Two Jaguar XKs a quarter-mile from one another | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 66
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Two Jaguar XKs a quarter-mile from one another | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 66

December 19, 2019

(guitar music) – We’ve been in Traverse City before, and we found some pretty good cars, but we left some meat on the bone, so we’re back now, about a year and a half later, to follow up on some
leads that have come in since we’ve been here last time. This first one we’re going to, I’m told it’s a sports car in a garage. I don’t know what it is, I
don’t know where we’re going. I’m following my GPS. (guitar music) So I guess here we are. (sustained note) We’re just outside of
Traverse City, Michigan. I’m here with Denny Hoxsie who is a farmer and, you know, all of us eat what these guys produce, but very few of us actually
find out what goes on on the farm so tell me, well, first of all thank you for meeting us this morning. – Thanks for being here. – Tell us about – fifth generation owner? – Fifth generation. My great great grandfather laid out the village of Acme, you just drove through it. And he did the original
plot of the village of Acme. We farmed here for five generations. Our farm has grown potatoes, we had a dairy, we’ve had beef cattle, we’ve had cherries, apples, pumpkins, pickles, a lot of things. Now it’s kind of centered
around our farm market and our apples and pumpkin production. – Cool. Wow that’s cool. So you’re a farmer and
you’re also a car guy – Uh yeah, got that from my dad. – Ah Hah! Where’d your dad get that? What was he into? – Well, so my dad was
the mailman in the area. – What a good job. – Mailmen get to know everything. And so he always was interested in cars. He wasn’t a fixer kind of guy but he liked old cars. I was the fixer. And so he from day one, he kind of went oh there’s a cool old car, we gotta see if we can buy that. And so we’d just kind of stock them away. And, you know, we had, one time we had a 40 by 60 building in Antrim County that
was full of old cars. A bunch of Model A’s and some Lincolns and Volkswagons and stuff like that. And I just kind of continued with the whole
process, liked ’em. I haven’t had time to fix
them in the last few years because I’ve been too busy farming. – Let’s see what you’ve got man. – All right. – Good. Where do we start? – Well let’s go here, this is
gonna be a bit of a challenge, well maybe it’s better. But we’re in the process of
having a garage sale, because a barn sale, because
we’re moving, eventually. And so we’ve got all this junk out here – Yeah, maybe we’ll buy some. – You know, I can open doors in here and I can turn lights on. (garage door opening) – It’s low and sleek I love it. Can I, would you mind if I felt, to see if I can identify this car? – No, no, that’s good. See if you can identify
it without feeling first. That’s probably the challenge. – Well I’m seeing two protrusions here, which kind of gives me an idea. Well, all right, I kind
of have to identify, I think I know what it is
and I say it’s a Jaguar. And I’d say it’s an XK120 or 140. – Wow, you’re good. – ‘Cause I think the 150 grill would be wider than that. Am I correct? – [Denny] You’ve got it. – [Ben] Lift it up. – [Denny] All right. It’s dirty. – [Ben] Oh man, look at that. RHC Rally bench, oh my God. – Careful of the door,
it’s a little bit loose. – Wow. – We can just put that right on the floor. – So, you know, I mean, I don’t know how many of my
episodes you’ve watched but, every time I open a garage
door or a barn door, I dream I’m gonna find an
XK120 or 140 Roadster in there. Every time. And I actually found one in Detroit. Actually I found a Coupe and a Roadster. – [Denny] It’s interesting you say that. I wanted one of these cars
and I don’t know if you wanna take a lot of time but
I’ll tell you this story. – [Ben] No I’d love to hear it. – [Denny] I used to
