TURKEY HUNTING FROM A BOAT – Public Land Turkey Tour Day 27
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TURKEY HUNTING FROM A BOAT – Public Land Turkey Tour Day 27

January 15, 2020

Did you know turtlenecks are still in
style? I guess I do now. Ready? Yeah I got my snacks. she had a cold night last night pretty
chilly out. Here we go, let’s hope she starts…we’re in business. We better get going he’s gonna be at the boat ramp in like five minutes. So are we.
oh yeah it’s gonna be a chilly boat ride in The only thing I’m hoping that
there’s not too many other boats at this ramp
there’s the pretty narrow stretch of river channel we’re hunting on that
can only hold a couple of people up at the end of it. I think they’ll gobble.
It’s just a matter if we can get everything in the boat get situated and
get back in there and get the spot. Kind of like duck hunting you know. You got a spot in mind that you want to get to but if somebody beats you there
it’s first-come first-serve so you know it’s theirs but Lance has a mud motor on
his boat so I’m hoping he can go up in there a little bit farther than these
other boats can. Does that look like Lance? Yep that’s him. How’s it going Jake? good to meet you man! Cold enough isn’t it? Yeah! I didn’t want to
unload anything or do anything cuz I wasn’t sure what you were gonna video. We have plenty of time. Yeah we do and there ain’t nobody here so that’s good.
Opening morning there was two trucks here.
Boats are just walked in? Boats. Yeah you can’t, I mean it’d be a six mile walk
pretty well. When you said three and a half miles I was like man we’re on the lake but I’ve never
hunted this so I had no clue. Yeah there’s there’s birds up here, there always has
been in the past anyway unless they’ve been shot out but like I said opening
morning there was only two trucks here with trailers and they could be going on either side. I mean I assume they’re going down here, But there’s a lot of country down that way. There’s plenty of water it looks like. Its opening week here in Missouri
and getting ready to take a little boat ride into some public land. We just had
another fella pull into the ramp up there actually so he’s probably fixing
to put in and head up this channel. There always used to be lots of turkeys back
in here except I never took a boat in which is the right way to do it. I always
walked in and just ended up at a mess every time but this should make it a lot
easier. I don’t know how close we can get. I
don’t really have a ton of experience you know off the boat. As long as you
keep moving and get out of sight before you kill it they never seem to mind it
but it’s when they see the boat stop but they always seem to get a
little leery. here’s your light. It’s over there, isn’t it? We better start easing down. That’s
the closer one. Did you hear his hen?
That’s a funny sounding bird isn’t it? There’s a fair amount of scratching down in here, yeah they’ll love this stuff down in this bottom
I’ve seen them down here a bunch of different times. The biggest thing I’ve seen
the last couple days it’s been better than this gobbling-wise but as soon as
I hit the ground they give you about 10 minutes that’s it and man. That’s a different one. There’s 2 of them up there. There’s one right up and there’s a couple between there. We better get up against
brush pile over there that turkeys only gobbled probably five or six times. And
Lance and Jake heard a hen yelping up in there. There’s 2 gobblers up in there.
Yeah there’s that one that’s got emphysema or whatever. The Turkey doctor. This riverbed is dry and as we were creeping up through here from the
boat we’re only 200 yards from the boat we started finding lots of scratches and
stuff. Ideally I’d like to be up there on the ridges with him but the woods are so
open and crunchy right now it’s quiet this morning I don’t think we’re gonna
be able to get away with. I think we’re in a pretty good spot it’s almost
seven o’clock and these birds have completely shut up. This cold weather
is kind of pushing the birds back a little bit hasn’t bunched up them henned up.
Pretty tough to deal with right now. About eight or nine o’clock the sun’s
supposed to pop out maybe warm up just a hair and that may get these birds
talking a little bit more so we can move on them. It’s just so open because the
spring is late. You can see all around us how bald these ridges are. It’s seven or
eight o’clock and we’re fixing to get some sun here in just a minute. Come on up! Turkey’s gobbled good on the limb but haven’t said much since. We heard one fire up
over on private about 30 minutes ago and he ended up getting shot. When the sun
pops out here about 10 15 minutes I’d like to be standing up there on top on
one of those open ridges. We’ll probably just take the boat and paddle it across
and head straight up in there get to a high spot where we can listen good. Just think about what a pretty picture
you’re painting for this bird right now! He’s thinking, man she’s going
all this way just to come hang out with me?
You don’t like this idea at all do you? Nope. That turkey’s gobbling. He’s up in that pasture and I don’t know if he’s gonna leave it. If he does leave it I think he’s gonna
end up in the woods and they’re public woods but they’re about a mile from us
up on that next Ridge. I grew up hunting these turkeys around these River bottoms like
this and these ridges. Like you go after them birds and you don’t get them very
often. we crept up to that opposite Ridge way
over there and we heard a bird gobbling over here I think he’s on private ground
but he’s completely surrounded by public there was no way we could go straight at
him so we had to come clear around and then cross this little riffle
in the creek down here I think he’s up on top of that hill like he may not even
be able to hear us calling from down here that may have been why we could
hear him so clear when we were up on that far Ridge so we’re gonna start
easing up towards that field where we thought he was at. Definitely can kill
him especially if he keeps gobbling but he hasn’t gobbled for 20 minutes or so I just called and the bird gobbled. He’s
