Twin toilets in Sochi cause a stink
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Twin toilets in Sochi cause a stink

November 19, 2019

Taking a trip to this toilet in Sochi could
leave you flushed with embarrassment. The twin toilets are a little too close for comfort. A couple of weeks ago, there were a lot of
conversations about this toilet because one was seen in the biathlon centre. Reporters on the ground sniffed out this story
and since then it has been causing a stink. Twitter went into overdrive when a correspondent
uploaded the first picture, prompting questions about how public money was being spent and
whether it was being flushed down the loo. But also humour with some joking about Russia’s
controversial law on gay propaganda, saying this was an effort to understand the needs
of sexual minorities. The tandem toilets have been seen popping
up where international guests and the media are staying but all might not be as it seems. Then, Russians started saying ‘Oh no! It’s
not really like that. That was just a place where the partition has been torn down because
they were turning it into a store room. So, they were saying that it wasn’t true that
there are a lot of double toilets. This worker said the partition would be installed
tomorrow. Whether that was because it had been discovered is not known. The Winter Olympics
has seen plenty of publicity which hasn’t been positive for the country and authorities
will unlikely want this stink to hang around for long.

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  1. I don't see what they're complaining about. Besides, if a man and a woman were sitting on the toilets together, they'd be bonding and building close relationships with each other. Also, it dates back to the Roman times as spending a penny was more sociable, and that's what I truly think. Both people should come together and be together, as some would be concerned about their health and one another would be there to keep them company and help them out if it is serious.

  2. does this seriously require a fucking news report? how about giving us news on whats happening in syria, or egypt, or all the children dying of starvation because of politics and war? oh no i guess two shitty toilets is more important

  3. this story is more important than most of you might think. as itn suggests it points fingers at financial spending and gives a very interesting perception of the "developing" country

  4. hey morons, if you don't want to watch this news item, then you can go ahead and watch the other 11 thousand videos uploaded by ITN. No one is making you watch this. In fact, you're on the internet, go watch what you want.

  5. Как я понимаю, журналистской этики больше не существует. В таком случе, предлагаю российским журналистам на следующей олимпиаде делать репортажи с помоек, черных районов и туалетов с целью передать дух олимпиады российским телезрителям.

  6. The time could have been spent on something more serious to be reported like multiple civil wars in the world. Please do lot be so obsessed with the Russian Olympic Games.

  7. LMAO not only the twin toilets are gay, but they are also infront of a very big widow facing the street.  Yeah, people in Russia like to take a dump next to another person who is taking a dump while sitting infront of a big window, so everyone in the street can see them doing so.

  8. I believe them. They were probably gonna install a devider. You see how there is no toilet paper holders or whatever. They probably were checking the flushing with the two rolls that look about the same left. If they put that devider in and something didn't work or flush properly then it would be a bitch getting to the back of the toilet

  9. заходи по одному и сри в какой понравился? в чём проблема? 

  10. Ложь, пиздежь и провокация….. я был на скелетоне жил 2 дня в самой дешевой гостинице , товарищ еще волонтером был – блять, ну то что на видео – это гдето в аналах адлера в чебуречной…. даже там плитку ровнее ложат в туалетах.  НУ НЕТ ТАМ ТАКОЙ ХУЙНИ – хоть убей

    У спортсменов гостиницы явно получше наших. так что это просто наглы и цыничный пиздежь

    люди 0 ну почему вы так любите срать на свою страну по любому, даже откровенно надуманному поводу. Ну ведт пиздатая олимпиада!!! открытие охуенное. лучше ванкувера это точно раз в 10ть. У ванкувера на зажжении огня бок пожестче был чем с этим ебучим кольцом

  11. hahaha What a stupid reporting. But we have always only single toilet in a bathroom in Japan, so I was surprised when I saw European style first.

  12. I think it's a gray idea! If your having trouble pinching a loaf you have some by your side to coach you through it or hold your hand.

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