hitchhike back and forth from track practice in Traverse City when I was in high school. I’m hitchhiking up the M-72 here one time and I got a ride and when
I did there was a Jaguar like this on the side of the
road that had a flat tire and the wheel was off. First time I had seen one, I was like in eighth grade, and I saw that car and I said, “That’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.” And so from that time on I’ve always wanted a XK120 Jaguar. So I finally found this
one down in Grand Rapids. And it’s just what you
said, I went to this house in the nicer district of Grand Rapids, opened up these bi-fold garage doors and here’s this car sitting there. And it was just two cement
wheel things going up to the garage, just like you dream of. And so the car was a mess but- – [Ben] What year did you
go find it and buy it? – [Denny] ’77. – [Ben] Really? – [Denny] Yeah. – [Ben] Which year did
you graduate high school? – [Denny] ’66. – [Ben] Really? So eleven
years after graduation. – [Denny] Yeah it was a mess, it was pretty rusty, and so I brought it back and spent a year redoing it. It was before you really
spent a lot of time restoring a car like this, it wasn’t quite old enough yet. But it ran great, we
drove it for a long time. Then I had it in a car
show up in St. Ignus and the water pump failed. And so I brought it home
and there’s a couple other things that need attention
and so I said if I don’t take this car apart, I’m
gonna keep driving it and I’m gonna wreck something. – Were you able to drive
it back from the car show? – No, we had to pull it home. And so I took the motor out but that’s as far as I got. – [Ben] So when did
you take the motor out? – [Denny] 1989. – [Ben] And it’s been sitting here since? – [Denny] It’s been
sitting here since ’89. – [Ben] So this hood opens – Yeah but I think it’s the engine’s over here. – Okay yeah I see its
empty I just wanted to show – Yeah so I think it may be – I’ll tell you know what you can do? You can shine the camera
through here and see that it’s engine-less. – [Ben] I can see that, its pretty cool. Was this car originally
an old English white? When you got it? No it was robin’s egg blue. – So this is the way I love them, this is the way it should be. I tell you what, I would
just put a motor back in here and enjoy it as is. – [Ben] So the motor’s over here – [Denny] Motor over here, yep. – [Ben] And so the motor
numbers match, transmission, all the date codes, everything woks? – [Denny] Well except the head, and that’s one of the
reasons I took it off. It’s because the head is an
earlier version than the block. That doesn’t match. The earlier version head,
’52 and earlier, I believe had extra stud covering here. You see where this has
been leaking, that’s why. Well its been leaking
and so I said you know I’m gonna put the right
head back on this car. It may not match the number,
but it’ll be at least – Did you find a head? – Not yet. – Okay, that shouldn’t be rare. – [Ben] Wasn’t it the racing head that everybody went towards? – [Denny] Oh yeah, yeah the C Type engine. – [Ben] Right a C Type, yes yes yes. – [Denny] The gentleman
I bought the car from told me that this car
was originally owned by a gentleman named Dan Gerber
who you’ve probably heard of – [Ben] Oh baby food. He was a race guy back in the ’50s. – [Denny] Now I don’t know, never been able to
document it, never tried. But he told me it was
owned by him at one time. – Didn’t he live up here? – I think he was around here somewhere. – I mean maybe Milwaukee
maybe Michigan I’m not sure. So what’s your intention for this now? Well I hate to say it but I
think the car’s gonna go away. I don’t really wanna do that
but yet, the interests have changed enough that it
might have to happen. – Wow. – I still have other
vehicles and you know, I’ll be pacified. – [Denny] Even though this
was my and still is my love. But there’s other things to do in my life. – Well I’m sure we’ll come back. You’ve got other things we can look at? – Yeah we can go to one of
the other buildings here. – So you know what’s funny? I also used to hitchhike
