Trump Disgusted By Nancy Pelosi’s Actions! Witch Hunt Scam Finally Over!
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Trump Disgusted By Nancy Pelosi’s Actions! Witch Hunt Scam Finally Over!

February 25, 2020

– Well hello everybody. Call your friends and say Faye is on. She’s on fire and I have
never been so insulted and so upset and so embarrassed as I was when I watched the State
of the Union address by our President with
Nancy Pelosi’s behavior. This woman has to go. I want to tell you, her
rudeness, her incompetence. She gets paid to do a
job and when she stood up and she ripped up the
speech of President Trump for the world to see, that was rebellion that should remove her from office. If she does not respect this country. If she does not respect the
President of the United States. If she does not respect the Oval Office. If she does not respect
the poor getting jobs. If she does not respect
Bible reading in the schools, prayers in the school,
she is in the wrong place. She’s the one that used setting
up a coup for our president so she could become president. If she moved Donald Trump
and she thought she could, but thank God we had enough
praying prayer warriors that we took that
spiritual battle head on. You need to know how to fight
your battles in this spirit. There’s a lot of people, there
are counselors everywhere they reading every book in the world, they trying to get their
flesh to go one way. Your flesh will deceive
you because what we’re in in this country is a spiritual battle and these Democrat women,
these feminist shrews, who mock our God. They take our Bible and they turn it into, to just sore material. Imma’ say it now, that we are
dangerous if we are Christians and we believed in the word of God. Have you ever seen anything
so mixed up and messed up? These women, these feminist
Democrat women in Congress. Socialists, Communists,
Atheists, Islamist, that is not who represents the people and I can prove that everywhere I go. This is not America. The image that they’re
building must be brought down. Don’t go away. Stay tuned for my show because I’ve got a lot
of information for you. I’m gonna show you how we the people can take charge of this nation again. But you have to know who
is laboring among you. You have to know how to pray, and you have to know that
it’s a holy God that we serve. I’ll be right back, don’t go away. (patriotic music) Well hello everybody. We have got an unbelievable program today. And the revelation knowledge
the Lord’s given us as intercessors is phenomenal. And we are getting messages
from other prophetic leaders in the country that we don’t
know and don’t know us. They have no idea how I
lead this prayer network. But they are confirming
exactly what God is showing me and how to lead this network for America’s deliverance to come this year. People are confused. We’ve got people that think
God stays in the parking lot and they find justification
for not taking a stand for God. And we’re not condemning anybody. But once you know the truth and once you see the facts which is hard to do with the media today with all its misinformation and for the members of
Congress and all their laws. We had an impeachment process that started with Nancy Pelosi because
she wanted to be President. And they’re blaming President Trump. They said he wanted to investigate the corruption in the Ukraine
for personal reasons. I heard that over and over. What a joke. What a joke. If anybody did anything
for personal reasons, it was Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff. She thought by now she
would be the President but the State of the Union speech she didn’t think that would ever happen. Because she thought President
Trump was going to back down. But the reason President
Trump has not backed down is because so many people
are praying for him. There’s organizations that are a lot, much larger than
mine across the nation. They have been calling
President Trump out in prayer we have been anointing him. We’ve been praying at
midnight on Halloween against all the witchcraft, all the lies. And he just keeps rising, he keeps rising above the accusers. They slander him, lie about him, I’ve never seen such
disrespect for our country. For our president, for our Oval Office, and I couldn’t stand Barrack Obama I’m just gonna be honest with you. Everything he stood for
I believed it was wrong. But I, it was, he was the
President of the United States. Everything Michelle stood for and all the tax money she
