TWO STORY BOX FORT CASTLE WARS!! ?? Sword Fighting, Archery & More!!!

August 19, 2019

okay cuz yeah if we’re gonna win this we
need a castle but who’s our opponent all fortress will be mine and so what have
you done this time oh come on guys we gotta take this let’s go let’s go
everyone rally on me we got this Oh Logan you made it what have you been up
to sheep what were you thinking it took me
like 10 minutes to get through all that stuff what’s going on man
what do you mean it’s its fortress siege in real life do you not know about the
new lineage to update okay they just released fortress siege you get to play
fifty versus 50 PvP as opposed to 30 versus thirty mode it’s an all-out to
PvP battle where you have to capture your opponent’s portrait and claim it
for your own clan that sounds pretty cool
wait are you thinking what I’m thinking no Jake I’m definitely not thinking what
you’re thinking oh I think we’re thinking the same thing dude
let’s do fortress siege in real life remember when we went in the game and
completed all the quests that was awesome
mine’s too scary dragon the shop fire out of his mouth but other than that it was really
awesome you down alright yeah I’m in let’s do it
hey yo what’s going on guys Bobby J Q from tip of me and we are back with a
brand new video and today guys we are doing something extra special Logan was
very very very strong sword yeah I did just cut myself but anyway guys we are
doing a fortress siege box for battle that is right we are having an all-out
medieval times battle big shower guys – netmarble the creators of lineage 2 for
sponsoring this video those guys helped hook us up to make
this amazing video can you stop Logan I’m trying to do the intro so everyone
knows what’s going on but if you guys didn’t know Lydia’s – is a very awesome
mobile game it’s completely free to play it is an MMORPG on your mobile low oh we
did get some really cool new stuff for this we got some bow and arrows and some
swords but as I was saying guys if you have not checked out lineage 2 yet
you’ve probably seen us to do a couple videos on it before it is a really
awesome game it’s free-to-play we’ll have links in the description down below
so if at any point you want to check out the game there will be links down there
but for today’s objective we have two castles Logan we’ve got one we’ve got
one castle the one we’re standing on it hasn’t been built yet but oh okay okay
cuz yeah if we’re gonna win this we need a castle but who’s our opponent the OL
fortress will be my and so will your crystal oh okay alright
looks like we’ve got a bit of a scary opponent here Logan Jake what’s he
talking about a crystal Logan you’re telling me you haven’t played the new
lineage to fortress siege mode Logan if you haven’t played it we are in big
trouble look at our crystal we have to create a fortress and protect it if he
steals our crystal he wins the game if we still his we win so you’re telling me
we have to get its crystal look not only do we have to get his crystal but we
have to protect ours in an amazing Basin right now Logan there isn’t an amazing
base there’s a floor well it’s gonna protect a crystal not gonna do it alright guys check it out we just went
ahead and started making this we’ve got a crystal in the middle we also have
these really cool turret systems here which we’re gonna attach onto the castle
wall we’re also gonna make this a two-story castle because we thought it’d
be really awesome if we could kind of like stand up on it and look out and
fire outside with their bow and arrows in case anyone tries to come and attack
us so right now we got to keep building but we’re almost done and then we gotta
get ready for battle alright guys check it out the castle is
complete look how sweet this is we’ve got our windows that we can shoot out of
we’ve got the extended walls for extra coverage we’ve got our castle door and
the inside is even more secure let’s go inside
alright Jake I’m coming in it’s Logan okay I’ll let you win you are Logan come
on in dude check out the inside of the castle whoa dude it is sweet in here
we’ve got the defense walls on the side we’ve got two places to shoot out if
we’re attacked and then of course we’ve got an area to defend our crystal this
thing is fully ready for our siege but if we’re gonna be ready for this epic
battle we need to make our swords as well as our shields so let’s make those
first and then we’ll be ready to take on the enemy check it out we just finished our
shields as well as our swords I got my sword here got this baby
Excalibur I’ve also got my shields here I’ve got this cutout Spartan shield I
think it’s really cool and I’ve got my sword which is lightweight easy to move
around and yeah so I’m pretty much ready for this battle
Logan what have you made I got my shield and my sword just like yours I think my
sword is a little bit better good your sword is huge I actually tried holding
it it’s really heavy oh oh we’re also gonna be using bow and arrows check this
out we got ourselves a nerf mega ball this thing is super sweet you pull back
you can fire a full nerf mega dot absolute match starts in 30 minutes
Logan do you see my 30 minutes till it starts do we even know how to use this
stuff no wonder you Logan I thought you know
how to use a bow and arrow I don’t even know how to hold a sword I was half full
but it was held up the right way when you told me you don’t know how to use
any of this no clue okay look if we’re gonna do well in this battle and win
this game we need to know how to use these things I said we have a quick
round target practice with the bow and arrow and a quick sword and shield
battle to make sure we have the skills down pat and then we got to go to battle
for realsies for realsies for realsies alright guys
so in order to get ready for a battle we need to make sure that we know how to
use these things so we’re gonna have both an archery competition as well as a
sword and shield competition if you hit a limb you lose that limb and it’s last
person standing wins ready my head the sword battle you should have made
boxboard armor in fact that is a very good point we definitely should have had
armor all right guys the rules are simple we eat you’re gonna take five
shots at the target down there whoever gets the most shots closer to the target
wins I’ll be up first let’s do this all right a little bit better it is
definitely hard to aim with this thing looks like it’s going straight but then
it curves it’s my last shot this shot I think all of them have either been
outside or just in the line you got this I have the ground alright so basically
in order for Logan to win he has to get more than two shots Jake it’s not about
winning we’re just trying to brush up our skills here that’s true which I