home from track practice. (laughs) Because you could take the regular bus, but if you stayed for
sports you had to get home on your own, so I’d hitchhike. And I got picked up in it was 19 – I graduated in ’72,
it would’ve been ’68 or ’69. I got picked up by one of the first 500 Trans Am Pontiac Firebirds. It was white with blue stripes, and they had to build 500
of them to homologate it for SECA transit racing. And it had a little dash plaque on it. I said what kind of a Firebird is this? He said this is the new
Trans Am, close the door. (revving noises) You know, throwing gears. It was great. (laughs) – [Ben] That Jag is, that’s a sweet car. Yeah in this career I have here now, people say what do you do
with all the cars you buy? I say its easy, I don’t buy anything. And exactly, what a great
building we’re walking into. (music) – [Ben] Oh look at this, whoa. Oh this is what we live for – [Denny] Oh I knew you’d like this. That’s a ’30 grill, ’31 grill. So that’s a AA Ford Truck. – [Ben] So its probably a
’28 or ’29 or something? – [Denny] Well it’s –
it says ’29 in the title but the body says ’30. – [Ben] Oh okay. Now how long has this been sitting here? – [Denny] I don’t know I backed it in here about 25 years ago I think. – [Ben] It drove in. – [Denny] Oh yeah, yeah. Yeah we drove it around here quite a bit. Now this is another good story. I got this when I was fourteen years old. It had sat over in a farm
yard about a mile from here, and he thought it was kind
of a neat looking truck. And so we made arrangements with the guy, we traded him a load of hay
and fifty bucks for that truck. And we dragged it home, – [Ben] You can’t make up that. – [Denny] No. – [Ben] That’s from a different era. Unbelievable. – [Denny] So it had a
broken crank shaft pulley. So this was basically my first car. My brothers and I worked on it. We got the crank shaft pulley
off and put a new one on and started it up and we drove
it around the farm for years. – [Ben] But not on the street,
it was never on the street? – [Denny] No we never,
never put it on the street. It was too, you know, because
of the reduction gears its really slow. – [Ben] Isn’t that cool. I love the stories attached to these. What does it feel like to be
saying goodbye to something you’ve had since you were fourteen? Or, you know, the Jaguar? – [Denny] Well you know it,
this is, it’s kinda hard. This is what I’ve done all my life. I mean you know I’ve
been a farmer all my life and I’ve had these things all my life. Its kinda hard but you know,
we’re looking forward to the next phase. And so you know, we can do it. – [Ben] I mean I’m at the same point. You know I don’t need all these vehicles. I can thin down and
still have a good time. (coughs) – [Ben] Its like they
become a burden, you know? To maintain them and insure
them and the gas goes bad and they gotta rebuild
the carburetors and yeah. – [Ben] You got any more? – [Denny] Yeah. – [Ben] Oh cool. (music) – [Ben] Dungeon farm. – [Denny] Oh yeah. Uh, we’re gonna have to
deal with barn swallows. This is fun because they stay
pretty close to ya usually. – [Ben] I wonder how old
this foundation is here. – [Denny] Oh gosh. I think the barn was built in ’17. – [Ben] Well that looks like
a nice little Ford pickup. – [Denny] Yeah so we’re kinda into the stuff that we use now. The old John Deere tractor,
the old Ford tractor, we still use those. As we do with this old Ford pickup. – [Ben] That’s a Camper Special. – [Denny] It is. – [Ben] Oh it is a camper special? Its got the boxes,
utility boxes on the side. So yeah, the Camper Special. It has 8 lug wheels. – [Denny] Yeah. And what does it have
like a 350 to it or a 390? – [Denny] It does, yeah. – [Ben] Yeah I remember, a friend’s family had one these and they
put a camper on the back. – [Denny] Yeah and this
had a camper on it. One of our neighbors over
here, who is a cherry grower, bought a farm out on
Old Michigan Peninsula. And this truck was on the
farm, and it came with the farm when he bought it. He didn’t have any need for it so he, I bought it from him and
