coaches Third and Fourth Dan, you know you just don’t get it we’re absolutely spoiled so Best advice for newcomers is to just
come down and try it out, see if they like it yeah sure what have you got to lose there

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