TVJ Midday News: PNP’s Mark Golding Apologizes for Homophobic Slurs – February 19 2020
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TVJ Midday News: PNP’s Mark Golding Apologizes for Homophobic Slurs – February 19 2020

February 24, 2020

good afternoon I’m Milton Walker with
the media news special welcome if you are watching on one spot
opposition Member of Parliament mark Golding has apologised
Alondra Tara long for homophobic slurs made towards him on a political platform
in Portmore last Sunday in a Facebook post mr. Golding wrote that he regrets
getting up getting caught up in the hoopla of a political meeting and
indulging in what he described as quote unworthy form of political discourse on
quote he says he regrets his statement especially given that mr. Tara long has
always treated him with respect and decency mr. Golding further noted that
in his home life and dealings he is always advocated for everyone to be
treated with equal respect and decency on Tuesday the People’s National Party
apologized for the utterances the Jamaica forum for lesbian all sex was
and gays J flag has expressed disappointment at the incident however
it says the PMP acted responsibly in retracting the statements and Jamaica
Labour Party general secretary dr. Horace Chiang is condemning the
homophobic slurs made by members of the People’s National Party particularly
from those in leadership positions I know we can get emotional that forms but
I thought we had gone beyond that kind of you know got a politics at this point
in time Jamaica a tolerant society we accept the vote not moving is wrong
right issues that commented inappropriate wrong and at the condemn
it and no body with seeking national office to be using that kind of language
anywhere in private Republic in Jamaica today dr. Chang was speaking on the
morning agenda on power 106 FM this morning the two candidates for the
southeast Clarendon by-election on March 2 signed a political code of conduct
yesterday in addition to welcome in the candidate statements of commitment the
political Ombudsman also responded to the prime minister’s statement about
upcoming roadworks in the constituency more from Herman Greene
for political Ombudsman Donna parchment brown choose the signing of the
political code of conduct is significant the agreement was signed by the GOP spur
no Charles Jr and former PNP candidate now running on an independent ticket
Derrick Lambert the code represents an agreement between the candidates to
refrain from a number of improper practices including intimidatory acts of
political tribalism we want to see campaign material are used appropriately
and removed quickly we want to see respect for people of opposing views we
want to see freedom of access to campaign we want to see integrity and
absence of corruption and violence we want the social media and other public
utterances to be done in a way that does not incite any violence that’s not
malicious to candidates or their families and that is not defamatory both
candidates rubbish the idea of political violence in their campaign Derrick
Lambert believe it will not even have time to think about violence as it
regards so bribing and buying votes and arduous things I don’t know can say I’m
yellow and common are no morning so moody would even address that I’m
dealing with the people and I know they have confidence in me I will do whatever
is necessary and I know that Salaam Bert will do so as well to maintain the
respect in this campaign and maintain the focus on issues the office of the
political Ombudsman oversees the campaigning procedures investigating
complaints of breaches of code of conduct or law including improper use of
public funds with reference to the planned roadwork for the constituency
missus Parchman Brown addressed the prime minister’s recent announcements
roadwork we consider to fall into the category of vote-buying or bribery by
providing a benefit to the public in furtherance of a politic
em so I’m very pleased to hear the Prime Minister said no such thing will go on
in Clarendon southeastern in the by-election for that wonderful set of
people who reside there Jessica Alba says residents living near its refinery
and affected by dust from the mud lake will be compensated by Friday the
management of the bauxite company in st. Elizabeth met with residents following
protests yesterday morning residents complained that they had not been paid a
great amount they lit a fire in the roadway forcing the intervention of the
police spurious TPS people Disko are part burden is on fire on fire
yes – Mendoza Kili people many people accompanied a compensation then Al Green
a resident of warminster in st. Elizabeth says the residents are
contemplating legal action if full payment is not made for payment or
Friday and the payments aren’t made on Friday so is that me Dimitri in the RIP
of the community because we had two ribs one from the poly district and one from
warming for district nurses are saying and you know for payment unpiloted and
they were okay the issue was that once I receive for payment while other AC – and
we are publishing community leaders your parole would actually between
beside last Thursday Minister without portfolio in the ministry of economic
growth and job creation Darrell Vaz announced that more than forty million
dollars in compensation will be paid to residents affected by the dust from the
mudlick the police are probe in the murder of popular peace activist Kevin
Clark was a member of the peace management initiative PMI Clark more
publicly known as ráma rám was killed in our net Gardens is killing
us led to calls from the Member of Parliament for szentendre south mark
Golding for security arrangements to be restructured
community her Christ as a story Kevin Clarke or room Ram as he was more
popularly called was shot about 7:00 last night and later died from his
injuries Clark was easily identified by his colored beard he was well known he
drove his motorbike anywhere he went remember parliament for the south
Salonga constituency mark Golding described Clark as a fine man
and called his killing a tragedy I’m Kevin Clark fine man
violence interrupted p.m. a a community star what somebody I know well mr.
Golding says it appears Clark was a victim in a wider conflict between gangs
it’s early to say but from what I’m hearing
it is really merely by family association that he was he was chosen as
a victim as I say it’s early to say and I’m not but that’s what it appears to be
at this point mr. golden has concurred with reports we have been getting that
there’s an upsurge of violence in the maxfield
Russell Rhoads and Jonestown communities mr. Golding says the conflict much of
what is happening has overseas connections when the parent involves
persons overseas as well as here and it’s very very concerning because so
many people have died he says the present police arrangements in the area
where the violence is happening almost in the sight of the security personnel
on max Phelan Rosa Rhodes is not working because person station that these posts
are instructed not to move they can’t just be anchored to a particular point
where all the people involved in the conflict know they’re there they’re not
stupid they’re not going to go up to them and be searched and any weapons
found it’s a ridiculous situation and they
need to be more effectively deployed and I think they are also demoralized they
spend many hours out there in this hot conditions and they know that they’re
not being effective and so it’s a situation which needs to be revisited
urgently / great and it’s no time for a break
here on midday news we right back after these messages welcome back continuing the news a
single room in rate is expected to be implemented throughout CARICOM later
this year the announcement was made by Barbados Prime Minister and CARICOM