our migrant crew used it to haul sweet cherries out of the orchard. They’d drive it seventeen
miles one way up the road hauling sweet cherries and
finally I decided, gosh, it was such a nice truck
maybe I better get something different for them to go
up and down the road with. – [Ben] Is it pretty solid? – [Denny] Oh yeah it runs great. – [Ben] Wow. That’s a nice truck. So the license plate, ’66. Is that what it is is it a ’66? – [Denny] Yep. – [Ben] ’66, has it not
been on the road since then? – [Denny] No, we, we’ve driven it. It’s like a historic plate. – [Ben] Okay yeah. That’s a, that’s a long bed. And I guess that was true
to the Camper Specials. Was that an option do you think? – [Denny] I think that was an option. It appears that it was because
it fits so nicely, you know? – [Ben] Yeah it fits so
nicely, it hugs the body. And so it’s got a receiver hitch. And also you could put a
smaller trailer ball on there. That’s a nice truck. (sneezes) Gesundheit. – [Denny] Yeah so this is one
of them that we’re gonna save only because it’s the year
my wife and I graduated from high school and it’s
kind of a cool truck. And you know it’s, it doesn’t
have a whole lot of value but yet it’s a fun drive. – [Ben] So you’ll bring
this to your new house? You have a garage and you’ll
polish it up and drive it around parades and stuff? – [Denny] Yeah because it’s special. – [Ben] So the Camper Specials
had heavy duty suspension, heavy duty cooling package,
heavy duty axels, brakes. Had these utility boxes on the side. And it was made for hauling your camper. And it’s a 250 now we’d call it an f-250. – [Ben] This had deluxe paint. I’m an old Ford salesman. Two tone paint with a
deluxe trim, which was odd, to have a trim package on a truck – [Denny] I didn’t know that. – [Ben] Yeah. – [Denny] So this is
deluxe paint, two tone. – [Ben] Two tone yeah,
you paid extra for that. Yeah, that’s a good one. – [Denny] Okay so there’s one,
we can go in this building in here and this is, you might
be interested you might not. But I can open this one door,
we’ll have to go in this way. – [Ben] Okay. (door opening) – [Denny] That’s about
as far as were gonna go. So these are trucks that we still use. They’re still roadworthy,
but they’re relatively old. They’re kinda really nice, nice trucks. So you know they’re still all inspected – [Ben] What year are they? – [Denny] 69′ international
and a 78′ international. – [Ben] And so did you buy these new? – [Denny] No I bought this
one from the original owner the ’78 that’s only
got 49 000 miles on it. Just slide around this area here. – [Ben] Yup, yup yeah, you know guys are
staring to buy these and restore them because
you don’t ever see ’em restored, you see ’em on
a car show, on a Sunday and think wow that’s pretty. – [Denny] Yeah – [Ben] You’ve got a neat little
loft, tight spot going here (laughs) (music) – [Denny] You leaving
there now? Okay alright that’s good alright bye bye. Hah, that was Roy (laughs) – [Ben] This is how it happens. – Yeah – You know one guy talks to another guy and before you know it four days are not enough time. So this is how it happens we, we’ve spent some time here at Dennys farm looking at various vehicles including one that I’m absolutely gaga over which is the Jaguar XK 120 and I say “You know of any other
old cars, that might be in the area” and he says “Well yeah
there’s another Jaguar just on the other side of the street” and so Jim come on over here. So this is Dennys friend Jim, and thank you for advising us. Well Jim has a XK 150
jaguar, for almost as long as Denny has owned his. You bought yours when? – [Denny] ’77 – [Ben] And you bought yours? – [Jim] Well we’re exactly
sure late ’70s or ’80s. – [Ben] Well there you go,
so we’re gonna get in the woody and drive up over to Jims building and see what jaguar he’s got,
so that’s how easy it is. (music) – [Ben] Well it’s as
easy as that and I can’t wait to see what’s inside. (door opening) – [Jim] It’s right here in the corner. – [Ben] So how long has this been here? – [Jim] The plate on it is