didn’t do it all in fact I missed most of the shots so Logan this is all on you
man maybe you should be the one with a bow and arrow
I’m Legolas Jake all right let’s see what you got wait I’m laughing but this
is really not good for us at all bottom line is I’m Legolas alright so Logan did
a little bit better and by a little bit better it means we’re both terrible so
Logan’s gonna be Legolas he’s gonna be using the bow and arrow but this doesn’t
look good for us to start speaking of that looks like the games starting okay
Logan whatever we do we cannot let them get this crystal we have to defend it
with our lives get to get ready in case we have to exit and defend the base but
for now let’s take a defensive measure with the bow and arrow and try to shoot
out the windows they’ll be coming soon raising the gay gate is locked no one’s getting in
alright get into defensive position we’re holding them off Jake I got the first one oh no we have
another one with the crossbow Oh Jacob looks like a minions what are you doing
look Logan Logan I realize we’re in the middle of something right now but I’m
also in the middle of something all right my clan is just about to take over
this fortress we get exclusive rewards we take it
Jake you brought me into this we have our own crystal to defend right right
you’re so right okay okay I’ll play some more forward receipt after this video
what’s going on Jake there was a guy with a crossbow approaching the floor
crossbow man approaching the port I’ve got this Logan bone of the gate I’m
going out if I don’t make it back defend our crystal with everything you’ve got I
don’t want this sword I’m taking up this crossbow man once and for all let’s go
mr. crossbow back all right my my back I’ll do this shields up Jakob
T the shot it looks like they retreated come on we can hit their fort head-on
steal the crystal gee you okay what happened looks like
there was a cannonball or something and where my weapons we could take their
base let’s go oh that guy’s really big yeah
what’s here we go fight the big guy all right let’s take them all together I’ll
distract him you going first we got this all right loading top you wonder great job all right now grab
the crystal and we’ve won this game Jake I got the crystal dude sweet let me
check this out man we got their crystal wait they’ll be coming for us we gotta
get back to her face once we get back to our base we win the game just won the
game we’ve got both crystals the blue one in the red one that was a lot of fun
once again playing lineage 2 in real life has been a blast and of course dad
if you enjoyed this video we hope you all did be sure to smack that like
button down below and don’t forget to hit the subscribe button to join the
Papa Jake family so you never miss a new and awesome video but anyway guys like I
said we are going to do some lineage 2 gameplay checking out the new castle
siege mode so stick around for that and as always guys there is a link down
below if you want to check out the game you get it for free on iOS as well as
Android but hope you guys stick around and we’ll see you next time for another
awesome video alright guys so we’re jumping into lineage 2 revolution now
and we’re gonna be checking out the really awesome fortress siege mode now
if you guys haven’t heard me talk about lineage to do before you definitely need
to check out this game it is a huge MMORPG on your mobile phone the graphics
are amazing I honestly don’t know how they did it
it’s like magic I don’t know how they got a PC like a PC triple-a game onto a
mobile phone there’s an open world there’s dungeons
there’s raids there’s looting is it’s everything that you’d have on a regular
MMO but on your phone but anyway we’re gonna be checking out the new update
here so they just released an update that has two different modes they have
the new 50 versus 50 portrait siege they also have a new 30 versus 30 open seat
and this is an all-out epic PvP mode we have to go and basically capture your
enemy’s fortress and destroy their crystals so you guys saw our video today
that’s exactly what we did but it’s a really awesome and fun game the cool
thing about this though is that you don’t need to have like a maxed out
character you can jump right into this so let’s download the game right now
you’re like oh the PvP looks awesome I want to try this out you don’t need to
play for a long time to be in character maxed out because you automatically will
upscale and you’ll be able to choose which character you want to play with
and choose your items which is really cool so everyone’s playing on the same
playing field and everyone’s the same level it’s really cool
whoever’s the best at defeating everyone be a really awesome castle siege mode
that’s coming out that’ll be coming out in 2018 and that is a 200 player Castle
siege warfare mode which just sounds amazing
but as you can see from the gameplay I decided to check it out and I’ve been
having so much fun playing this it’s it’s really cool it’s like you see all
the other players and you guys are all teaming up together to take down the
enemy base and the cool thing about it not only is it fun to play you know PvP
style but you can also go ahead and win some really awesome rewards so I’ve been
having fun ranking up winning some rewards with my crew it’s not too hard
to get into you definitely need to have like a you know a skill set to to play
it’s really the best man wins I got taken out there I didn’t do too good
it’s hard to talk and play but as you can see it really comes down to whoever
has the best team but you know you can jump in there on your own it’s not uh
it’s not too hard to get into but as you guys can see my team’s not doing it too
bad here we’re holding our ground fairly well I took a few downs but I’ve been
working my way like I said the other cool thing is you get to actually choose
like which character you want to play as so you can get a different feel for
different characters and you know they’re different attributes so you
don’t just stick to your own character which i think is a really awesome
feature it allows you to try out some different different races and stuff like
that and peace you know you want to maybe play with one in the main game
itself the other fun thing about this is just the teamwork getting together and
rallying your squad to go and take out the bad guys aka your enemies
just a ton of fun it’s got a lot of teamwork aspects to it which is one of
the reasons why I love this PvP mode and again this is all within the game which
is super cool but yeah this has been the fortress siege mode for lineage 2 and if
you guys want to check it out of course there is a link in the description down
below all you guys have to do is click that you can download it for free on
Android and iOS

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