chairperson Mia motley on Tuesday at the 31st intersessional Heads of Government
Meeting in Bridgetown Barbados TV J Sandra Chisholm has the details
CARICOM Nationals are struggling with expensive phone bills while roaming to
find a solution a CARICOM team led by grenadiers Prime Minister dr. Keith
Mitchell met with the telecoms service providers throughout the region CARICOM
chairman mia motley made the announcement – shortly announced a
modest fix single CARICOM Roman rate for all CARICOM Nationals to cover the cost
of data for popular social media platforms including those that offer
messaging and calls the rate will include an amount of local and regional
voice calls and over time this CARICOM rate will include more services once we
have reached agreement on the rate and service level the operators will make
the necessary technological changes and we have full expectation that the new
fixed single CARICOM rate can go live in this year 2020 to fix transportation
challenges Miss Molly said Liat has a new board which will look at affordable
air fares throughout the region in the meantime the CARICOM Chairman is
reiterating calls for the organization to fix its governance issues by
implementing documented plans and to come once again to us with a modality
that can allow a more effective implementation of the decisions of heads
of government particularly as it relates the CARICOM single market and single
economy she reminded CARICOM Nationals that the community is one of the most
successful in the 20th century and everything should be done to protect it
to nurture it and not allow for any kind of political or diplomatic
embolism to threaten its existence I trust and pray that we come to this
moment therefore conscious that as family nothing can separate us and no
one shall get in between us miss motley recently stated that the
January invitation of only six CARICOM countries to high-level talks with the
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in Jamaica was an attempt to divide the
region mr. Pompeo and Jamaica’s Prime Minister Andrew Holness have rejected
that assertion mr. Houle ness has cancelled his trip to the CARICOM
intersessional meeting citing pressing national matters including the budget
debate and to ensure the constitutional composition of the cabinet Andrea
Chisholm TVJ news counselor for the Geisel division in San Catherine Leroy
done is seeking answers from the Public Health Department mr. Dunn is raising
questions after the post office which was ordered closed last year reopened
prompting the threat of prosecution from the public health department counselor
for the Geisel division Leroy L done raising concerns about the actions of
the Public Health Department in st. Catherine his concern follows news that
prosecutions are in order by the department after the guys held post
office was reopened the Department ordered the facility closed last August
that post office mr. chairman was in fact in a state of great disrepair and
after repeated requests by the Public Health Department to have their repairs
done to it they they were not done in due time and they if the facility was
ordered grows with the efforts of the Community Development Committee CDC and
the residents of the area repair works were done and the facility was reopened
but according to mr. Dunn the Public Health Department is preparing for
prosecution is it that Jamaica Post has been prosecuted or prosecution
prosecution is been initiated – or as a result of the persons who have
affected these repairs not reporting the opening or the reopening of the facility
to the public department if I want to know if the people are penalized to have
public effort rehabilitate is institution and for the benefit of the
community and for the loge TV news and here’s a preview of what’s coming up in
this evenings House report in the next edition of the health report we look at
hand foot and mouth disease generally might start with a fever and then a rash
the rush starts usually with red spots that you might see in the pans of the
hands the sole of the feet sometimes it’s more like a bum so it’s raised what
we call a maculopapular rash it can also be phone under the dorsum of
the hand which is the back of the hand you might find on other places like the
knees the bottom but as it says hand foot on north another location that you
find it is anymore so you see lesions in the mouth again
they usually start as red flat lesions mainly in the mucosa just the lining of
the mouth and then you have what look like also that’s the Health Report this
evening in primetime news and now for today’s healthy living tip do not take
aspirin or other pills containing aspirin avoid acidic fluids like orange
juice as they may irritate sores in the mouth and seek medical attention if your
child has fever for more than 24 hours or your child develops any signs or
symptoms of dehydration in news overseas passengers on board the Diamond Princess
cruise ship who have tested negative for the novel coronavirus
began disembarking this morning Japan has been heavily criticised over its
handling of the outbreak with mounting evidence from infectious disease experts
saying passengers could unknowingly be carrying the virus back to their
communities one Japanese health expert expert who visited Diamond Princess at
the port in Yokohama said a situation on board
completely chaotic US official said moves to contain the virus may not have
been sufficient at least 550 42 passengers and crew on the diamond
princess have so far been infected by the kovat 19 virus the biggest cluster
outside mainland China the ship was carrying 3,700 persons in total in
sports team manager Roy Simpson’s are sure in reggae boy striker Darren Mattox
who is facing legal troubles in the United States that he has the support of
the Jamaica football federation then he’s waters reports team manager of the
reggae boys raw Simpson is pledging the support of the Jamaica football
federation to embattled a striker Darren Mattox Mattox has been charged on one
count of making a fall to fraudulent or incomplete insurance scheme and another
count of theft by deception in the United States
speaking on hits 92 affirms of sports grill on Monday Simpson revealed that he
has spoken to the striker and has offered of the Federation’s help should
he need it when I spoke with him too he was fired you know I didn’t I just wish
those who emigrated understand that the entire nation is aware as to whether my
talks will be a part of the future national setup if found guilty Simpson
said it’s important to wait on the verdict before any decision can be made
I want prayer the verdict because you know you don’t want to put yourself in a
position to see who defended a situation I look at the other way
yes you know so everybody is awaiting the old Cobb and and when I spoke to him
he was quite confident that he would be vindicated so we are we it has been
reported if that FC Cincinnati is head coach Ron Jones has said Mattox was not
in his plans for this season’s MLS campaign and Simpson admitted that the
player had requested a mover prior to this incident
suppose that which we were aware as we saw a certain I’d follow me to the study
relationship with himself and if he not who luxury and the prior to this
dissolution so itself it’s a fact that he has act to the tree I didn’t and you
know this situation kind of kind of put a hardly knew fully you can get through
it and then Mattox who has been slapped with two felonies in the state of
Pennsylvania returns to court on February 27 for arraignment
Reba he will be formally advised of the charges against him Denise Walters for T
V J sports and that’s the midday news I’m Milton Walker join us at 7:00 for
primetime news on behalf of the newest sports and production teams good