way up in that field but we got public woods that go all the way around him and
they get nice and open up there towards the top. He gobbled. He’s over here though wasn’t he? I think he’s up over that hill. He answered though. He just hard to hear
because the wind’s at our back and he’s over top of that hill. You move back off over that hill and start calling and walking in that bottom. Yeah he maybe coming Jake. Got a turkey
out here gobbling and Jake says “You think this mud’s gonna do anything to my face.”
Sometimes it just doesn’t do anything. Sometimes it’s real dark but this is pretty light colored dirt. I don’t think it’s going to do much is it? I mean it’s helping for sure. I’d rub as much as you can on there. You can hear the Lance back there
calling. That turkey’s hammering. The guys are up top on the ridge and they sent me back here to call and pull this bird up over this hill. He’s out in a field on private property. So I’m going to work my way back down this little ridge. See if I can get this bird coming up over this hill so they can get a shot. He’s gobbling good. He’s hot, but hopefully he’ll keep coming. Yep, he’s coming. He’s in those woods up there now. I’m wondering where this other turkey is at cuz the other one’s coming. That one’s right there Jake! Shift around! He’s going to come right up here. There he is. Careful! See him yet? I don’t think so. The setup is not ideal, is it? This bird has got a pretty big ditch to
cross and he’ll cross it, he just won’t say anything 70-yards, he’s out of range. Do you see him now? No. Don’t move. Is he strutting or what? I can hear him drumming though. He might be getting closer. no he’s just walking left. Can you see him? Yep. Lance got him? Yeah I think so. Yeah, dude, yeah! Look at him shaking his head! Congrats man! That was wild! That’s why the guys that drops back always needs to take his gun right there! That’s exactly why! I thought that turkey was acting like he was coming man. That is awesome that bird slipped in on us only gobbled a couple
of times and we knew he was coming so Lance was trying to bring him around
right right in front of me and Jake but he actually come around below us and got
on that far Ridge about 75 yards away Got a boat bird boy! When it works it works! Yeah that was awesome. I’m glad you took your gun dude! Jiminy
Christmas! How far was he when he shot? 25. Look at that! Holy cow! Big old beard on him too! yeah so what happened is I went back to the first time after I said
hey here’s the gun up there I left it by that tree by my bag right there I’m
gonna walk back and just call so when I was sitting on that log back on the
river I just callin callin callin and then he
gobbled but you all thought it sounded like the same one I guess. I didn’t have my gun
with me so I ran back up here and got the gun. I looked at you guys and then I
went that way to get him coming this way and somewhere in that meantime he must
have went along this inside. He was probably in range of us I mean at the
end yeah. Did you see him coming or did you see him when he was already past you? No we saw him when we was over here on this ridge. We didn’t see him coming. so he went right by where I was calling but then he was past me when I
called and he gobbled and it was loud and I saw his head move and then he come right
to me. My gun was propped up on the trees. I was just hanging out listening to you
guys and watching and I thought I better get my gun ready and then I saw him gobble then
come right in man. Sweet! What’d he gobble? Three times? Twice? He didn’t gobble very many times. Thanks man for saying take that gun. I would have run off without the dang gun. I am glad that I heard him because I
wouldn’t even known. That’s what happens sometimes when you’re doing
tag-team calling, they’ll swerve on you Had he come like that and I was over
there even with my gun I couldn’t of shot cuz he’d have been right
here in line with you guys. And I couldn’t of shot because I was in like he would have been…
he was in between me and the turkey so yeah and I don’t know video wise if you’d have gotten a shot before he got to you. I had footage of him coming in and he might have been behind a tree when you shot but I mean we got something. Let’s get him notched on your tag. Already done. Yeah okay I figured you did as soon as you shot him.
That’s awesome man! Well we’re on the way out with Lance’s
bird. Wish you could hunt all day in Missouri but we had to quit at one
o’clock. We almost got another one. Yeah we did, I think that sun and the
warmth today made a big difference yeah it was cold right off the roost I mean
it’s 30 degrees they gobbled a handful of times off the roost and we did hear a
bunch of turkeys but after they got down we didn’t hear nothing for several hours
until that sun peeked out and then we started hearing a bird gobble I mean he
was three-quarters of a mile mile off and it took us a good hour and a half to
work over there to where he was at by the time we got in position we had the
original turkey gobbling and coming to us and this guy slid in the back door
quick. Here comes them other boys that was hunting back there. There was another
boat that was in there this morning is actually I think these the same guys
that came in behind us on the ramp. Yeah it was. Got that e-tec on it. that’s gonna do it for today but thanks
for bringing your boat down. We had fun. It worked out perfect. I’m glad
you brought your dagum gun with you too otherwise it wouldn’t worked out and
also before we close out this video thanks everybody for watching but also
go check out Lance’s channel over at Just Hunt Club, right? That’s right – Just
Hunt Club they’ll have a bunch of turkey hunting stuff there this this spring
y’all do waterfowl all kinds of stuff once we get into summer they’ll be
fishing and everything coming up. We’ll probably be hunting with these boys a
little bit more to this spring yet – Zach may even get out east and hunt with
John up in Pennsylvania so pretty cool though pretty neat to get one off the
boat. Let’s get some photos and head to the house. Let’s do it!

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