spent making herself over. God knows if you had it you’d
never have to work again. But she was the First Lady. And the fact that they
both are about Communists bothered me immensely. And how they were always
apologizing for the United States and lifting up even imans
to pray in our congress. But I want to tell you
there’s nobody in this country attacked the Obama’s and
all of their corruption and all of their lies while
he was in the Oval Office. He was protected. People didn’t insight people to kill him which is what the Democrats
are doing to President Trump. I’ve been told that 51%
of the evangelical women stand as Democrats. I was stunned. We have got 60% of our
youth, the Millennials, in the colleges and Universities
stand with the Socialists. Now I could sit here and you
know and lambash the world, lambash the all of the Liberals and every but that’s not the problem. The fact that the Church has become so complacent and so lethargic. Has allowed our nation to be taken over by Saul Alinsky radicals that are absolutely the most wicked. You say, “Faye, how can
you call people wicked because by their fruit you will know em.” I’ve never seen anything like it. The fact that President
Trump is still standing and for the first couple
of years the Republicans were as bad as the Democrats because he is shaking their corrupt ships. Well I’m calling the women of God, you’re sitting there, I know you are. You go to your Holy services and you “I went to Church this week”
but you don’t do anything else. For Nancy Pelosi and these Democrat women to be the role models of our children. And the Governor of Michigan
spoke at a school in Michigan. Students everywhere were there. I was so ashamed. I thought “Good lord help my soul.” Will our kids every know the truth? It’s not what you say it’s who you are. And therefore abortion up until birth. I mean the platform is there is no God. So how can an our Christian women say, “Well as long as we don’t make a choice we don’t have to get involved.” Thirty million Evangelicals did not vote in the last election. And take a good look,
we’ve got a leader now that literally stands for God. Stands for holiness. Stands for the protection of Christians. Stands for prayer in the school. Obama had his big speeches in
front of Planned Parenthood. President Trump has his in the Oval Office with Christians behind him. There’s a big difference my friend. We have got to move them out of office and we’ve got to do it now. How do you do it? We are assigning a member of
Congress to an intercessor. You’re gonna be praying for them and they’re corruption is coming out. We’ve got probably maybe 100 more names. We’re annoying them with call every day. We pray for God to reveal their corruption these Federal Agencies,
these Federal contracts. Every day these people are being prayed. For who do I pray over? You get our congressional directory. You can go to my website,
100 dollar donation but you have to request it or
you can call the 800 number, make a donation and ask for
the congressional directory. Or you can just write
a check to Insight USA. Mail it to the address on your screen. P.O. Box 917689 Longwood Florida, 32791 P.O. Box 917689 Longwood Florida, 32791 P.O. Box 917689 Longwood Florida, 32791 P.O. Box 917689 Longwood Florida, 32791 P.O. Box 917689 Longwood Florida, 32791 The address is on your screen. Say Faye, I want a
congressional directory. We’re praying over everybody
that works in our government. We have their names so we know
what committees they’re on. These people haven’t
passed a budget in years. I’m gonna tell you in
the next segment why. We are being hoodwinked and we have been being hoodwinked
for years by both parties. And we must speak out. This is the year. The year on the Hebrew
calendar is the 5780’s. The 5770’s describes it to been on the Hebrew calendar a year of vision. The 5780’s on the Hebrew
calendar describe it as the year of the mouth, the year to speak, the year to cry out. When I tell you you can contact, I call people that I see
on TV that are lying, there’s no consequences when these lawless lawmakers lie to us. They have no consequences. If we would lie to the US Congress we could go to prison but they can lie. They started the
Impeachment of a President because they wanted Nancy
Pelosi to be President, on the lie of a spy and they brought it all the way to trial. The Republicans, they didn’t
know what the law said. They wouldn’t take a stand.