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  1. Is young people time now go a yu yard and find a dog to look about a leave young people alone pnp bad mind young people you and you leader and the rest a de old pnp dem expire like like old good

  2. I was writing to say that me no business with pnp then jlp come wid fooliniss and doc chang was always my favorite one too!

  3. Who say no seeking office can't make gay utterance? Are they not humane? Moreover no thief , no corruptor , killers shouldn't enter public office.

    Jamaica is always get put on headlines about homophobia. The truth is. That is false. Jamaica is not more homophobic that other countries or leaders.
    Johnson Pm of United Kingdom call gay men Bumboys and he became PM. Go research it. I grow up in Jamaica and gays were always there.

  4. Before one of Jah words pass heaven and Earth pass away. This is higher than any men an earth. Antill his time come this is it.

  5. It is really alarming how uneducated these educated politicians can sound when they get on a political platform, OMG 😳 why do they choose to talk down to the people instead of uplifting and impressing them with intelligent conversation, shame, SMH

  6. Homesexuallity is WRONG acccording to the WORD of GOD period! First Corithians chapter 6 verse 9 says know ye not that unrighteous shall not enter the kingdom of God ? Be not decieved: neither fornicators nor idolaters{ meaning people that are going to obeah man or practicing voodoo} nor adulterer, nor homosexuals nor abusersof themselves and mankind. Also leviticus 20 verse 13 And if a man lie with mankind ,as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an ABOMINATION they shall certainly be put to death , their blood is upon their own head. Leviticus 18 verse 22 and dont forget the book of Genesis where Sodom And Gomorrah were destroyed . There are more scriptures i just left it as that. And whosoever is promoting and supporting it is against the word of GOD and shall be punish!

  7. I have a problem, for democracy to work, one should be going to the poling station and exercise your right. In a country that we resides in, for me I like to participate when it time to elect my representatives. Sitting 🪑 on the fence doesn’t help.

  8. The PNP is the party that glamorize gays and give gays the position that they are in now . Check y’all history . The PNP will do or say anything to gain back control of Jamaica . Using their propaganda machines. The PNP are still stuck in their seventies ideology which cannot work in today’s world.

  9. Big up mark golding .nuff jamaica a hypocrite one minute u love gay the next minute u dont make up u mind what r who u love .let forget about that and think about the killing that is going on in the country

  10. Raid all homes in Jamaica and bring back the death Penility,to stop the crime ,it is very bad looking at these murders in a small Island like Jamaica. My God

  11. Comrade Mark Golding I disagrees with you to apologized about the JLP party member, it is what it is. As long as you can subtansate what you are saying is true, you should never apologized for people who are in wrong doing. Just like what that JLP party member is doing, it is very much unethical behavior of that MP, he is not setting no example for the young people in his constituency at all. His behaviour is very much obnoxious, and unbecoming with that kind of outrageous behaviour into a society. That is very much unwelcome, because the Jamaican people in general against saddum Gomaria life style.

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