U.S. Ski Team and L.L.Bean
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U.S. Ski Team and L.L.Bean

November 16, 2019

♪Skiing Sounds♪ There’s no denying that cross country skiing is a very mental sport training from may first all the way into November and then doing a four month grueling race season can be challenging It’s a full time job, its year long You’re not always going to be at the top of your game mentally pushing yourself to just keep going mile after mile that’s extremely challenging Just the other day we were doing these really hard double pole intervals It was three minutes uphill grind It was hard lactate levels were through the roof heart was just hammering legs were on fire everything hurt and I just kept thinking, like, if I was tagging off in a team sprint I would never give up You can’t give up when other people and their goals for the year are resting on my shoulders I need to have trained myself to never give up (Announcer) JESSIE DIGGINS OF THE UNITED STATES GETS THE BRONZE FOR THE US the more you race and the more you get to that place mentally and physically the more rewarding it is when you actually have a great race I’ve had those days where I feel like I’m the fastest in the world and I’ve had those days where I feel like I should stop cross country skiing all together trusting in your coaches trusting in your training using our teammates to help pick you up and push you towards a new level of fitness that’s what cross country skiing is all about there are a lot of factors that go into maintaining peak performance people often underestimate the mental aspect of that staying happy and motivated during the winter is definitely the hardest part being surrounded by friends and family is something that encourages really the best in everyone and makes you really proud with the people that you’re with and doing what you’re doing it doesn’t feel good when you’re actually in the race pushing yourself that hard when you cross the finish line and you know you left everything out there that’s hard to beat

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