“Well we’re the minority.” Well no you’re not with the people. I want to tell you right
now the Lord has got a plan for America and it’s not
to cowtail to a ruthless, lying, rude, obnoxious,
woman from San Francisco that hates our president with venom and takes that hate to her position. That is the power struggle that we’re in and that’s the abuse of power and she’s leading every
woman, every Democrat woman, in the same venom. Christian women, I need to hear from you. This woman needs to hear from
us and there’s a way to do it. I have her phone number,
I have her email address. I have them for all the Democrat women, the most unrighteous, unholy, evil unamerican unpatriotic
women in this nation. How did they get elected? Not to impeach a president by lies. They would tell you they care about you. Well I tell you last night
and this a taped program but you can go back and
pull it up on Google when the President did his
State of the Union address you can see these women and
they are an embarrassment. And they need to hear from us. I’ll be right back. Hi everybody. Boy our program goes so fast. We must stay in the media. We’re right now, people are
in demand but it takes money. We have an Unfreedom of the Press. We have Nancy Pelosi headed to the presidency of the United States. We must abort this propaganda. I need for you right now to
sit down and write that check. I got a $1000 check because of
our spot in our last program. People are saying. “Faye we
want you to stay out there.” Maybe you can’t do a thousand. Maybe you can do 100 or
fifty or twenty-five. One day I got a check for five dollars and one for three thousand. Both of them touched me so much. I’m gonna tell you you gotta do something, so today just mail your
check to Insight USA. It is tax deductible. And mail it today, your best gift. I really really want to hear from you. If you want to see or you want other people to see this program. you can go on and tell people to go there
and watch this program. We must pray and believe God for Nancy Pelosi to be
removed from office. What she did was she started a coup. The Democrats I believe
have committed espionage. I don’t know what’s wrong
with the Republicans that they won’t do the continue to find out what really what
went on in the Ukraine. Maybe cause they think the
media wouldn’t report it if they found out but we will. Believe me enough people
are now getting interested. The word will get out. Every week for our new
viewers, our new partners they’re coming from all
over America to join us. The only thing we do
is we pray for America. That’s it. Every Saturday at two o’clock
I do a prayer briefing and free conferencing call
intercessors from across America join me every week. we know exactly by the
spirit of God what’s going on and exactly how to pray. I believe it was those
Saturday calls that pushed back this impeachment that Pelosi had planned. She thought she would be president by now. And you know I’ve had
people like Geraldo Rivera he must have read something I wrote because I’m the only
one that’s saying this. And he said to one of the Fox News hosts, “Nancy Pelosi would be president
if she could remove Trump.” Right over his head. There was another one of
the major media people said it on Fox and Friends. “You know if Nancy
Pelosi gets rid of Trump it would go right over their heads.” But it’s the truth, she’s
the Speaker of the House. If she got rid of Trump, Pence
would be a piece of cake. She would be president. People can you imagine
this hateful mean arrogant disrespectful woman
being in our White House because we sat back and let it happen? No no no. Every week you get in the mail first class my prayer letter, Faye’s
Facts, I write it personally. It also has the current
events for that week. A bible study and prayer points that are biblically based on what
is going on at the time. I have people sometimes
come on our prayer call that want to go like an
octopus I won’t let them. I said we have a purpose for praying. That’s what happened when
we prayed for Rush Limbaugh the very Monday he announced
he was battling lung cancer and God moved the
scriptures that were quoted of him he’ll never know God moved. I never saw so such power
in my life on a phone call. And so many people understanding that the spirit of death can
go back in the name of Jesus. You can go back over Rush. You can go back over our Nation. You can go back over us personally. And that’s what our
ancestors network is about. A prayer never prayed is never answered. And just like you sow seeds with money you sow seeds with prayer
and when you need a prayer God brings it to you. So one of the things that
we’re doing with this is Congress is so corrupt, we’ve got to pray them
out in November this year. They have all of their corruption through their Federal agencies,
Federal grant money, all the kickback that are coming to them but the millions of
dollars must be revealed. Mitt Romney connection to
the Ukraine must be revealed. And then justice must be served. Let me show you, they
keep saying oversight President Trump can’t eat
two scoops of ice cream without having an
investigation or impeachment. Let me show you what is really going on that there is no oversight
in this Congress. And it’s in the Face
Facts January the 30th. You don’t want to miss it. The Associated Press
Sunday August 15th 2010 shows tanks and a nearly complete waste water treatment
site in Fallujah Iraq forty miles from Baghdad. The system is almost finished
at a cost of more than three times the original estimate four years past the initial deadline. US tax payers remain
abandoned or incomplete wasting more than five billion dollars according to auditors. Look at it. They started over 1,000 houses
in Iraq they never finished but the Federal contractors got paid and they laughed all the way to the bank. They put a few pieces of wood up they left them all abandoned. What did they do? The kickbacks go to the politicians. They’re millionaires. Millionaires. Where is the oversight? This is just the beginning. And it said “Forty million dollar prison sits in the desert North of Baghdad. 100 empty, it’s totally