’85 that’s the last time that I drove it and it’s
moved a couple times but I think I bought this
building in the late ’90s. – [Ben] So what are the chances
of two jaguars in one town, quarter mile from each other? Would you mind if we uncover it? – [Jim] No go ahead – [Ben] Where do we put it? – [Jim] Just where ever you kind find – [Ben] Okay. So how long
has it been since it’s been uncovered? – [Jim] I’ve had it covered since 1985. – [Ben] In this building? – [Jim] No, it changed
buildings a couple times (laughs) – [Ben] Oh look at that
creamy like, is that a yellow? Creamy yellow, oh it’s a
coupe, chrome wire wheels. – [Jim] Oh I had the
wire wheels all redone. – [Ben] Oh – [Jim] That was the one thing we did. – [Ben] So tell me the
story about this car, you bought this car in what year? – [Jim] Well we’re not sure
late ’70s or early ’80s. – [Ben] Okay and was it local? – [Jim] Yes we got out of
a auction in Elk Rapids. – [Ben] And you used it
as was it an everyday car or was it a toy you kind
of used occasionally? – [Jim] It was a toy we
used occasionally. These cars have a tendency to
break down quite a bit. – [Ben] Oh yeah what did you do to it? Did
you paint it? Did you do bodywork, rebuild the engine
or anything like that? – [Jim] I re fixed the
wire wheels, got new tires on it, we put in a new engine. – [Ben] Really? – [Jim] Yeah, and ‘coz it had
a cracked head. We’d drive it to Sharevoy or out to
the sand dunes occasionally got a lot of looks but I just
lost interest in it I guess. – [Ben] So what year’s the license plate? – [Jim] ’85 – [Ben] ’85 that’s it wow. So you probably never
put many miles on it. – [Jim] Oh no, oh no – [Ben] Nope, so what’s
your intention for this car? – [Jim] I’m gonna sell it. – [Ben] You’re gonna sell, really? – [Jim] Kids don’t want it
nad it really needs some work, it needs some body work. – [Ben] Oh we could do
a package deal here. (laughs) – [Ben] So did it have a lot of rust? – [Jim] Yeah, there’s quite
a bit of binding on it. – [Ben] Is there really? – [Jim] Yeah, I was driving
down once down the road and the steering linkage
fell apart, so I’m sitting there steering
and nothing was happening I ended up in the yard of a gas station. – [Ben] Oh man. So do you still have the other engine? Or did you get rid of that? – [Jim] Yeah, I think it’s
over in a box over here. – [Ben] Really? Well there’s a bumper for it, right? – [Jim] Yup – [Ben] Oh wow wheels it’s like Christmas. – [Jim] It’s in here
somewhere, parts of it. – [Ben] Wow this is all
your spare parts okay. Well I think there’s a
block right there okay cam covers, so this is a you know, overhead can 6 cylinder,
that’ll be the valve. So there’s your two cam covers and this is the more modern one
with the screw holes in the front to prevent the oil leaking out. So in here there’s
probably most of an engine. – [Ben] Wow pretty cool
car, thanks for sharing. – [Jim] You’re welcome. – [Ben] It’s been a great morning guys, there’s not too many
mornings that could top this I gotta tell you. – [Ben] Jim thank you,
you go back to work now. (laughs) – [Ben] Yeah I don’t work to hard either. Alright well, happy hunting
to you, see you later. – [Denny] Hey good TV – [Ben] I’ll give you a ride home. – [Denny] Jim can too,
if I get a second ride in the morning. – [Ben] I’ll burn rubber
with it this time. (laughs) – [Ben] Alright Jim have a good day. (engine roaring) (tires screeching) – [Ben] That’s probably got a motor in it. Okay lets see. – [Denny] You need to look and tell me. – [Ben] Now I’ve seen some of
these on the side of the road they have headers coming out of them. That’s a GM motor so I
guess it’s Chevy right? – [Denny] Yeah – [Ben] Two bar V8 and so that’s just driving wind so the frost
doesn’t settle on your plants is that right? – [Denny] It keeps the air moving yeah. – [Ben] And a sort of truck frame I guess. – [Denny] It’s all solid yeah. – [Ben] It’s a automatic. – [Denny] Yeah – [Ben] Wow

