TWO STORY BOX FORT MANSION!! 24 Hour Challenge: TV, Gaming Console, Kitchen & More!
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TWO STORY BOX FORT MANSION!! 24 Hour Challenge: TV, Gaming Console, Kitchen & More!

August 12, 2019

Jake I just can’t get over that like we
have two separate levels before this is truly a box for mansion growth
feels like we’ve made a house like this is our living room and it’s massive like
I’m a six-foot dude hey what’s going on guys back with another video here’s a
get my shirt on I’ve been in the woods for 24 hours you want a 24-hour box for
it and I just want to say one thing what I wanted to say was that Papa Jake does
not know how to play come come on I can’t get this on my head
unless my Caronia my mates we coming out here somebody’s well you know our box
born in the woods and biology a bunch of start a bit books from the best box or
maker in the world there were no flashes of you think you can make better box
force with me oh using all your friends to make a box
for I make it with just me and my buddy Logan everyone knows the Papa Jake is
the best box for me forever everybody knows that I’m coma coma
hey Jake maybe on youtube today have you seen the video what do you mean which
video loking it’s the only video from the monkeys listen monkeys monk look
there are monkeys I’ve just get over here loaded right now this is super
super serious but we have a serious you need to get over here right now
where’s seconds lay down Jake what is it this time buddy token we have a big
problem to see this yellow that this it goes by the name of the Box monkey he’s
small but he’s going in alarming rate he’s calling us out vulture he is saying
that we do not make good box sports he’s saying that he can make better box
forcing us and he’s saying that we’d let the box for life go to our heads
he’s just a monkey he might be just a monkey now Logan but sooner or later
he’s gonna have five millions of drivers in under six months never dump us all no
I said we could never do it I know it said it was impossible
by letting a monkey run over Palma Jake we’re doing the two-story box part
knocking we are throwing the two-story box for it’s far too dangerous and it’s
never been done before Logan I want to show you something I’ve been working on
look it up and pulling all nighters multiple nights to do this equation
right here it’s the two-story box for equation I’ve been a
the packaging now if I’ve got my math correctly and you know I have it all
works out to everything being perfect what’s the problem gee about whether
this size is extremely unstable one wrong calculation the whole thing blows
up we’ve got to make sure that the weight is just right that means I have
to lose ten pounds and you have to gain five let’s build this boxcar
hey yo what’s going on guys object here from TV and we are back in today we are
going to be building the world’s first ever to sword box fort and we’re gonna
be surviving in it for the night I got Logan here and you can think if he said
we couldn’t do it the monkey was saying we couldn’t do it everyone was against
us I said Papa Jake has the box for building skills you got norm the box for
God well the first step is we need a lot of cardboard to make our box ports so
we’re actually building this one inside because it’s currently raining outside
and it’s not like you do good out there so we’re going to be building it in the
studio here and it’s basically going to take up this entire area we’re going to
have a bottom level which we can chill in and then the top level let’s start
building we’ve been working in the box for a
while now and it’s almost complete we have to show the box for made and this
is basically the entire inside right now it is massive this build has been huge
we going to bring in the tables and we’re going to make the second-story
here once that’s done we’re in a covered inbox they’ve got a ways to go and lost
the bill Logan’s working on the last wall here
and we’re to have a window because this is going to be the second storey and we
want a window that we can look out up so far guys coming together really awesome
this is been one of the most ambitious builds we have ever done and I still
don’t know how the second story’s gonna last that hopefully it goes well here we go oh man these are heavy
hopefully loading these hold our weight I mean that’s the only issue these are
you know regular tables that you find around your house we don’t know if these
are gonna hold our weight and that is probably the scariest part about all
this I have an idea what if we put it over here where the window is and you
have this as one absolutely area right down so Logan we’re getting the first
layer in here come on pretty well do right now flip her up
my first on fire okay hold out for that that is looking awesome dude yeah house
it’s okay no it’s a sickbed man look at that you wake up in the morning okay so
we’re starting to lay cardboard down on our first platform we have officially
completed the outside of the block we had such a big door planned over this
guy’s when we first started and it kind of ended up being really small in fact
for the again for the biggest box where we have ever made we make the smallest
door we’ve ever made I don’t know why so the entire box fort is ready now we have
to start decking it out we actually went ahead and built an extra window here so
we can put a light through and it’s going to kind of work like sunlight so
as you guys can see it’s all nice and bright in there this is without the
sunlight Logan loves every Sun BAM there’s sunlight it’s getting late we
got to make our beds we also have to make dinner where we do that we got to
get our gaming set up in there so we took out the TV we took out my Nintendo
switch and now we’re going to deck out a box for with awesome gaming gear I was
thinking we put the TV against this wall and then we have this wall as like a
couch area come in with the Nintendo switch I’ve got Mario part of the things
I think we need to have a Mario card battle let’s start setting up this first
guys before you bringing anything else it’s probably most important part of the
box for guy light up there we’ve got our gaming setup coming along and then back
here this is kind of like our couch areas now what we got to do is plug in
everything make sure that this works because that’s definitely important and