empty, 165 million dollar children’s hospital goes unused in Iraq. 100 million wastewater
treatment system in Fallujah that cost three times more than projected. This is where the money is going. I don’t have time to read it all but I just want you to see it. More than 10% of 50
billion dollars in the US was spent on reconstruction in Iraq, according to the audits
of the US watchdog agency. And it goes on and on I can’t, there. Gulf region district
was the Federal Agency that has completed for that 4800 projects and is rushing to finish 233 more. The 3.6 billion dollar Commanders
Emergency Response Program provided military units with
ready cash for projects. You will not understand why
Iraq cost us so much money. They built an embassy that was ten times the size of a football field. I forgot how many millions of
dollars and they don’t use it. What did they do all this for? We don’t have roads,
we don’t have bridges, and then we have to in
my report shows where Bush before he left office in September, he took 700 billion dollars
to give to the banks while they confiscated our property. My house went from 334,000
equity down to 180,000. Listen, this is what happened. The banks got the property. The banks got the principal and the banks got the money
from the Federal Government. Where did the people go? Where is the oversight? What they’re doing now is
they’re giving billions to illegal aliens while
senior citizens get four or five hundred dollars a month. The reason they’re doing it is because you and I allow it to happen. This is the year of the mouth. I’m asking you right now to join me. You can go on our website
enter your email address and get our e-bless, become a partner. Say “Faye I want this information. I want my weekly prayer bulletin. I want to know what’s going on. I want to see God’s hand of deliverance before Bernie Sanders stops
all the coal and oil.” These people don’t want
us to have any energy. What do they want? They want it in their pocket and they want us to beg like Venezuela and if you sit there and do nothing we have just seen what they’re doing. Contact me, support me today. Hi, this is Faye. Our time goes so fast but
I need you to get involved. Our action teams are being organized across the United States in every state. You matter. I just got an email that
the alleged whistleblower decreed in 2017 he would take out Trump. We have a coup and they have redesigned it to be an impeachment process
and made it all the way to the Senate as a trial. You can’t sit any longer and do nothing. I need for you to contact me, write me. Say, “Faye, I’m gonna join you.” I need your donations. I have people who can give a thousand dollars today
for America’s sake. There’s others that can give $100 a month. I need for you today to do it. We could expand our program if you would just hear from God and obey him. Well our time has come and gone again and we just want to take a few minutes at the end of our program to invite you to partner with us and
help our program do a more far reaching job with
exclusive information concerning patriotism and
concerning the freedoms and liberties and our sovereignty of these United States of America. These are not the United
Socialist States of America. This is one nation under God with liberty and justice for all. You can tell by the news today that justice is farfetched
in a lot of areas. God has called me to pray for this nation. For years I didn’t even know
who the governor of Florida was and the Lord called me
out of a major move of God building bridges between
Christians and Jews and traveling the world
to let people understand the importance of the nation of Israel. And when he told me to pray for America he said that one day Communism would try to take over this country but if we would pray and if
we would organize prayer teams two to three, three to ten a
week that would pray exactly the same way based on the prayer requests as the Lord directs them
to us that when Communism was brought to a head in this
country that they would fall. Last year at the end of
the year the Lord gave me the scripture that the Tower of Babel in this country is going to fall. But it won’t if the Christians
don’t do their jobs. It won’t if we don’t become
action leaders of prayer and have faith, prayer, and action. Will you today become a
partner with Insight USA? Will you join me in our action teams and I’m asking you go to our YouTube. If you’ve watched this program and said “I wish my friends can see this.” They can anytime it’s convenient. You go to and they can see these exclusive programs bringing you the facts. Showing that the people
and ministry of God based on the scriptures. We have got to call
the station back to God and we’ve got to do it now. We have got the wicked in authority. We’ve got Saul Alinsky
radicals running our country and it cannot happen anymore. They are dangerous, they are in power, and only with your support. Some of you can send $1000
and you need to do it today but partner with us and
I’m looking forward to hearing from you really really soon. Shalom. Faye wants to hear from you. Her desire to see
America come out of exile is raising up one of the most powerful, informed, anointed, and
united prayer networks in America for America. She is organizing Christians
for the US Constitution to give uncompromising believers back their voice and witness. (patriotic music) This program has blessed
you and if you believe in what Faye is doing, contact her, pray with her and for her. Partner with her. She would love for you
to host an Insight Rally in your church or city. Organize an Intercessors
with Insight Prayer Team or join one. For a complimentary
pocket size Constitution or Faye’s Facts call or email Faye. [email protected] Write Insight USA PO BOX
917689 Longwood, FL 32791

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