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August 24, 2019

What’s up guys today. We are doing the cringe challenge. Which I react to cringe videos I’ve never done this before I’ve seen a handful on Twitter and YouTube whatever but today I’m gonna react to them. I’ve never reacted to them So we’re doing that today did I say that already? I think so holy shit. Why just react to your own channel. Let’s get right Into the cringe woah what the fuck?! is this Jacob? My God it froze it saved me Let’s take this time listen to Jacob Sartorius’s new song cuz you know I haven’t heard it I’ve been behind all the 14 million people that viewed this shit, so it’s Gettin tired. Yeah , because you’re 13 you would know . How old is this kid? OMG! It’s Jacob Holy shit. Look at her face WTF was that? oh shit? I didn’t see you there. There’s only so much space in this big-ass park. Oh shit HEY! HEY! I like this no, I don’t but it’s it’s not awful blue’s clues You do need some blue’s clues That’s what I was doing at your age. I was watching blue’s clues. is this a real song cuz this pic I took is fire. My selfie bout what the what the what the fuck, I’m done with this already I don’t want to finish doing this video is this the teacher? That girl is so uncomfortable look at her face. This is me. This is me right now Just Stop . Just stop. Everybody is trying so hard to ignore her pretend. She doesn’t exist Ha at least she realizes I just spit all over my screen I’m not complaining she sings better than me though like like this takes some balls like she got some big-ass watermelon balls under that dress I can’t even sing in front of you guys like on camera through a camera through a screen If I’m by myself in a room when I record that shit by myself There’s no way I’m uploading that and she has the balls to Sing in front of a whole class of kids that are just gonna shit to her. Maybe she thinks they won’t talk shit Maybe she thinks they’re all like perfect angels that would not post this on the internet or she just don’t give a fu What? Wait. Wait. what? Ooh ,Because he called him a pussy and the tumblr feminist stop. stop. stop. dude dude dude. You’re seven you’re seven Calm the fuck down and go play with some legos I didn’t even know what gay was when I was seven I didn’t know until I was like Maybe Twelve and now this frickin’ seven year old is like. I’m transgender. What? You tellin me this women has two boyfriends ? And I can’t even get one okay? Yeah, uh-huh? Yeah What is this guy doing? He took his shirt off too. The fuck you take your shirt off. This is attractive. This is supposed to be attractive? dude, he’s literally scrunching over so his Jelly rolls and And low body fat look like abs these are not abs let’s draw shit on my face, or just look like a piece of shit Right after here’s another Jacob But his name is Daniel Skye what the fuck was that? If I dance I imagined it to be like that Really? Ewwwww What? Dude, that’s his ex his Mom is so excited about it like oh I haven’t had any action in years a cheerleader burned his hair in law school ,what? I mean, I understand getting really mad at something, but don’t don’t put it on the internet. sexist air Conditioning? I’m done. I’m done. I’ve had enough. I’ve really had enough, but anyways, that’s all for today Hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did make sure to hit that like button in the face . and Subscribe join the Wolfpack oooooouuuuuuu . I love you guys so much, Thanks for watching . Bye guys

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  1. This boy is phsykick AKA Jacob Hit or miss was never made press read more hit or miss I guess they never miss huh you got a boyfriend I bet he doesn't kiss ya mmah he go find another girl and aint go miss ya he go scur and hit the dab like wiz khalifa

  2. Screaming is such a good idea if something bad happened to you just yell don't put it on the internet

  3. I'm bi and I understand that me dating a guy is no where near normal it's not bad it's not good it's just a thing that happens

  4. Ik thiis mabey a little tmi to some but everynight in the middle of the night i here walking then i here a lound fart XD and i think its my grandma walking to the toilet to shit

  5. The sad part is I understood the guy at the end when he went off in spanish

  6. Of the guy that was mad you shoud have beeped out the last two word he said

    Sorry if I spelled something wrong -_-

  7. 1:50 she looks like my school’s vice principal
    And I could honestly see her doing something like this 😑

  8. That's what happens when people give up their music career… they become teachers that torture their students with their god-awful singing. She was right to quit, good move, props for that but I don't feel comfortable with people like that being in charge of our youth's education and future

  9. Omg yesss that gummy bear thing will never cease to make my day and that dude made it even better. I needed that 😄

  10. If that was my teacher the whole fourth grade would go get their phone we all secretly have in our bags and just bust out laughing

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