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  1. Back in 1969 in Medford, Oregon I had the opportunity to buy an XK 140 for $500! It had had a minor engine wiring fire and the owner (a friend of mine) was exaspirated and fed up and just wanted to get rid of it. True, it needed paint and the leather interior was kinda ratty, buy it ran great until the wiring issue. Being a kid in college I didn't have an extra $20 let alone $500!!! OH! "The ones that gotta way." That's what dreams/nightmares are made of.

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  5. Love this show. Really.
    But it’s damn depressing these stories of unused & uncared for classics.
    How do you NOT touch these for 30+ years.
    It’s a crime.
    It’s selfish.

  6. In the late 90's my daily driver was a ford f250 just like that except it had a 460 and four wheel drive. I loved that ol truck. I got rid of it because of a smoking deal on a 67 camaro that ended up being my daily for the next 8 years. I still browse around for a truck like that every once in a while.

  7. In 1975, I saw an ad in the Durham Herald classifieds for a Jaguar XK 150 for sale. It was a 1960 model, and I had to call and go see it. I had just sold my 1970 VW Beetle, and bought a brand new 1975 Firebird . I had car payments and buyer's remorse. So, when I went on my appointment to see the XK 150, I was surprized it looked so nice. It was an ivory white with red leather interior. It was not running , the owner had sent the carburetors to the UK to overhaul them, and it had been about a year that he had been waiting. He needed the money, and was asking $3,200. I was so twisted. I was in a brand new car that I didn't like, and I didn't have a garage at home to keep a Jagaur like that. I had dropped out of college temporarily and was working at Coggin Pontiac in Durham NC. So close then , so far away now. lol

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  13. Tom:

    If you don't buy both of them and restore them as part of your series, you will regret it for the rest of your natural life. Many people will volunteer their time. You could also draft Edd China, the Brit who is the best and most knowledgable mechanic on English and other European cars I ever saw on a TV series. Back in the day, my cousin acquired an XK-120, an XK-140 and an early XKE. He loved Jaguars but had no mechanical aptitude at all, while I had the aptitude and time on my hands, and was drafted to work on his toys. But he's been dead for about 34 years, and his cars are – well, who knows? Don't let these Traverse City jewels slip out of your hands.

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  17. Dan Gerber… Of the Gerber Baby Food fame? Gerber's to this day produces baby food in their plant located in Fremont, Michigan, located approximately 2 hours straight south of Traverse City. Gerber's nowadays is no longer a US owned company.

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  20. Dan Gerber is from Fremont, MI, a couple hours south of Traverse City. A bad wreck at Riverside in 1966 ended his racing career.

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  26. Have you been to cloud museum bard California I recently seen a lil video on his place it said it's the biggest model t museum in the world Don't know if it's true but though it might make a good show for you.

  27. just as a note Tom those old ford truck did NOT come with rear bumpers from the factory. they were all dealer installed and built. they didnt start selling factory bumpers till i believe the OBS early OBS right after the dentisde

  28. Migrant workers = illegal immigrants….I know it doesn't have anything to do with the topic of the show, but maybe you shouldn't have let him sugar coat that fact, cuz it's an epidemic in this country….

  29. 5 generations of tranquility and open spaces is maintained.
    If you open the doors of America to uncontrolled immigrants and refugees of the wrong kind that will be gone in half a generation.
    More than likely turned into a highly dense concrete jungle (too house the influx) where corrupt politicians, town planners and other people in trusted positions gave the approval and soon old historic areas with cultural significance wiped out and imposition of their overseas values. Touchy subject and probably left of what the video shows but still a reality that I hope you guys appreciate and protect as these topics and issues creep up in silence until it is too late.

  30. Have repaired a Jaguar type roadster like that! did lots of panel beating and filing when! actual metal was actually used on those beasts.Recall making a door panel and fitted it up before spraying , whilst a skinny apprentice earning one pound ten shillings a week !1959:?or 60.?

  31. Well today which is 12-16 I was in my Jaguar I have a 1972 Jaguar XJ6 series 1 and I got passed up on the hill coming out of Sacramento by a Woody it looked just like yours it sounded just like yours was that you? same color as yours same sound as yours really pretty good you pass an old Jaguar on Highway 50?

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