Try Not to Laugh Challenge!
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Try Not to Laugh Challenge!

August 9, 2019

Hi guys it’s Jordan and today I am here with Audrey again. And we are going to be doing the Try Not to Laugh Challenge. So if you are unfamiliar to this challenge, basically, one person drinks some water, a mouth full, and they don’t swallow it they just keep it in their mouth. The other person tries to make them laugh and so once they laugh water will go spitting out and it will be really funny. So without further adieu, lets get started. I’m kind of scared for this. I have to put my phone away really far. So I am going to go first. Audrey is getting her mouth full of water. Let me go get ready. Hello, Audrey. So my name is Dancy Kelly and I’m going to be teaching you how to dance today. So, for this dance you are going to need a partner. I chose Mr. Ken, here. He is, like, the best dancer in the world. So obviously, I chose him. So you got to make sure you have a lot of room. So take your partner, hold hands… and make sure you hold your partner up in the air and put him up high like he is the king of the world. You’re about to laugh aren’t you. So, the next dance that we are doing you don’t need a partner for this one. So all you need is yourself. It’s called the Waltz Tango. So it’s not really the Waltz or the Tango. You go like… Ok that’s all my dance moves for today girl. Don’t laugh. Oh she didn’t laugh! Ok, so now it’s Audrey’s turn to do it on me. So, getting water. Ok, I’m going to do a simple one and not go all out like you. So, all we need is a little brush… up your nose. And in the ear. Ewww! Ok now time for Audrey’s again. See if I can make her laugh. I can’t make her… Alright so now it’s my turn again to make Audrey laugh. Hello! My name is Bobba Burrito and I sell burritos Come check out my store! Buy burritos! You can order premium deluxe bobba burritos. You can order deluxe bobba burritos. You can order regular bobba burritos! So don’t, don’t, so don’t go to bobbaritos jurritos cause their bobbaritos bobbaritos. Ok, so now it’s my turn. Hello, I’m Julie and welcome to my salon. We do all kinds of hair and makeup. Your mother requested a makeup style on you today so we’re going to just the thing. So we’ve got to add lip gloss on and this one is um uh um um uh… mint cher. So we got to put a lot of this on. Oh juicy water on it. oh it’s… Hello Darling, you know I’m a fortune teller? You may know me. I’m a fortune teller. You’re nothing baby. Ew! I was going to show my favorite moles but I never got to that! Now it’s my turn. Hey, It’s me Miranda! Wait, I don’t know how to do Miranda anymore. I always knew you wanted to be me! So, My name is Miranda! Miranda Sings, and this is my best friend Jordan….and Jordan just Ok, open your eyes darling. That one wasn’t even on purpose! Hello Darling, As you can see I’m prego and these are my favorite foods. Ok, in order for me to win this round I have to not laugh which is gonna probably be hard. I’m going to get it. If you didn’t recognize who that was that was Napoleon Dynamite. Alright guys, so that is it for today. I hope you enjoyed this video. I enjoyed it a lot. It was really funny and now we have really weird stuff on our faces so comment down below like which one was the funniest. And if you laughed. So make sure you do that and I will see you all next week. Bye!

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