we also have to set the lighting in there and set up our bedsheets so I
think what we’re going to do is we’re going to watch a movie on the TV but we
slept a Nintendo switch on its own here so we can actually just play Mario Kart
down here before we play Mario Kart before you watch a movie we still got
some more set enough to do we got to get our beds ready and I’m starting at
hungry dude what about you it’s time to get our beds ready before we eat dinner
Logan you’re going to need to bring in the light bro you’re going to be
sleeping in here yo check out Logan’s room guys he actually you know what even
though he’s got the bottom dig it’s pretty nice this guy’s whole own room
down there go papa Jake’s got his room up here boys got the Kings blanket all
you that deal with the beautiful window looking out to the sunlight and we
the hue light lighting things up oh yeah you wonder in it’s like it’s not the
nicest feeling decor right but it’s very spacious but here’s your blanket bro got
set up in there got set up here and I’ll turn on my top one alright so I’m going
to put my pillow here because I’m pretty tall I’m going to have to do the bed on
kind of like a diagonal Tom to blow up the mattress so I got my sleeping
quarters all set up I’ve got my mattress my pillow
but one thing we want to say guys is do not try this at home do not set up
tables and sleep underneath them we are being careful as we do this like we’ve
checked many times if it supports away but again guys do not try this at home
so now it’s time to set up in the top part of this two-story box fort mansion
up here we have of course of my living quarters which which are nicely placed
our second level here and of course guys Logan will be sleeping down below but
guys don’t forget do not try this at home
it is definitely extremely dangerous or box for professionals alright this thing
is built solid because we know how to make it solid but if you guys try this
and mess up it could end terribly we could squish Logan like a pancake that
wouldn’t be fun for anyone know Jake I just can’t get over that like we have
two separate levels really boring this is truly a box for mansion bro feels
like we’ve made a house like this is our living room and it’s massive like I’m a
six-foot dude standing in a box right forget we got him Tendo switch and we
got TV to watch movies on that’s important I can lay out all the way
along this dude this is awesome check this out so did we have enough drink
okay we have enough herbs to not only sleep
in our own little room but also you have this to look at how much extra room
there is to chilling up on the second level here for a little while got my
laptop over there but on that but Logan just went upstairs Oh Logan no dinners
here guys because this isn’t a regular survival challenge we don’t need to use
our MREs we don’t need to scavenge for food we got a little something called Oh
bro let’s throw a movie up on the TV and let’s have dinner some sit back watch
ro1 and eat some dinner oh yeah nothing better than fresh food rode one in a box
for mansion that has an upstairs and a downstairs when you’re eating in a box
for with two stories you have to make sure you properly oh yes yes that’s very
very very correct they’re loaded hey guys nice nice class may you please pass
the banana bread banana band thank you sir
oh thank you good sir we got enough stuff in the in the last 24 hours to finish dinner and we finish watching
road log which is often because I should hadn’t seen road one yet not if you guys
remember what we did a Star Wars video not too long ago and I kept saying I
wanted to see it so we finished it up watch it on Netflix now time for a
little bit of Mario Kart before Bev we got the two player controllers ready
here we’re going to chill back here it looks really small in this camera but
it’s actually not bad unfortunate I couldn’t find my switch cable but still
it’s awesome we got a controller oh man that was a full obsession of Mario Kart
guys we had a bunch of pawns I think it’s time to shut the lights off I think
it’s time to get to that matters I’m tired so a long day of building our box
for it we’ve had dinner we played Mario Kart we watched a movie time to crawl
into our bed say good night all right guys we’re in
bed since actually interesting it’s the first time you Logan
are going to be in separate rooms while sleeping in a box for it and that’s
pretty crazy just that sentence right there I got my water I got my laptop in
case I want to go on there but honestly guys I brought it in here thinking I
might go on it I’m so exhausted now it’s time to say good night but first we’re
in a modern box course so hey Siri turn off the lights all right there we go
pitch black you probably can’t see me right now
see you guys in would know Jake so weird that he’s above me I’m going to go wake up J jig time to
wake up so this is a jig we cut 8 a.m. bro bro that wasn’t it what are we doing
for breakfast dogs yes do you like that hey Siri turn the lights on it’s a
beautiful brand-new day it’s beautiful box for in the box for mansion laughs
I’ve never exploit like that but of the windows it’s morning here that is
awesome see the box for matching what we put them all like that dude it’s so late
we’re both of us out there yeah dude imagine we had this with me to the
forest survival you got breakfast bro yeah Jack Daniel Silvertones crunches
yeah this might be the little box for ever dude just finished on my cereal but
while I was eating guys I’d an idea remember that bungee cord thing we did
the other day I got the perfect way to wake up come on mr. flamingo we got this we’re in the hot stuff now we had a
bunch of fun waking up this morning and we had an even more amount of fun
building that insane for guys this box for mansion with two stories has been
one of the hardest but also one of the most fun builds we’ve ever done I
totally agree guys that was one of the funnest and coolest builds I think we’ve
ever done be inside that thing I actually felt like it was in the house
yeah guys so thank you so very much for watching this video if you guys enjoyed
it be sure to smack that like button we did a double story a mansion so let’s go
huge with these likes I’ll try and get over 100,000 likes on this video of
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